Since 2018, we have proudly invested in 1,000+ companies addressing meaningful challenges and opportunities across six continents. The founders we back are visionary, determined, and diverse—they represent 145+ nationalities and 32% of companies have at least one woman founder.

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Reebelo is the world’s fastest growing marketplace for sustainable tech and lifestyle products. Our vision is to reduce e-waste and promote a circular economy for refurbished electronics. By enabling consumers to purchase their favorite brands at up to 70% off, we empower individuals to make sustainable choices while also saving money.


The world’s first eSIM subscription and top-up store


Housing prices in Asia Pacific have skyrocketed, forcing even credit-worthy millennials to save up and defer home-ownership - on top of their ongoing monthly rent payments. Homebase pays for their down-payments upfront in exchange for an equity stake in their home’s value and a minimal flat upfront fee without any interest, helping users get their dream house today.


Xailient processes data from cameras 10-100x faster and cheaper than traditional solutions, with a broad range of applications from face recognition and vehicle detection to security. It builds on computer vision software that removes facial and personal information from video feeds, allowing security footage to be reused for applications such as Smart Cities or Retail Analytics without privacy risk.


Game development studio changing the way the competitive games are built by changing the process and making a real show!

Marco Capital

Marco provides working capital to LatAm SME exporters by factoring their trade receivables from US buyers and, thus, managing the operational risks associated with lending to SMEs. They close the $1.5tn global SME trade finance gap, providing competitive rates to LatAm exporters through creditworthy US trading partners.


Volopay simplifies business spending for SMBs in South East Asia.


The world is moving to net zero emissions. Institutional investors would like to understand how the capital they deploy will be impacted by the move to a carbon constrained economy. In order to more clearly manage the risks and opportunities that this presents, there needs to be clarity about the emissions from the operations of these businesses and the efforts underway to adapt. This is where Pathzero comes in.


Treyd is a pay-later service for world trade. We allow brands to pay their suppliers later, making brands selling atoms as scalable as companies selling software.


PowerX helps consumers save up to 40% money on their utility bills while also combating climate change. Through the inexpensive, patented IoT devices (PowerX Suite: Heat, Water, Electricity), customers can track their home’s energy usage in real-time through hardware sensors and a customized PowerX dashboard. For enterprise customers, PowerX offers powerful SaaS and grid load balancing solutions.


Anyone is an audio app for advice on-demand that’s setting out to reinvent the phone book as we know it. All voice calls are 1:1 and five minutes long – short enough to connect with someone without having to go through their inbox or calendar, and structured enough to get advice around a specific topic. This creates direct access to inspiring but busy people who are finally able to pick up the phone – either for a set price per call, or just because they want to give back.


Nhost is a full-fledged serverless backend for Jamstack and client-serverless applications. It enables developers to build dynamic websites without having to worry about infrastructure, data storage, data access, and user management.


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