Antler Singapore Demo Day - second cohort

Seventeen new companies from our second Singapore program presented their startups to over 500 people from Southeast Asia's regional startup ecosystem. The energy was upbeat and buzzing at the event held at the School of the Arts concert hall.



Puja Bharwani

These incredible founders have spent the last six months working on building and growing their startups,  enabled by our program coaches, directors and global network of advisors. The companies come from enterprise, telecommunications, fintech, consumer technology and other sectors, looking to solve problems and have an impact in their markets.

Here's a glimpse of our 17 new companies.

Sama representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler sign in the background


Reimagining migrant recruitment for the bottom billion

Sama is reimagining the migrant recruitment process for the 21st century, starting with the construction industry. Their mission is to remove all the inefficiencies and barriers that stand in someone's way in pursuit of a better life. They have built a platform that matches workers with jobs overseas without the need to pay hefty upfront fees to agents and other middle men.

Nemanja Grujicic, Chief Operating Officer; Kirtan Patel, Chief Executive Officer

Eskwelabs representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler sign in the background


Job focused training for in-demand skills

Eskwelabs combines the low-cost of online learning with the high engagement of offline training to produce job-ready students. Eskwelabs has launched with data science bootcamps in the Philippines, where data scientist is named the fastest growing job in 2019 by LinkedIn.

Assylzhan Akynova, Chief Product Officer; Aurelien Chu, Chief Commercial Officer; Angela Chen, Chief Executive Officer

Audience watching Base representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day


Personalised skin care for the modern millennial Indonesian woman

Base offers a fully digital direct-to-consumer (D2C), personalized skincare platform in Indonesia with high-quality products made from halal and vegan ingredients. The fast discovery process, personalised touch based on the various locations within the country and full product transparency enable an immersive end-to-end customer experience. This ensures specific customer skincare needs are met through our online platform.

Yaumi F. Sugiharta, Chief Executive Officer; Ratih P. Sari, Chief Product Officer

Hodlnaut representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler sign in the background


A platform to lend cryptocurrencies to margin traders

Hodlnaut lets investors earn interest on their cryptocurrencies by lending it to margin traders, who otherwise struggle to access crypto loans. This allows crypto holders to capture the untapped value of their portfolio while benefiting the margin traders simultaneously. Hodlnaut helps increase the financial adoption of cryptocurrency through this new mutually beneficial value proposition.

Juntao Zhu, Chief Executive Officer; Simon Lee, Chief Technology Officer

Soma Sketch representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler sign in the background

Soma Sketch

Journaling app for mind-body medicine

Somatization (Soma means body in Greek) represents an unsolved problem in the boundary between psychiatry and general medicine. Treating mental and physical symptoms separately wastes billions of dollars and leaves millions suffering without diagnosis or treatment. The Soma Sketch journaling app lets the user write and draw how their body feels. The process helps them understand and communicate their symptoms better. The app will use patterns in their data to identify mental health risks and educate users on their physical aspects. Soma Sketch aims to co-create a new and exciting data set for mind-body medicine research.

Felix B. Isuk, Chief Financial Officer; Sasha Gou, Chief Executive Officer

Audience watches Zvook representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler signs in the background


Smart platform matching brands with podcasts

Zvook is the first smart platform to monetize the podcasting industry by matching brands with podcasts. Our recommendation engine suggests perfect podcast matches based on relevancy and brand alignment to help unlock advertising opportunities in podcasting. Our goal is to become a dominant player in the podcast monetization space.

Anna Ratala, Chief Executive Officer; Malik Alimoekhamedov, Chief Technology Officer

Airalo representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler sign in the background


World's first eSIM store

Airalo aims to disrupt the way cellular network connectivity is made. With the world moving away from physical smartphone simcards, Airalo enables people to have access to 100+ eSIMs from around the world, with just a couple of taps from their phone. With the help of Airalo's IOS, Android and a sophisticated platform, it aims to make global telecommunications accessible and available to all.

Bahadir Ozdemir, Chief Executive Officer; Duran Akçaylıer, Chief Technology Officer

Audience watch Bubays representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler signs and presentation in the background


Baby food delivery in Indonesia

Bubays provides young families in Indonesia with healthy baby food, delivered to their doorstep. They ensure the dishes are made with fresh ingredients, carry the necessary nutrients and are tasty for young children. The tech platform enables users to personalise their order based on their baby's age,  allergies and also helps track the baby's development. The combination of convenience, taste and science makes it a must have food product for any young family in Indonesia.

Faiz Ghifari, Chief Executive Officer; Ifatul Khasanah, Chief Product Officer  

Fast Science representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with presentation in the background

Fast Science

Bite-sized summaries of patents and research papers

Fast Science is a technology company that simplifies and summarises patents and research papers. It leverages AI and machine learning to analyse, rank and summarise the best scientific documents in a given field of research. It then matches the content with user's interest areas and pushes relevant content to them based on their watching behaviour and likes.

Vineet Markan, Chief Technology Officer; Peyman Salehian, Chief Executive Officer

Xanpool representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler sign in the background


Automated peer-to-peer crypto to fiat platform (AKA "Fiat Gateway")

Xanpool is instantly executing and settling transactions without taking custody of customer funds. We provide a unique omni-channel solution to make the onboarding and offboarding infrastructure in crypto much more user friendly, and resilient against single channel dependency. (such as over-reliance on banking partners).

Jeffery Liu, Chief Executive Officer; Artem Ibragimov, Chief Technology Officer

Audience watches Qashier representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler sign in the background


Qashier provides smart point-of-sale (POS) solutions to help small merchants digitise their businesses

Its flagship product is the Qashier Smart Terminal-- a connected, multi-purpose device that combines a powerful POS software, payments hub and an open platform for third party app integration at an affordable monthly subscription rate. With just one terminal on the counter, Qashier empowers merchants to start, run and grow successful stores with ease. The system consolidates all touch points from PayNow, Grab Pay, FAVe pay and credit cards.

Christopher Choo & Zhao Liang, Founders

Journify representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Journify presentation in the background


Marketplace for coaching

Journify is a personal coaching marketplace connecting millennials with the USD25B market of health coaches, nutritionists, and life and performance coaches. Our vision is to become the largest and most trusted platform for personal coaching needs, both for millennials who want to improve their well-being and people-first companies that are worried about retention and high burn-out rates.

Lamia Prado, Chief Executive Officer; Trey O'Neill, Chief Operating Officer

Torre Al representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler sign in the background

Torre AI

Betterment for alternative investments democratizes retail investor access to alternative investment opportunities such as private equity and venture capital funds. makes investing and trading in alternatives as easy as public markets by offering best-in-class PE/VC funds with low ticket sizes and enhanced liquidity through a proprietary secondary market.

Alex Clapp & Sandeep Kumar, Founders

Fiwi Market representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Fiwi Market presentation in the background

Fiwi Market

Building the largest network of independent retailers

Fiwi Market is an online wholesale marketplace. They're taking out the risk for brick and mortar retailers to discover new products by one key offering: free returns within 60 days. At the same time, they help local makers expand the distribution of their business and get into multiple stores without ever having to cold call retailers again. Fiwi Market is currently operating in the Philippines.

Siddharth Mehta & Adrian Thompson, Founders

Mattrvest representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler sign and presentation in the background


Investing made for millennials

Mattrvest democratises finance by enabling millennials to plan, save and spend in what matters to them. Mattrvest provides financial education and planning in a frictionless interface via a set of chatbots. In the future, the company aims to offer impact investing opportunities and financial services aligned with the values of its users.

Diane Delava, Chief Commercial Officer; Mayur Singh, Chief Executive Officer; Diego Rojas, Chief Technology Officer

MAIC representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Antler sign in the background


AI productivity tool for construction

The AI powered app and web platform enables construction sites to reach their full productivity potential by having synchronized staff and projects, task planning, real time attendance tracking and the correct management tools in place. All this happens with the help of big data analytics and automatic task deployment.

Olivia Chen & Daniel L.-Martinez, Founders

Ask Dee Dee representative presenting on stage at Singapore Demo Day with Ask Dee Dee presentation in the background

Ask Dee Dee

A telehealth platform for women in India

With 25% of the world's cervical cancer deaths and 33% of the world's female suicides happening in India, the need for information and access to resources is crucial. Ask DeeDee provides a platform combining telehealth, symptom diagnosis and a health tracker to meet women's sexual and mental health needs.

Aditi Bhatnagar, Back-end/Tech;  Sarina Richards, Strategy

This article is written by Puja Bharwani, Marketing & PR Director, Southeast Asia

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