Our top insights for founders in 2023

As we close the door on 2023, what were the most valuable insights for founders on antler.co? Here is a roundup of five of our most popular articles this year.


Kimberley Tait

Kimberley is a published author with 20+ years of experience leading communications, brand marketing, and content strategy at financial firms including Goldman Sachs. A Canadian, Swiss, and American with a lifelong passion for language, she earned an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA from Dartmouth College.

Kimberley is the global head of Antler's brand and content. She is a published author with 20+ years of experience leading communications, brand marketing, and content strategy at financial firms including Goldman Sachs. An alumna of Columbia Business School and Dartmouth College, she has a great passion for language, trail running, all things alpine, and her Welsh terrier Henry.

Antler exists to increase our founders’ speed and success rate in solving important problems. 

We help founders scale faster—from winning your first 100 customers and marketing a new product to raising your next round of funding—with the backing of 8,000-plus fellow Antler founders across six continents. 

Power your startup with curated people and resources for hiring, going to market, and fundraising, along with perks from leading tech providers that have already saved Antler founders $27 million. Learn from the best in the business through our network of 800 advisors—who spent 1,500+ hours of 1:1 time together in 2023—and insights from our Antler teams, who spent 200,000-plus hours with founding teams before we made our first investments this year.

As we close the door on 2023, what were the most valuable insights for founders on antler.co? Here is a roundup of five of our most viewed articles.

The Ability-to-Raise Cheat Sheet

“How much can I realistically raise?” is one of the most common founder questions. It is especially tough to figure out an answer for first-ever funding rounds before a lot has been built. Antler partner in Central Europe Alan Poensgen shares a simple guide for founders on how much to raise in their first round.  

Standing out to Investors Heading into 2024

In a fundraising environment that has been challenging for startups of all stages, how can you set yourself apart from the pack when approaching investors? Antler partner in the US Tyler Norwood talks about the simple things every founder can do with discipline and consistency that will distinguish you as a top-decile startup.

Unleashing Sustainability for Founders

The businesses that go the distance are the ones that embed sustainable practices in their operations from day zero. Where do you begin? Antler partner Ros Bazany, head of ESG and Impact, introduces our open source online education platform, the Antler Sustainability Toolkit—exclusively for founders.

10 Proven Frameworks for Generating Startup Ideas

Every great business starts with an idea—and understanding where the great ideas come from is core to being a great entrepreneur. Antler partner in the Nordics Oscar Westergård shares 10 strategies to generate startup ideas.

Books Every Founder Should Read in 2023

Highly successful entrepreneurs and business leaders frequently credit obsessive reading as instrumental to their outperformance, bringing them myriad mental and physical benefits. Read the Antler team’s list of the books every founder should read in 2023. 

Want to learn more about the world’s day zero investor? 

Get to know us through:

A Window into Progress: A Look Inside the World’s Day Zero Investor

View this snapshot of the breadth, depth, and impact of Antler’s global community. Meet six founders we proudly back who are solving pressing problems around the world.  

Under the Hood: How Antler Sources and Assesses Great Founders

Watch our CEO Magnus Grimeland and other Antler leaders deep dive into the rigor and scale that makes Antler unique as we source and assess tens of thousands of founders across six continents.

What is the Future of Venture?

The pace of change the world is experiencing is breathtaking—what do we think the future of VC will look like amidst so much flux? Read our perspectives through the lens of founders and investors.

What Antler insights would you love to see in 2024? Email kimberley.tait@antler.co.

Are you a founder ready to solve a meaningful problem? Apply to one of our Antler residencies in 27 cities around the world. 

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How can the world tackle the increasingly complex problems of our time? With a new global infrastructure backing the most driven founders. Listen to Antler founder and CEO Magnus Grimeland discuss this—and why we're building Antler—on the Capital Allocators podcast.

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Antler expands into Queensland, Australia

Antler is charting a new course for innovation by expanding our presence in Australia. We are launching in Queensland and partnering with the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC).

Supported by the Queensland Government's Queensland Venture Capital Development Fund (QVCDF), the partnership is poised to transform the state's innovation sector. With a focus on bridging the early-stage funding gap, Antler and QIC are committed to attracting and nurturing the nation's top talent, driving forward Queensland's position on the global innovation stage.

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Bridging startups and industry leaders to drive purposeful innovation

As Jeff Bezos once said: “What’s dangerous is to not evolve.” While most business leaders understand that stagnation is fatal, for a host of reasons established companies often struggle to innovate—purposefully and powerfully.

Antler’s Business Development and Collaborations Group helps global corporates drive innovation excellence through high value-generating collaborations with Antler’s 1,000+ (and growing) global startup portfolio. In our collaboration with Investa, a leading Australian real estate investment manager and developer, we are connecting them to our global community of founders and the cutting-edge solutions they are building.

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The next wave of innovation: 27 industry trends set to define 2024

What will innovation look like as we move deeper into 2024? What are the biggest industry trends that will define the coming year?

We asked our global network of Antler Operators—founders, sector leaders, CxOs, and VPs from companies including Roblox, Airtable, Shopify, Spotify, Affirm, DoorDash, Uber, Hubspot, and more, who offer 1:1 advice to Antler portfolio companies, giving them extra firepower to help fast-track their growth.

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Antler leads $5.1M pre-seed funding for 37 startups across Southeast Asia

This marks the highest number of pre-seed deals completed in a single round in the region.

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Shaping sustainability in venture capital

Antler's third annual ESG and Impact Report discusses our commitment to sustainability as a strategic principle that's fundamental to the success of our firm, our portfolio companies, and broader society.

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What's in store for day zero building in 2024?

A brand new year, teeming with possibility. What can founders building from day zero expect in 2024? Antler partners share their on-the-ground expectations for the coming year, including sector trends, big shifts in VC, and the biggest headwinds and tailwinds affecting founders around the world.

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1,000+ investments from day zero

As 2023 draws to a close, we are proud to mark a special milestone: making our 1,000th investment in companies originating from Antler residencies around the world.