A better future will not happen on its own—the world needs talented, determined, and resilient people to build it. When you join Antler or one of our portfolio companies, you join an ambitious global community dedicated to helping the most driven founders address the greatest opportunities and challenges of our time. We ease the path to entrepreneurship so more exceptional people can launch and scale companies that disrupt the status quo, create employment, contribute to GDP, and move the world forward.

If that’s the kind of impact you’d like to have with your career, search our job opportunities.

Join Antler and move the world forward

We have unprecedented impact

By removing the barriers to entrepreneurship, we enable more people to launch companies that tackle meaningful issues. Being part of Antler means helping change the way startup ecosystems function and how founders become powerful problem-solvers around the world. Every Antler team member can add immediate value to founders and colleagues, while making a lasting mark on Antler’s organizational journey.

Our workplace is truly global

As a truly global organization—with operations in more than 20 cities across six continents—we share perspectives and learnings from our corners of the globe that enrich our work, inform our decisions, and widen our perspectives. Our global footprint also offers unique opportunities for international development and cultural exchanges.

The foundation of our culture is trust

Every team member is empowered to design a flexible work setup that suits their circumstances, while also optimizing for great team collaboration.

We unlock individual potential

Our global community offers remarkable opportunities for learning and growth. While we encourage ownership of personal development, we are committed to building leaders through mentorship, structured training, and frequent knowledge exchanges.

Our passion goes beyond traditional investing

At Antler, we have a healthy obsession with our founders’ success—taking pride in going above and beyond and putting them first in everything we do. This shared commitment creates a contagious energy that charges our fast-paced and optimistic culture.