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Antler is a global early-stage VC that invests in exceptional entrepreneurs and companies. At Antler USA, we bring together entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to build the defining companies of tomorrow.

Removing the barriers to entrepreneurship

Launching a company from inception to raising capital is no small feat in the US. We support our founders and teams from the earliest stages of ideation throughout the entire process of launching a successful company. 

Antler’s platform helps founders identify worthwhile problems to solve, design, test and execute their solutions, form strong teams, and raise capital to grow.

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  • Who and what do we invest in?

    At Antler, we invest in people; our founders are our core focus. Ultimately, we assess founders based on their ability to think innovatively, devise solutions to the problems that keep them up at night, and execute on their vision. We look for a proven track record of grit, passion, commitment, and humility in our founders.

  • How do founders and existing companies work with us?

    Antler US partners with founders across a broad spectrum of starting points: some founders are in the earliest days of ideation - actively deciding what to build next - while others are leading companies already in market, but looking to accelerate. Regardless of your starting point, Antler tailors its support to what your team and business need the most.

    Joining Antler means that a specific deal lead on our team is choosing to work with you. As you work with that deal lead, you track through our due diligence process to ultimately pitch to our Investment Committee. We’ll help you stress test your ideas, identify problem/solution areas, engage in customer discovery, conduct in-depth market research, source a team, and build your product. Along the way, you'll meet other founders engaging in the same process: rapidly building and scaling a company with the support of Antler's resources and network.

    We are ready to build when you are: our admissions run on a rolling basis. Timelines vary case by case, but - on average - our founders and teams take 12 weeks to complete the due diligence process and secure a spot with our Investment Committee.

  • How does Antler support its portfolio companies?

    After successfully passing Antler's investment committee, founders join Antler's portfolio and receive $200,000 in pre-seed funding via SAFE. There's a $50k program fee to support future Antler founders. 
    As our portfolio companies scale and fundraise, Antler picks up the administrative slack so our founders can focus on what they do best: growing and refining their core business. We support our portfolio companies by providing:

    • executional support: we fill in the gaps that typically slow down early-stage companies, allowing our teams to focus on core growth 
    • fundraising support: we help our teams build relationships in the VC ecosystem as they secure follow on capital in their next rounds of fundraising
    • recruiting support: portfolio companies use our platform and network to find and recruit great first hires and build advisory boards
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Antler was our third co-founder. And in terms of structuring our approach and needs, from tech strategy to recruitment, having Antler’s guidance got us farther faster than we otherwise could have without that support.

Chou Hoytt

Co-Founder, Savvy

New York 2019

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