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Energy, Property, Mobility

Do you want to innovate in some of the most exciting industries? Antler Oslo specializes in creating ventures in three exciting verticals with lots of potential for disruption over the coming years: energy, property and mobility. We are seeking entrepreneurial minds motivated to build the next wave of companies tackling challenges and opportunities within these fields.

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Applications now open for January 2020
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  • Key focus: Energy, Property, Mobility

    At Antler Oslo we will focus on building companies within three exciting industries, all bound to grow and change significantly over the coming years: Energy, Property and Mobility.

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  • Start Date

    January 2020. Phase one will end in March, and phase two in June 2020.

  • What you get

    Accepted founders get a stipend of NOK 60,000 for the first phase of the program (10 weeks). After 10 weeks Antler invests US$110,000 for a 11.1% equity stake in each company that is selected by our investment committee.

    To cover the cost of the program, all companies invested in are required to pay a program fee of US$50,000.

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The Start-up school: How to build a team, identify the market and create scalable products

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Wednesday, September 25th, 8:00 am

Epicenter Oslo, Edvard Stormsgate 2

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Something happens to you when you surround yourself with high achievers. I’m now working more efficiently, thinking bigger and aiming higher all thanks to Antler.

Malin Bruset

Founder and CIO at GroGro

Stockholm 2019

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