Are you an aspiring founder? The who, what and why of applying to Antler Southeast Asia 

Our team of venture capitalists, domain experts and entrepreneurs at Antler are always on the lookout for exceptional talent with the potential to build the defining companies of tomorrow.  Read on to find out what we look for in a successful founder and how you can kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

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Creating the perfect founding team is more of an art than a science. After interviewing and working closely with hundreds of founders, our team has pinpointed the characteristics and profiles that make up a strong co-founding team. 

Who are we looking for?

We are on the search for commercial experts, subject matter pros and technologists.

Why Antler?

When you join Antler, you join a community of founders, get support from a global platform of experts and resources, and receive investments to scale your ideas.

We’ll help you build your company from scratch, match you to experienced co-founders and provide you with a network of successful coaches and advisors to accelerate your startup in rapid growth mode.  

In Southeast Asia, our portfolio companies span across countries and industries, building in HealthTech, ArtTech, HRTech, FinTech, AI, SaaS and more. Notable companies from our past cohorts include Sampingan (an on-demand job platform in Indonesia), Cove (a PropTech co-living startup) and FinTech companies Volopay and Xanpool

“We couldn’t figure out everything at one go. Each of the investors we met during the fundraising process was asking different questions which required different data, so we sought help from Antler. They always have our back.”

“Antler not only provided the best platform to raise early investment, but also the best possible support and advisory network globally. It allowed me to integrate my conviction for Medtech and business.”

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How do you apply?

If this sounds like an attractive opportunity for you and you match one of the three profiles above, we would love to invite you to apply to our program in Singapore through a simple online form.

In our assessments, we will be looking to see how you can apply your experience and have the aptitude to lead a company from 0 to 1. In interviews with our team, we’ll take a deep dive into your submission, career to date, and drive to build and scale a company.

You can either apply as an individual looking to launch a company or an existing business with a team looking to scale.

We need to know that the problem you are solving is big enough, that your business is scalable, and, that you and your team are a good fit for what you’re building. The rest we will help you with once you’re here, with us, in the program.

We have two programs kicking off soon in Singapore - our Antler Signature and Executive Programs will begin in September 2021.

If you’re ready to take a jump into entrepreneurship, apply to join Antler as a founder today. 

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