The 12 Days of Antler Gift Giving

Twelve days of gift ideas from Antler portfolio companies that are sure to impress discerning trendsetters on your nice list.

Caitlin Vickers

December 13, 2022
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Day 1: The Gift of Conscious Consumption

It’s no secret that a new global ethos is emerging to not just be informed and responsible consumers, but also to use consumption as an expression of personal values. According to McKinsey, over the past three years one third of consumers worldwide have expanded the scope of their purchasing decisions to incorporate principles, values, and views. And 43 percent of Gen-Zers say they actively seek out companies that have a solid sustainability reputation.

At Antler, we are proud to support emerging leaders who are changing the game of responsible consumption. Here are several companies that will help you give, sustainably. 


Founded earlier this year, Sustie is your one-stop-shop sustainable shopping assistant. By providing instantly available sustainability data, and personalized alternatives to rent, repair, or reuse, Sustie empowers fashion lovers to make educated and sustainable decisions. As a Chrome app, Sustie can be layered onto any fashion e-commerce site to provide a customized and streamlined shopping experience. In a world where demand for sustainable fashion is increasing, but at times, overwhelming, Sustie uses machine learning and hyper-personalization to make shopping sustainably that much easier.

Where: Currently available in Europe.


“Lifelong living will do you a world of good.” That’s the attitude of Lifelong, a company that creates personal care products that are good for both you and the planet. With a mission to offer plastic-free solutions where no alternatives exist, Lifelong uses plant-based ingredients and fully-compostable packaging so you can feel good about your self-care. 

Where: Currently available in Europe. Ships globally.

Antler offer: Take advantage of Lifelong’s holiday offer to stuff those empty stockings. Lifelong Deodorant is built to last a lifetime. Refillable, reusable, and 55% off for Antler sign-ups at


Homethings are making household products that make sense. With a mission to eliminate single-use plastic, Homethings offers zero-waste cleaning tablets in reusable, and refillable packaging. It’s simple: Buy once, refill forever. 

Where: Currently available in the UK.

Day 2: The Gift of Glam

The pandemic did not squelch glamour—in fact, after multiple years living in slippers and sweatpants, many people are embracing it more than ever. Emerging from the pandemic has also prompted many people to focus more on beauty as an uplifting source of self-care. At the same time, the cost of living crisis has more people going DIY with their beauty regimes. Here are several companies that will glam up your loved ones’ every day.


As the cost of living continues to run hot, a trip to the salon is much less affordable than it was a year ago. Glaize is shaking up the $45 billion nail care industry, providing consumers access to sustainable and salon-quality manicures, without the hassle of leaving your home. Chip-free, long-lasting, and vegan, Glaize manicures are made-to-measure and customizable.  

Where: Currently available in the UK.

Antler offer: Take advantage of Glaize’s Holiday Offer, by using the discount code ANTLER15 for 15% off at checkout. 


Award-winning, organic, and plant-based, HIGHR is not your grandmother’s lipstick. As a female-founded and California-based luxury lipwear line, HIGHR’s mission is to sustainably innovate the cosmetics industry for the modern woman. As the first CO2 neutral lipstick, HIGHR is meeting the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, globally.

Where: Currently available in the US, UK, and EU. 

Antler offer: Take advantage of HIGHR’s holiday offer by using code ANTLER for 20% off at checkout.


Arkive provides a platform for conscious shoppers to meet conscious brands. As the number one marketplace for prestige and clean beauty brands to (re)sell their overstock, Arkive is pursuing their mission to rescue what would otherwise be wasted products.

Where: Currently available in the UK and the EU.

Antler offer: If brands like Fenty and Seeds of Colour are on your list, take advantage of Arkive’s Holiday Offer. With a wide selection of new beauty brands in need of being rescued, deals start at 50% off and last until January.

Day 3: The Gift of Cost Cutting

With the head of the International Energy Agency recently declaring the world is in the middle of “the first truly global energy crisis,” a break from mounting utility costs may be just what your loved ones need this holiday season. This Antler portfolio company has the perfect solution.


PowerX is the most powerful home utilities monitoring solution on the market. It’s also the only solution that provides homeowners with a complete 360° view of their electricity, water, and water heater usage. If your New Year’s resolution is to improve your home’s energy management, PowerX makes managing utilities easier than ever.

Where: Currently available in the US and Canada.

Antler offer: To save money on your monthly utility bill, and protect your home against utility overuse, use PowerX’s Holiday Offer. Code HOLIDAY will get you 20% off, sitewide, from now until December 31.

Day 4: The Gift of Nourishment 

According to the International Food Information Council (IFIC), more than half of global consumers have "increased their belief in food as medicine” since the pandemic. The following Antler companies deliver on nutrition, accessibility, and practicality without sacrificing the fun!


Good nutrition doesn’t have to be boring. Season your way to making any dish more nutritious by using Enspice—the company that, through seasonings equally delicious and nutritive, adds 21 key plant-based nutrients to your meal. ‘Tis the season for better seasonings.

Where: Currently available in the US. Ships internationally.

Antler offer: Take advantage of Enspice’s Holiday Offer. Buy one, get one free when you use code ANTLER at


If you’re looking for a go-to soda replacement, or to upgrade your current sparkling water of choice, Celzo encourages you to “sip the stress away, dance a little, and give yourself more amor.” Celzo is a low-sugar, low-calorie, hemp-infused sparkling water that gets its inspiration from traditional Latin American flavors. Celzo is here to prove that CBD beverages can offer well-balanced health benefits, and be delicious.

Where: Currently available in the US.

Antler offer: Use code ANTLER22 to get a 22% discount at checkout.

Well Seasoned.

Well Seasoned is making ready-to-cook and pre-marinated meats more accessible than ever. Well Seasoned promises restaurant quality, and direct delivery to your door within minutes. With all high-quality meats sourced in the US, and offering a wide selection of flavors and cuts, Well Seasoned puts flexibility and sustainability at the heart of meal preparation.

Where: Currently available in the US.

Antler offer: Well Seasoned is offering half-off on its XL box when you use code XLSALE. That’s a value of $99 in free meats!

Faba Food.

Faba Food is Singapore’s first vegan, plant-based meal delivery service. Their meals are designed to check all of the boxes of an aspirational eater: taste, nutrition, affordability, and convenience. With the goal of taking the compromise out of eating greener, Faba Food gives you access to delicious dishes that are driving the change in how we can eat better for ourselves, and for the world. 

Where: Currently available in Singapore.


Sourced from India’s #1 organic food manufacturer, Gladful prides itself on being the premier online platform for high-protein, high-fiber foods, without the added preservatives. Given that a recent study by the National Institute of Nutrition found that more than 80% of Indians are protein deficient, Gladful’s mission is to remedy the country-wide gap in nutrition. 

Where: Currently available in India.

Day 5: The Gift of Flawless Skin

As the body’s largest organ, skin has a significant impact on a person’s overall feelings of well-being. A recent study reveals that three in five people admit skin has a big impact on their self-confidence and mental health. These Antler portfolio companies use personalization and technology to help people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.


UNCOVER is revolutionizing self-care in Africa. For the Kenya-based company, this means building the continent’s most trusted skincare brand and content platform. By providing short “skintertainment” videos, and partnering with top Korean ODMs, UNCOVER offers both information and a breadth of products that would otherwise be hard to find in Kenya’s current skincare marketplace.

Where: Currently available in Kenya.

Antler offer:  Shop UNCOVER’s special Christmas Hamper featuring their top selling products for 25% off. View all the *glowing* details.


If you’re looking for a personalized skincare routine, curated with the hands-on expertise and hand-selected products of industry experts, Renude has got you covered. Renude offers a virtual skincare recommendation service to support you, no matter where you are on your skincare journey.

Where: Currently available in the UK.

Antler offer: Use code ANTLER10 for a £10 credit when you join Renude. 


The ethos at Base is that every individual is unique, just like their skin. Crafting formulas made to suit the individual skin needs of its customers from its smart “Skin Test,” Base makes skincare customizable through entirely vegan and organic ingredients.

Where: Currently available in Indonesia. 

*Read a spotlight on Base co-founder Yaumi Sugiharta’s founder journey.

Day 6: The Gift of Health and Well-being

"The first wealth is health,” philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in 1860. The pandemic reinforced the all-importance of health and well-being, as well as the importance of relationships. At the same time, it shone a spotlight on mental health, with a 25% increase in prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide. This year, give the gift of well-being and happiness through tools that help us be our best selves.


Blueheart is on a mission to help everyone master love, so they can get more of the good stuff, and learn to navigate the bad. The average couple has only one hour a day for quality time together. Studies show that our relationship is the most important contributor to our happiness, so we think they deserve attention. However much time you have, Blueheart helps to make your relationship as fun, loving, valuable, and deep as possible

We’ve developed a whole host of courses and exercises on the topic. Created by experts using science-backed techniques, we help you explore and understand the most important relationship you will ever have.

Where: Available worldwide with users in 163 different countries.


Kalda is the LGBTQIA+ mental well-being app. According to a recent health evaluation trial, using Kalda can reduce anxiety and depression in just 14 days! Feel joyful in your gender, and comfortable in your sexuality with their queer therapist-led video courses. 

Where: Available worldwide.

Antler offer: For a limited time this festive season, secure an annual subscription for only £28.99.


Clare is an automated AI-driven audio bot to counter mental illnesses such as anxiety and mild depression. Get self-help anytime, anywhere: Clare is always there to guide you. This no-human solution offers you freedom from judgment and full anonymity in your health and wellness journey.

Where: Available worldwide, 24/7.

*Read a spotlight on clare&me co-founder Emilia Theye’s founder journey.


Deja is using the ancient science of Ayurveda, an old school healing system backed by 5,000 years of research, to combat the hectic buzz of modern life. In a wellness industry full of fads, Deja focuses on what’s been working for millennia, using powerful natural products to rebalance and refine. Why not share the world’s best kept wellness secret with your loved ones this season?

Where: Available in the UK and US.

Day 7: The Gift of Nature and the Outdoors

It’s with good reason that doctors in Japan and Korea regularly prescribe shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, as a way to combat stress and improve health. The pandemic increased our affinity for nature, and the share of the population participating in outdoor activities continues to reach record levels from pre-COVID norms. The following companies will bring more green into your loved ones’ lives—whether it’s through a flourishing home garden, stylish new garb, or canine encouragement to get out into the wild.


GrowSquares puts customized engineering into your backyard garden, with the goal of transforming your space into a home-grown harvest, GrowSquares leverages an app to capture remote microclimate data, help users select the best plants for their specific environments, and deliver the precise mix of minerals and bacteria best suited to your garden.

Where: Currently available in the US.

Astrid Wild.

Featuring timeless Scandinavian design, Astrid Wild is a high-quality outdoor clothing brand deserving of a spot on your shopping list. Tailored especially for the female form, and offering inclusive sizing from 2X2 to 4 XL, Astrid Wild’s mission is to encourage women to spend more time in nature, and increase diversity in the outdoors.

Where: Currently available in Sweden. Ships to most consumers, globally.

Antler offer: Astrid Wild is offering a bundle offer for their luxurious merino base layers. Buy a set (Long Janes + Long Sleeve) and get 10% off. You can also finalize the wrapping with a branded gift box. See the offer


Who better to explore nature with than a canine companion? RightPaw makes finding man’s best friend simpler, safer, and more supportive. Whether you’re looking for a dog, or a reputable breeder, yourself, RightPaw offers a platform in which trusted owners are connected with responsible breeders.

Where: Currently available in Australia.


This climate tech startup is on a mission to empower people to accelerate change in the world, bringing people together to take action on policy. Through monthly subscriptions, you can give climate mobilizers—climate experts and campaigners working to change climate policy—a stable income so they can focus full time on their climate policy work.

Where: Europe.

Antler offer: Give a one-month 10 EUR gift subscription to a loved one who is passionate about preserving our planet! Visit, click on the top right menu and select "Gift Subscription." Create an account and add the email address of the person you are giving the card to.

Day 8: The Gift of Guidance

There is a new wave of social apps and AI technology that is redefining user behaviors and changing the landscapes through which we interact with each other and our work. Many people have begun to harness the power of AI and machine learning to augment their day-to-day workflows. Meanwhile, a tough concoction of “fake news” skepticism, as well as increased isolation and time spent online, have left consumers craving for more authentic human connection. Whether it’s assistance from technology or another human, these companies have you and your loved ones covered.


Do you have five minutes? Anyone is an instant professional network where you can connect with peers, ask for advice and share what you know through a simple and sticky format: five-minute phone calls. First-time founders and young professionals are flocking to the members-only app to grow their networks, make meaningful connections, and have fun conversations. 

Where: Available worldwide.

With a mission of bolstering human creativity through artificial intelligence, Jenni promises to supercharge your writing with the most advanced AI writing available. Whether it's writing a blog, essay, or Christmas cards next season, you can get anything done 10x faster with Jenni.

Where: Available worldwide.

Day 9: The Gift of Mystery

What is better than the rush of unwrapping a present with contents that are a total surprise? Or the odd pleasure of watching influencers “unbox” their latest hauls online? This company delivers on both these sensations and more. The mystery box concept offers the perfect solution to thrill-seekers and experience-oriented consumers while also rescuing leftover stock from going to waste. 


HEAT continues to revolutionize fashion shopping methods with a pioneering approach by bringing a season-less strategy with a cutting-edge experience through mystery boxes. By using the website’s recently released “style profile” tool, customers can customize everything from the brands they receive to the styles they prefer. 

Where: HEAT mystery boxes can be shipped globally. Duties are covered for all UK, US, and EU orders.

Antler offer: Lots of exciting drops on HEAT between now and the end of the year. HEAT now offers gift cards, and has recently brought back the contemporary box—perfect for someone who has their finger on the pulse for all things fashion.

Day 10: The Gift of Youth

Who says you can’t turn back time? The science of longevity is a quickly developing industry that is witnessing both attention from consumers and a growth in investment activity. By mid-2022, $4.1 billion had already been invested into longevity businesses, exceeding the amount invested in 2021 ($3.8 billion). At the same time, Google searches on supplements are increasing 30-50% year-on-year. With slowing the effects of aging top of mind for so many people, what could be a greater gift than helping a loved one turn back the clock?

For Youth.

For Youth offers easy-to-digest and science-backed knowledge and products on everything you need to know about aging. By leveraging a biological age test, For Youth helps to track and counteract the effects of aging, as well as to suggest lab-tested, carefully sourced supplements to your diet. 

Where: Currently available in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and the US. Can ship globally.

Antler offer: Give the most original and thoughtful present of this holiday season: Gift boxes with For Youth’s favorite longevity supplements, Resveratrol and NMN to grow young together with a loved one. View more on the offer.

Day 11: The Gift of Adventure

For many of us, 2022 has been the year of “revenge travel.” By venturing outside our home turf, we are experiencing the world outside our bubbles with additional vigor and urgency thanks to the two years of thwarted travel due to the pandemic. One unfortunate byproduct of this trend is the rise of travel expenses. Fortunately, our Antler portfolio companies have you and your loved ones covered.


Airalo wants you to stay connected—wherever you travel—at affordable rates. Airalo offers the world’s first eSim store to give you access to digital SIM cards. What does this mean? No more roaming fees, or anxiously searching for Wi-Fi. Before you land, just download and install a digital pack with service to 190+ countries and regions around the world. The perfect gift for the jetsetter in your life.

Where: Available, worldwide.


Sastaticket is Pakistan’s leading travel booking portal. Whether it's booking air tickets, domestic or international hotels, comparing ticket prices, or finding the right tour package for you and your family, Sastaticket is there to make sure you find the best deal. Welcome to hassle-free travel.

Where: Currently available in Pakistan.

Urban Swan.

Urban Swan isn’t a dating website. It is your key to the perfect date experience. Urban Swan’s vision is to make dates more accessible, frequent, and fun. Self-described as a “date sommelier” this virtual platform promises to organize your next epic date night or special occasion within a matter of minutes.

Where: Currently available in Sydney and Melbourne.

Day 12: The Gift of Knowledge

As former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annon once said: “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” As information proliferates in our digital world, it’s increasingly challenging to find the most efficient way to harness knowledge in order to stretch, grow, identify new career paths, and unlock your personal potential. These companies will help your loved ones gain priceless knowledge to open up new horizons in 2023. 

Jet Learn.

Jet Learn is the world’s first Web3 learning platform focused on educating children to be adept at new-age technologies. It is estimated that 85% of the jobs that today’s children will have by 2030 haven’t been invented yet. Jet Learn doesn’t want your child to get left behind. By using a uniquely styled, one-on-one learning approach, Jet Learn’s mission is to prepare your children for the future in an environment that is both fun and interactive.

Where: Available worldwide.

Antler offer: Gift the Joy of Learning and empower a future creator! Go to and use code ANTLER22 to avail a special discount (20%) for the Antler community.


Lister is a multi-language learning platform, offering an end-to-end personalized learning journey through tutor-student matching, and syllabi tailored to individual student needs. At its core, Lister believes that acquiring a second language—or a third, and a fourth—can be achieved through exposure, communication, and meaning-focused instruction. 

Where: Currently available in Indonesia.

Are you ready to build a disruptive company that challenges the status quo and delights customers around the globe? Apply to an Antler residency in one of our 20+ locations.

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