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Antler US is a global early-stage VC that invests in North American founders, pre-seed, and seed-stage companies. Our next cohort starts May 17th - apply now!

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Launching a company from inception to raising capital is no small feat. We support our founders and startups throughout the entire process of scaling a successful company. 

Antler’s platform helps founders execute on their solutions, form strong teams, and raise capital to grow.

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Spring 2021 Information
  • Who does Antler US invest in?

    Antler US partners with founders across a spectrum of starting points: Antler makes investments in individuals, as well as pre-seed and seed stage North American startups. 

    Our founders are our core focus. Ultimately, we assess founders based on their prior accomplishments, strength of their critical thinking, how quickly they devise solutions to the problems that keep them up at night, and an ability to execute on their vision. We look for a proven track record of grit, passion, commitment, and humility in our founders.

  • Does Antler US invest in specific industries?

    Antler US is industry agnostic and invests across sectors, however we’re particularly interested to see startups built in certain areas. At the moment, those include:

    1. FinTech

    2. HealthTech

    3. Gaming

    4. Enterprise Solutions

    5. DevOps

    6. Creator Economy

  • How do I apply to Antler US? 

    Antler is accepting applications for its Spring 2021 funding cycle: the cohort will start on May 17th, 2021 and run through August 13th, 2021. Click here to apply!

    Interviews for admission will be conducted on a rolling basis throughout April. 

    Accepted startups will immediately receive a $15,000 investment in the form of a SAFE.

  • How will the Spring 2021 cohort meet? 

     Due to covid-19, Antler’s Spring 2021 cohort will be remote.

  • How is the 3 month cohort structured?

    During your 3 months with Antler, you'll have access to our full time support, including weekly town hall meetings, office hours, and speaker sessions with industry experts and Antler advisors to provide you with guidance to scale quickly.

    Along the way, you’ll meet other founders tracking through the same process: rapidly building and scaling a company with the support of Antler's resources and network.

  • What happens after the 3 month cohort? 

    Startups that optimize growth and showcase exemplary traction over the 3 month cohort, have the opportunity to pitch Antler for an additional $250,000 investment.

    If your startup receives the additional $250,000 investment, you will receive dedicated, hands on support as you build your advisory board and raise your seed round.

  • How does Antler US support its portfolio companies?

    As our portfolio companies scale and fundraise, Antler picks up the administrative slack so our founders can focus on what they do best: growing and refining their core business. We support our portfolio companies by providing:

    1. Executional support - we fill in the gaps that typically slow down early-stage companies, allowing our startups to focus on core growth 

    2. Fundraising support - we help our startups build relationships in the VC ecosystem as they secure follow on capital in their next rounds of fundraising

    3. Recruiting support - portfolio companies use our platform and network to find and recruit great first hires and build advisory boards

  • How much ownership does Antler US take?

    Antler will never take more than a 10% equity from our early-stage founders raising through their seed rounds.

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  • Applications are open for our Spring 2021 cohort kicking off May 17!

    Accepted startups will receive $15,000 investment up front. Startups that demonstrate exemplary traction over our 3 months working have the opportunity to pitch for an additional investment of $250,000 investment.

Alumni Testimonials

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Building a startup with Antler allows you the room to develop, grow or even pivot your business idea, providing you with the guidance you need along the way.

Manuel Schönfeld

Founder & CEO, PowerX

US 2019

Antler US Portfolio Companies

  • Kitch (2019)

    Marketplace for Commercial Kitchens.

  • Marco Financial (2019)

    A revolutionary trade finance platform that provides financing to small- and medium-sized exporters from Latin America.

  • PowerX (2019)

    PowerX’s suite of smart home solutions provides a unified view of all energy, devices, and water outlets running in your home through one, easy-to-use app. Gain insight into the appliances in your home and take actionable steps to reducing your carbon foot print.

  • Stairs Financial (2019)

    Makes employer-sponsored investment accounts to help employees save up to buy a home.

  • Savvy (2019)

    Leasing and financial services platform for residential rental properties in the US.

  • SecondBody (2019)

    Helps you to communicate better with the people you're closest with through the use of live, human proxies.

  • SedimentIQ (2019)

    Out-of-box productivity solution for smaller mines.

  • Sleuth (2019)

    Provides parents with crowdsourced and highly precise directions for the care of their children with developmental delays.

  • Within Health (2019)

    Telehealth platform focused on radiology patient journey.

  • Bitewell (2020)

    A platform that ties data-driven dietician recommendations with last-mile food delivery.

  • Caria (2020)

    The first comprehensive digital health platform for women in perimenopause, menopause, and beyond that helps them connect with experts, a community, and evidence-based support.

  • My Home Pathway (2020)

    Platform that helps low-credit borrowers to secure mortgages.

  • Break the Love (2020)

    A marketplace that digitizes the tennis club.

  • Likewise (2020)

    An end-to-end platform that connects high-growth, digital-first brands with top tier freelance creative talent on demand.

  • April Labs (2020)

    An AI-powered platform that enables frictionless renting by quickly matching apartment listings and rental services with tenants.

  • Werkit (2020)

    Helps companies build agile AI operations that scale. By assembling remote teams trained in data processing and AI automation, Werkit provides on-demand digital jobs for individuals looking to earn money, up-skill, and attain financial stability.

  • Casting Depot (2020)

    Professional network platform for media and entertainment encompassing all facets of talent-booking.

  • A tech platform empowering Immigrants to manage their remittances transparently.

  • Lantern (2020)

    Provides retail traders deep insight into smart money options plays.

  • Doctu (2020)

    A telehealth platform that connects patients with healthcare providers in Latin America.

  • Growsquares (2020)

    Leverages remote climate assessment to optimize user understanding of their environments in order to grow successful gardens.

  • A marketplace for custom investment strategies that connects asset managers and owners to improve investment decisions.

  • Tailored (2020)

    Improves the customer acquisition process by turning demonstrations into customized experiences for prospective clients.

  • A direct-to-consumer meal delivery platform that offers a offering a varied line of ready to cook, pre-seasoned meats.

  • Jam (2021)

    A recommendation engine for coworker connections that schedules virtual conversations and encourages knowledge sharing across departments, offices, and tenure.

  • (2021)

    Leverages ML/AI to automatically distill information from tools, communication channels, and meetings to improve team communication and alignment.

  • An inventory finance lending platform for independent auto dealerships that provides proactive risk mitigation leveraging alternative data sources and real-time collateral and loan lifecycle management.

  • Boober (2021)

    A marketplace that connects expectant and new parents to qualified, expert care providers (virtual & in-person) and educational content to to transform healthcare outcomes.

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