Investing in Building The Intelligence Arsenal For The Future of Trading is building an AI-based trading analysis and automation platform for the next-gen trader.

Antler in India

July 3, 2024
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In the ever-evolving landscape of trading, one pain point has remained in this fast-paced world - making informed decisions can mean the difference between significant gains and devastating losses. Enter, a startup that's set to revolutionize how traders interact with the market. Founded by Ritvik Dashora, Yashu Gupta, and Satyam Upadhyay, is an AI-powered platform designed to give traders a competitive edge.

The Genesis of

The idea for's journey began with Ritvik Dashora's experience in the financial world. A mechanical engineer turned finance expert with a CFA charter, Ritvik's entrepreneurial journey started with an online food delivery business in college. This early venture sparked his interest in finance and fund management, eventually leading him to work with investment banks and start a YouTube channel (with 1 million+ views) teaching financial programming.

The founding team's diverse backgrounds converged perfectly for this venture. Yashu Gupta, a tech architect who previously led the tech team at Dezerv, brings strong technical leadership. Satyam Upadhyay, with his background as a senior product manager at MuSigma and leading the innovation team at Quantiphi, adds crucial product management and AI expertise.

The idea for crystallized through Ritvik's YouTube community. The team conducted extensive market research, speaking to over 150 people before writing a single line of code. This validation confirmed a clear need for advanced, accessible backtesting tools for traders.

After conversations with Vaibhav Porwal, Co-founder of Dezerv, the team decided to apply for the Antler Residency and eventually got accepted. 

How The Antler Experience Reshaped’s Vision

The Antler Residency played a pivotal role in shaping the vision and strategy of Reflecting on the experience, Ritvik shares, "Joining Antler helped us with the thought process of thinking very big and out of the box. We leveled up how we were thinking about the growth of the business and the path to not just become a unicorn but a decacorn over the next 5-10 years. If we continued to be a bootstrapped company there would be no guarantee of this scale of success. We would have remained a small-scale operation.”

The Residency challenged the founders to refine their value proposition, differentiate themselves in a competitive market, and think beyond product development. The program helped them conduct and analyze extensive discussions with 1000+ traders/investors and 100+ beta testers to help zero in on the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) of tech-first traders. 

Why We’re Betting Big On aspires to be the entire arsenal in a trader's toolkit. The platform covers the complete journey of a trader, offering real-time screeners, three-layered analysis, AI-based strategy builders, and trade monitoring. What sets apart is its focus on sophisticated yet accessible backtesting capabilities, aiming to make powerful tools available to all traders.

Apart from this, our conviction to back was driven by several key factors:

  1. The team's combined expertise in finance, technology, and AI positions them uniquely to tackle the complexities of the trading world. Ritvik's decade-long experience in finance tech, coupled with Yashu and Satyam's expertise in tech and AI, creates a formidable founding team.
  2. The Indian brokerage market generated $4.5 billion in revenue in FY23, with an EBITDA margin greater than 30% and a profit pool of $1.5 billion. With 4-5 million new Demat accounts being added monthly and projections of 450 million+ Demat accounts by 2030, is well-positioned to capture a significant share.
  3.'s use of AI to simplify complex trading concepts and automate strategy creation sets it apart in a market ripe for technological disruption. Their approach could potentially shift more traders into the lucrative "Super trader" category, which currently accounts for 75% of brokerage revenue from just 5% of demat accounts.
  4. With an active cohort of hundreds of users already using the platform and plans to reach 200,000 users within 12 months, has demonstrated promising early adoption. 
Nitin, Partner at Antler India, comments on the investment: " is not just solving today’s trader problems, but reimagining the entire trading industry. Ritvik, Yashu, and Satyam bring deep industry expertise, and an innovative approach to AI-driven trading, which positions them uniquely in the market. We're thrilled to support them as they work to revolutionize how the world trades."’s Blueprint For The Future Of Trading has hit the ground running since its inception. The team's top priorities for the coming years include:

  1. Obtaining a brokerage license to expand their service offerings and become a full-fledged next-generation broker.
  2. Leveraging Gen AI to make their product even more user-friendly and valuable, with a focus on implementing trend scenario analysis and ratios on the platform.

In the long term, aims to become the default tech stack for every trader globally. Their roadmap includes expanding beyond initial trading tools to become a comprehensive platform, potentially covering the entire trading journey from analysis to execution.

We’re excited to support on this journey, backing the founding team’s vision to democratize sophisticated trading tools and empower traders around the world. With the potential to capture a significant portion of the market, represents a compelling investment in the future of trading.

‍Globally, over 8,000 founders believe the Residency to be the best platform to launch a startup, whether it be stress-testing venture scalability, validating an idea faster, or completing the founding team. We are looking for solo founders and early teams committed to building game-changing venture scalable startups. 

Join Antler to validate your idea, build your team, and access capital to launch and scale your company. Applications are open for early teams throughout the year for rolling intake and for the cohort starting August 2024 for individuals. The last date to apply is 31 July 2024.

Antler in India

Antler invests in India's most extraordinary individuals from Day Zero to Greatness. Join Antler to validate your idea, build your team and access capital to launch and scale your company.

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