The best way to launch your new startup in New York.

A better on ramp to Venture Capital for founders who want to change the world.

Antler is not just another Venture Capital fund.

The future will be built by Founders, and we are here to help.

Antler is a six week, in person residency for you to launch your startup from scratch. We surround you with everything you need to build at lightning speed. A community of like-minded founders to build with. Coaching from our team of proven founders and advisors. Perks from hundreds of partners. A global network at your fingertips, and most important, simple, straight forward funding.

We are building the future of Venture Capital for the next generation of founders.

A better way to fund your startup.

Raising capital to build your company can be as hard as building your company. We are here to give founders a clear and transparent pathway to funding.

After 6 weeks of residency building with us, you will have the opportunity to pitch our investment committee for pre-seed funding to launch your startup. One pitch, one committee and a decision in just 24 hours. If you receive funding we will write you a check for $125,000 post money SAFE for 7% of your new company. If you don't receive funding, we will sit down and tell you exactly why - 100% transparency.

In addition to this pre-seed funding, Antler has the ability to continue investing in our startups all the way through series C, making us the perfect financing partner for the life of your startup.

Founders we have backed

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Building a startup with Antler allows you the room to develop, grow or even pivot your business idea, providing you with the guidance you need along the way.

Manuel Schönfeld

Founder & CEO, PowerX

US 2019

Coaching from real, successful founders.

Advice on the internet on how to build a startup is often more hurtful than helpful.

Each startup is different and has its own unique needs and priorities. Antler gives you access to real coaches who have built real companies that can help you every step of the way. We believe our founders should always decide what they want to build, we are here to help you figure out how to build it. Coaching is hands on and customized for your particular needs.

No vague and general curriculum, just real coaches helping you build.

A community to build with.

Building a company is hard, it's even harder to do all alone.

Antler is designed so you get the opportunity to build inside of a community of other hand selected founders. You will have an immediate community of 30 - 40 founders in your batch, working side by side with you on location as well as access to Antler's global founder network.

Whether you need tactical help or just someone to bounce ideas off of, Antler surrounds you with a strong community support structure.

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    Global advisors

A global network at your fingertips.

One of the challenging aspects to launching a new company is building new networks.

Say goodbye to cold outreach on LinkedIn and say hello to Antler's global network platform. With 20 locations across the world and counting, Antler put a massive global network right at your fingertips. Regardless of who you are looking to meet, we can find a way to get you in front of them.

This helps our founders spend more time building and less time trying to meet people.

All the perks you need in one, easy place.

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Launch your new startup in New York.

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  • Applications are open for our October 2022 cohort

    Antler is a six week, in person residency for you to launch your startup from scratch. We surround you with everything you need to build at lightning speed. A community of like-minded founders to build with. Coaching from our team of proven founders and advisors. Perks from hundreds of partners. A global network at your fingertips, and most important, simple, straight forward funding.

    Our Summer Residency is officially underway, but we're accepting applications for our Fall Residency - apply now!

See who we have already backed.

  • Marco

    A revolutionary trade finance platform that provides financing to small- and medium-sized exporters from Latin America.

  • PowerX

    PowerX’s suite of smart home solutions provides a unified view of all energy, devices, and water outlets running in your home through one, easy-to-use app. Gain insight into the appliances in your home and take actionable steps to reducing your carbon foot print.

  • Stairs Financial

    Makes employer-sponsored investment accounts to help employees save up to buy a home.

  • Watson

    Makes renting rewarding by enabling landlords to offer their residents cash back on rent, along with deals for local and online merchants.

  • A tech platform empowering Immigrants to manage their remittances transparently.

  • Break the Love

    A marketplace that digitizes the tennis club.

  • Within Health

    Telehealth platform focused on radiology patient journey.

  • Dots

    A command center for community managers, helping them automate manual tasks and understand member insights across platforms.

  • Sleuth

    Provides parents with crowdsourced and highly precise directions for the care of their children with developmental delays.

  • SecondBody

    Helps you to communicate better with the people you're closest with through the use of live, human proxies.

  • Bitewell

    A platform that ties data-driven dietician recommendations with last-mile food delivery.

  • Caria

    The first comprehensive digital health platform for women in perimenopause, menopause, and beyond that helps them connect with experts, a community, and evidence-based support.

  • Kitch

    Marketplace for Commercial Kitchens.

  • April Labs

    An AI-powered platform that enables frictionless renting by quickly matching apartment listings and rental services with tenants.

  • Werkit

    Helps companies build agile AI operations that scale. By assembling remote teams trained in data processing and AI automation, Werkit provides on-demand digital jobs for individuals looking to earn money, up-skill, and attain financial stability.

  • Growsquares

    Leverages remote climate assessment to optimize user understanding of their environments in order to grow successful gardens.

  • Tactiq

    Real-time transcription of Google Meets and Zoom enables remote teams to rapidly capture and share crucial insights organization wide.

  • A direct-to-consumer meal delivery platform that offers a offering a varied line of ready to cook, pre-seasoned meats.


    Leverages ML/AI to automatically distill information from tools, communication channels, and meetings to improve team communication and alignment.

  • Boober

    A marketplace that connects expectant and new parents to qualified, expert care providers (virtual & in-person) and educational content to to transform healthcare outcomes.

  • Kinship

    A relationship management tool built to drive stronger professional and personal bonds.

  • Vero Technologies

    An inventory finance lending platform for independent auto dealerships that provides proactive risk mitigation leveraging alternative data sources and real-time collateral and loan lifecycle management.

  • The Issue

    A video commerce platform where brands, creators, and their communities collaboratively create content. 

  • Nubo

    Manages, secures, and scales apps across multiple regions and multiple cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) in one go, all under a single domain name. 

  • Fanfix

    A clean, premium content subscription platform for Gen Z creators to monetize their fanbase.

  • Academlo

    Provides high-quality technology education for Latin American students, made radically affordable via Income Share Agreements.

  • Evee

    Makes stronger teams and fosters inclusiveness at the workplace with software that enables corporate planners to seamlessly book and customize experiences.

  • PlaneAhead

    A revolutionary AI tool that introduces a new way to travel economically by reducing personal or company travel expenses by tracking itineraries and fluctuating airline prices, and accumulating travel credits for future bookings.

  • Vocal Clarity

    Uses AI-driven, neural vocoders to resynthesize the elements of human voice overwhelmed by background noise and reduces the need for additional dialog recording (ADR) sessions.

  • JinxDrinx

    The DTC alcoholic mixed drink in a pouch, designed to mitigate the risk of drink & drug-facilitated sexual assault (reported by 1 in 6 women) on college campuses and beyond.

  • Metabob

    Provides a static code analysis tool that specializes in programming

  • BrightPay

    A health tech company that makes paying for care easy and convenient for providers and patients.

  • ERInfo

    Provides anywhere, anytime patient identification and emergency contact notification.

  • Remedy Logic

    Makes AI-powered medical diagnosis and remedy counsel accessible to anyone. 

  • Day One

    A community-powered platform that supports, guides and helps early stage founders to level up and build successful businesses.

  • enspice

    Makes the first nutrient enhanced seasonings and spices.

  • Idenati

    Organizes everything you do online in one place, allowing you to simplify your experience, optimize focus, and be more productive.

  • Frich

    A social finance app that helps Gen Z develop better spending habits through community guided habit change.

  • Jenni

    Helps businesses create high-quality SEO content in minutes not weeks!

  • MemeMarket

    Increases monetization options for creators and develops a licensing protocol to solve image copyright and ownership issues via web3.

  • Refinably

    The data hygiene engine that simplifies how revenue teams update and manage their CRM.

  • Linguix

    The best way to instantly improve your English content anywhere on the web.

  • OneDegree

    Helps career seekers and switchers easily explore, select, and secure skilled career opportunities that don’t require a 4-year degree.

  • Ad Auris

    An end-to-end audio creation and distribution platform – enabling written content to be transformed into podcast-like audio, instantly.

  • AdvancePay

    AdvancePay makes influencer marketing easy by providing benchmarking and sales projections.

  • SweatPals

    An operating and networking app for fitness communities to form, grow, and monetize.

  • Mentium

    The one-stop shop for emerging investment opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem for non-crypto native investors.

  • Flair

    A platform where brands create and sell engaging 3D content and virtual goods.

  • Terra

    A machine learning video editing platform for content and communications teams.

  • RevPilots

    Makes buying software and services a painless process by providing instant recommendations and unbiased guidance.

  • Gudwork

    Gudwork is a freelance marketplace that that empowers students to earn 2x or more doing portfolio-building, flexible projects for startups, small business and nonprofits.

  • What does Antler look for in founders?

    We're looking for hungry, driven, gritty founders who are beginning the journey of starting a new venture that can change the world. Maybe you've just started building, but haven't yet raised capital; or maybe you've got an idea and are thinking about getting started, but haven't quite made the leap. Either way, if you're in the earliest days of launching a startup, Antler is the right place for you to bring your idea to life.

  • Are you still working with founders remotely? Or are you back in person?

    After almost two years of working with founders remotely, we have officially headed back into the office. We believe in the magic and serendipity of working together in person and are committed to continuing to launch new Antler locations across the U.S.

    As of 2022, we are working with founders exclusively in person. We are running concurrent programs in three US cities: Austin, Boulder, and New York (with more locations coming soon). Apply here now.

  • Do I need to be full time?

    Yes. Building a new venture is a full time job and we only want to work with founders who are fully committed to the process.

  • Where are you based?

    Currently we are in New York City, Austin and Boulder with plans on launching more locations across the U.S. very soon. Our offices are in Hudson Yards in NYC, North Congress in downtown Austin, and Boulder, Colorado.

  • Do I need to be a US citizen or US greencard holder to work with you in the US?

    Yes. Our U.S. fund works exclusively with U.S. founders - if that's not you, we fortunately have other programs across the globe.

  • What stage do you invest in?

    We are focused on providing founders better access to capital at the very beginning of their journey, so we back founders where we can be the first investor in. We'll invest as early as a clearly defined product statement and roadmap to your MVP, we'll even help you incorporate your new venture if necessary.

  • Which industries do you invest in?

    We are industry agnostic and invest across all technology sectors.

  • If I'm accepted to Antler, what comes next?

    Here is an overview of what you can expect during your time at Antler:

    • Phase 1: Founders will have 6 weeks to develop an idea and plan of action. There's no coursework here: your entire focus will be on turning your ideas into investable businesses. The Antler team will provide guidance and coaching as you work to identify areas of opportunity, iterate on your ideas, conduct customer discovery and research, beta test as quickly as possible, and build your product roadmap and GTM strategy. During this time, we'll also host weekly town hall meetings, social sessions, office hours, and speaker series with industry experts and Antler advisors.Most importantly you'll be surrounded by 30 hand selected founders to work beside, brainstorming ideas, testing assumptions, sharing expertise and building close bonds.
    • Pitch Week: Founders have the opportunity to pitch Antler's Investment Team for $125,000 post money SAFE for 7% of your new company.
    • Phase 2: From here on, it's an all out sprint on execution. You'll work with your dedicated Antler coach to build a clear plan, setting key objectives and KPIs that you and your team will need to hit to ensure your business finds product market fit and continues scaling. You'll keep iterating on your business model, build your MVP, create a hiring plan, devise a killer GTM strategy, and map out plans for your seed fundraise alongside our team.

  • Why are you doing this?

    Our team shares a deep conviction that entrepreneurship is the career path of the future and we believe that every hungry, driven, gritty person who wants to build a startup should be able to do exactly that. After working for years in venture backed companies and seeing our exceptional friends and colleagues struggle to find early support for their own new ventures, we decided to build a better on ramp to venture capital. Our mission is to provide founders with a structured and transparent process to successfully launch a new venture, a community for support throughout the experience, and a clear pathway to venture funding.

It's time to launch your new startup in New York.