Introducing Canada's Next Big Thing: A blueprint for future entrepreneurs

Big opportunities from Canada’s top investors, operators, and founders, curated by Antler

Antler in Canada

April 3, 2024
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Lack of diversity in corporate board rooms. Fragmented healthcare. The rise of Dark LLMs.

In an era of unprecedented technological evolution, our team at Antler has curated critical problem statements that are shaping the future of tech across Canada.

With "Canada's Next Big Thing," our goal is to illuminate pathways for aspiring founders. We envision each identified opportunity as a guiding light—leading exceptional entrepreneurs toward impactful startup ideas that address real-world challenges.

By delving into these insights, you're invited to uncover opportunities for innovation, aligned with market needs, and the vision of Canada's top voices in the tech ecosystem.

From Gen AI and the creator economy to energy and cybersecurity, we've captured 20+ perspectives to inspire and inform entrepreneurial endeavors.

Here's what a few of them had to say:

Sarah Keyes, CEO, ESG Global Advisors

“The lack of diversity in corporate boardrooms is well documented and the consequences of groupthink are increasingly being felt across all sectors. While there is ample evidence to show that diverse boards result in stronger performing organizations, little has been done to meaningfully close the gap on gender, racial, LGBTQ2I+ and other forms of representation.

Will today's quotas and targets be sufficient to really move the needle? What does real inclusion look like once this representation has been achieved? These are the challenges of the 21st century that startups need to help companies overcome. How? By measuring what matters and building more sustainable, inclusive companies that represent the communities they serve.”

Talia Abramowitz, Managing Partner, Deloitte Ventures

"The scarcity of primary care physicians, particularly acute in certain regions, coupled with the Millennial and Gen Z populations' preference for immediate access and specialized care, leads to a fragmented healthcare experience. This fragmentation results in scattered health records, making it challenging to maintain a cohesive understanding of an individual's health history.

There's a clear need for a solution that consolidates health information, allowing patients to manage and share their records seamlessly with any healthcare provider. Integrating virtual assistants and AI could further enhance this system, providing personalized recommendations and insights for a more comprehensive and informed healthcare experience.”

Amin Geibi, Co-founder, Shuriii

“The rise of Dark LLMs poses a significant cybersecurity threat, with experts projecting a substantial increase in global cybercrime costs. Hackers are adept at leveraging advanced tools like Large Language Models (LLMs) to automate various malicious activities, including email and SMS phishing, social engineering attacks, fraudulent financial transactions, and identity theft.

To counter these threats, there is an urgent need to enhance cybersecurity measures, particularly in areas where human interaction is crucial. By harnessing the capabilities of LLMs for detection and mitigation strategies, stakeholders can fortify defenses against evolving cyber threats and safeguard critical digital infrastructure. Collaboration and investment in innovative cybersecurity solutions are essential to mitigate the risks associated with Dark LLM exploitation and uphold the integrity of digital ecosystems.”

Prem Kalevar, VP Discovery Program, Inovia Capital

“Too much innovation has focused on the purely digital; with the ubiquity of cloud computing, advanced machine learning and abundance of problems in the real world, it’s time for software to get physical.

I am in search of great entrepreneurs building differentiated, software-driven solutions in manufacturing, climate, supply chain and beyond.”

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At Antler, we know that exceptional founders can come from anywhere with any background. Do you have the drive and grit to build a startup that solves a meaningful problem? Apply to an Antler residency in Canada or one of our 27 locations around the world.

Antler in Canada

Toronto is Antler’s first location in Canada. Since launching in 2022, our team in Canada has supported over 100 founders who are creating the next generation of startups.

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