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Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in exceptional entrepreneurs. In Sweden, Europe’s most active startup hub, we bring together entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to build the defining companies of tomorrow.

Go further and faster than you ever thought possible

From day one, we provide access to an unrivaled ecosystem and expertise to support exceptional founders in building successful companies. We leverage our massive global dataset on early-stage founder success and provide hands-on support and early-stage funding.

Do you have an existing team or business that you want to scale with the support of Antler? Learn more and get in touch here.

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We invest in diversity - and have the numbers to prove it.

Equal access to funding and opportunities is at the core of what we do. We bring together founders from diverse backgrounds, gender and ethnicities to create the strongest co-founding teams possible - because we know that diverse teams perform better.

In Sweden, 35% of all founders are women and 30+ nationalities are represented.

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  • February 2022

    Antler Sweden welcomes individuals with or without an idea looking for a co-founder at the very early stage of their start-up journey. 

    We're also excited to work with teams at the early stage of their startup journey. Please go to our Sweden Teams page.

  • What you get

    Support + Access + Investment

    - 12 weeks of intense support to jumpstart your startup journey from finding a co-founder team to ideation, expert support on unit economics, investor pitching, building MVP, go-to-market strategy

    - Weekly sessions with a dedicated coach from the industry you are building in

    - Access to our network of founders, coaches and venture partners

    - Invitations to events with industry experts

    - Daily updates on latest research, marketing and referrals in our community channels

    - Pitch to our investment committee, that invests at our fixed terms: USD 110,000 for a fully diluted 10% equity stake, companies invested in are required to pay a platform fee of USD 50,000

    - Scaling for invested companies with access to our advisor platform of 600+ experts, access to the Antler Hub with perks and discounts

    - Final pitch event with exposure to key VCs and ecosystem players

    - Continuous fundraising support; warm intros to the right VCs and angel investors, investor pitch events, VC office hours, fundraising strategy workshops

    - Job board for first hires

    - Venture Development stipend of a total of USD 1,500 pre-tax and a relocation grant ​​of total USD 1,000 (relocation is defined by moving from one main location to another (with a commute over a 2h single trip). 

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Up coming Events

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Don’t let your startup fail, create a solid value proposition

42% of all startups fail because there is no market need. How come that so many founders end up building something that no one needs?

We have invited Remy Ferber from Ericsson ONE to talk about the fundamentals of a value proposition and its importance to succeed as a startup. During the session she will therefore go into what a value proposition is, how you can work with it and why it makes such a difference to the product that you are building.

The presentation will be followed by an interactive part where you will collaborate in a rapid-fire exercise to put theory into action.

Where and when?

Tuesday, December 7th, 5:00 pm

RSVP and Details

Swedish portfolio companies

  • Skyqraft (2019)

    Affordable and safe powerline inspections using drones and data

  • Teemyco (2019)

    Your office, online

  • NAG Studios (2020)

    Game studio leading the way in competitive gaming

  • Leetify (2020)

    AI coaching platform for gamers

  • Equalitycheck (2019)

    Platform for crowdsourced employee reviews about equality in companies

  • Treyd (2019)

    Trade Finance Made Simple - Unlocking Trillions for SMEs.

  • Trade Bay (2020)

    A digital approach to fruit trading

  • Respaces (2020)

    Connecting people with inspiring places

  • Nhost (2020)

    Backend platform for developers building apps

  • XPL (2020)

    XPL is on a mission to democratize Machine Learning.

  • VoiceHer (2020)

    The world's first voice based community for women.

  • Causiq (2020)

    Measuring marketing effectiveness has become increasingly challenging for companies due to GDPR, walled gardens, and tracking preventions. Causiq solves this by unifying the latest technologies in data science with marketing mix modeling.

  • Afterefx (2020)

    Afterefx enables investors to combine their experience and knowledge with the power of Alternative Data and Data Science to generate alpha.

  • Envar (2020)

    A B2B marketplace, allowing SMEs to find projects to compensate for their emissions.

  • Sciple (2020)

    Sciple is a cloud-based SaaS platform using the power of AI and ML to accelerate scientific discoveries.

  • Allting (2020)

    Allting is your meeting activity tracker, dedicated to improving your meetings using artificial intelligence and data science.

  • Aline (2020)

    Aline is an EdTech platform validating informal learning and enabling data-driven development for organisations and individuals.

  • Legitify (2020)

    Legitify is an AI powered audio-video technology solution that allows customers to notarize documents online remotely.

  • Buddywise (2020)

    Saving time and lives with computer vision

  • DigIP (2020)

    A digital trademark protection service

  • Spacept (2019)

    Computer vision to process satellite images of infrastructure to enable safer and more efficient operations and maintenance

  • 12iD (2019)

    12iD is a multi-authentication solution to issue digital identities and identify end-​users uniquely

  • Anyone (2019)

    Anyone is a marketplace for five minute conversations, enabling millions of people to monetise their knowledge in a creative way, while helping millions more to save time, learn, and get inspired.

  • xNomad (2019)

    Connecting brands with short-term physical retail space in premium locations

  • Off Script (2020)

    Off Script is the best way for creators to set up their very own e-commerce, sell products they love, and help their community find new favorites.

  • yayloh. (2019)

    Smart analytics tool to reduce returns for online retailers

  • Salesbeat (2019)

    Matching FMCG brands with relevant resources, like freelancers and suppliers, in the local eco-system using data driven algorithms

  • Lunch.Co (2019)

    Lunch.Co is a marketplace platform where colleagues can buy and sell home cooked lunches at work

  • Olivia (2019)

    The one-stop digital menopause guide.

  • AWAN (2019)

    AWAN (As We Are Now) is a female founded and community driven DtC fashion brand on a mission to create a new dressing experience for women, based on a circular and tech enabled business model. Made in nanotech fabrics optimized for comfort.

  • Grogro (2019)

    Offers parents a fresh, organic and nutrient dense alternative to today’s baby food

  • Done (2019)

    The future of home improvement & repair services

  • BrightBee (2019)

    SaaS solution optimizing ads with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Shamba (2019)

    Enables precision distributed farming

  • Lifelong (2019)

    Lifelong offers a direct-to-consumer, replenishment subscription model, that makes it possible to buy personal care and cleaning products without plastic.

  • Allihoop (2019)

    Flexible urban co-living - making city life accessible for people on the move.

  • Tilly (2019)

    Revolutionizing reproductive health care with a data- and community driven approach to empower people to own their fertility journey.

  • Starprise (2019)

    Enables fans in the Middle East to connect with their favorite celebrities on a personal level through personalized videos.

  • Gofigo (2019)

    Turn your floor plans into photo-real images with Gofigo

  • Astrid Wild (2019)

    Digitally native, direct-to-consumer outdoor fashion for women, by women

  • Traxlo (2020)

    Google Analytics for the retail shop-floor

  • Off The Court (2021)

    Off The Court connects the current generation of high-level athletes with aspiring youth. A marketplace that makes it easy to find a perfect mentor and coach who has overcome similar challenges. Align goals, create a plan, and succeed together!

  • Finuprise (2021)

    Finuprise is an impact investing platform that allows millennial investors to invest in publicly traded companies aligned with their values.

  • Circul8 (2021)

    Circul8 is a B2B marketplace for sustainable packaging and a purchasing tool for European SMEs. Their mission is to speed up the world's transition to more sustainable consumption and a circular economy by connecting packaging producers and resellers with relevant buyers across markets

  • Worthmore (2021)

    Worthmore helps people and companies to make an impact with their used electronics. They make it easy for users to calculate the impact they could make by donating their phones to a cause they care about and provide a logistical simple solution to do so.

  • NudgeLabs (2021)

    NudgeLabs provides employees with empowering advice based on true data, to improve the health and performance of individuals and organizations, making wellbeing the natural state in this high-performance and high-stress world.

  • Reeler (2021)

    Reeler is a platform to streamline user-generated content campaigns. Collect, organize and publish user-generated content in any marketing channel – hassle-free.

  • PhantomIQ (2021)

    PhantomIQ is a SaaS platform that simplifies data centers by making them transparent, explainable, and autonomous. Their solution provides comprehensive monitoring, a state-of-the-art insight engine, and hybrid resource management that gives valuable insights and increases the utilization of their customers’ cloud infrastructure.

  • Hypertype (2021)

    Hypertype makes business email communications more efficient by combining AI, sales expertise, and human touch. Their approach to data, State-of-the-art AI/ML pipeline and user experience focus make the offer unique.

Alumni stories

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Antler helped me find two skilled and ambitious co-founders, expand my network and aim higher than I ever thought possible.

David Almroth

CEO/Co-founder, SkyQraft

Sweden 2019

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