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Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in exceptional entrepreneurs. In Amsterdam’s vibrant tech hub, we bring together entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to build the defining companies of tomorrow.

Go further and faster than you ever thought possible

We enable exceptional people to build the defining companies of tomorrow through an unrivaled network of experts and advisors. We have collected a massive global dataset to evaluate early-stage founder success and support our startups with data.

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Equal access to funding and opportunity for all founders is at the core of what we do

Bringing together people from different backgrounds is an important factor when finding exceptional individuals for our program. As a member of the recently launched #Fundright campaign, we have already reached a strong milestone by investing in 41% of companies that have at least one female co-founder, nearly meeting the 3 year benchmark.

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Join our Amsterdam cohort if you fall under one of the following 3 tracks

We invest in the defining companies of tomorrow. But we know it all starts with you. We help exceptional people build startups from the earliest stages. When you join Antler, you join a community of founders, get support from a global platform of experts and resources, and receive investments to scale your ideas and businesses. We invest from the pre-seed stage and we continue to be a long-term partner as your company grows.

    • You are a solo founder

      You are a solo founder, looking to find a co-founder and to validate your idea. You are at the stage where you’re ready to give it everything you’ve got. You want to test a number of promising ideas, be part of a supportive environment to iron out what to build, and what market to go after. When you join Antler, you join a community of founders, get support from a global platform of experts and resources, and receive investments to scale your ideas and businesses. We invest from the pre-seed stage and we continue to be a long-term partner as your company grows.

      All applications come in via our single apply button. In the application form,  you are able to further specify your situation.

    • You are a team

      You are a team, whether incorporated or not, and you’ve already started your business but you did not yet raise funding. In this case, the initial co-founding team is in place and you are heads-down building. Join forces with Antler to fast track your startup by getting support tailored to your stage of the journey. You’ll join our fast-growing founder community and have the opportunity to receive an investment from Antler. As we have a program running for 9 out of 12 months a year, it is probably wise to join parts of our program. When we feel you are ready to pitch we will call in an ad hoc investment committee.

      All applications come in via our single apply button. In the application form,  you are able to further specify your situation.

    • You are an existing business

      You are an existing business. You have a team, you have incorporated your company, you are getting traction, and you already have investors on board. Antler Netherlands accepts applications from existing businesses, meaning your entity is incorporated with a product in the market and growing customer base. These teams participate in a 4-6 week due diligence process prior to an investment decision, followed by additional support and resourcing to help you scale. We base the height of our investment on previous pricing events in your business, traction/revenue, market comparables, return on investment potential and funding needs.

      Applications for this track will be accepted on a rolling intake. All applications come in via our single apply button. In the application form,  you are able to further specify your situation.

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    Join the next Amsterdam cohort starting on Oct 17, 2022

    Applications now open for the sixth cohort
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    • Program duration

      The Antler program runs for 6 months, and our next cohort will start on Oct 17, 2022.

    • Who We Look For

      Our cohorts are made from a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise. Globally, Antler only accepts the top 2% of applicants and typically our founders have an average of 10 years of professional work experience.

    • What You Get

      We invest €100,000 for a 12% equity stake in each company selected by our investment committee. Learn more by viewing our program details

      A needs-based financial grant is available for founders moving to Europe from abroad. Please inquire during your first interview for more details in case you would like to apply for this. 

    Antler Amsterdam Application FAQs

      • Why should I apply to Antler Amsterdam?

        Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in the world's most exceptional people. 

        We are the world’s largest early-stage investment platform, present in twelve locations across 6 continents. Since late 2017 we have invested in over 200 companies.

        Every year, 50,000 founders across the world apply to our programs globally - people from diverse careers such as serial entrepreneurs, engineers, product builders, subject matter pro's and PhD's.

        Because of this, we have to be extremely selective. We work with the top 2% out of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs every year. The founders we select have on average 10 years’ work experience and come with deep functional or industry specific expertise. We’re aiming to democratize entrepreneurship - meaning we work with the best founders regardless of background or geography.

        That being said, we actively work to reduce risk by building superior co-founder teams, providing deep business model validation while focusing on quality over quantity. We financially support founders from day one and build a relationship as a long term investor in our companies. We're leveraging the world’s largest dataset on early-stage founder success to evaluate and support exceptional people and ideas.

        If you want to positively impact the world by creating a company that solves real problems, join Antler and build a groundbreaking technology company by clicking the link below.

      • How do I apply and what does the application process look like if I apply as a solo Founder?

        Submitting your application

        Apply on using your LinkedIn account or CV. We will send you a few questions to get to know you a bit better. 

        Drive interview

        This interview is to deep dive into the skills you showcased through your submission and any additional expertise you may have. We will also want to hear what is driving you to start a business and the attributes you have to scale it.

        Partner interview

        An interview with an Antler Partner or Director to dig deeper into ideas you might have and test your ability to think on the spot and execution skills. Or, a deeper dive into your area of expertise and leadership potential.


        We might request a reference check at the final stages. 

        Offer to join Antler

        Once we have made an offer, the next steps are simple. All that is left is for you to sign an Antler Founder Agreement before you can officially kick off your entrepreneurial journey. Shortly after, we will send you a welcome package containing instructions on how to participate in our pre-program activities to prepare you for your first day, as well as help you get to know the other founders in your cohort ahead of Day 1 of the program.

      • Does Antler support Visa applications?

        If you require a Visa, only Antler Amsterdam and Antler Singapore can facilitate your Visa. 

        When can I apply for a Visa? You can apply once we have assessed your skills and you have been formally welcomed to join the cohort. 

        Does Antler cover the costs of my Visa application? Yes, we do cover costs for your visa application.

        What will be my Visa status? We will help you apply for a startup Visa which is valid for 1 year. If you receive Antler’s investment and therefore still have a running business with Antler after the initial 1 year, you are eligible for an extension of your Visa.

      • Does Antler offer a grant to founders?

        Yes, we offer a grant under certain conditions. A founder can receive a stipend of maximum EUR 4.000.


        Grants are awarded to founders who have demonstrated the quality of their accomplishments and whose backgrounds, work experiences and personal profiles will bring an additional and unique mix to the Antler cohort (technical, domain expert, unique previous founding experience).

        To be eligible for a grant, founders need to move to Europe, (therefore incurring additional costs), and not have the personal financial runway to be able to afford this. 

        For the avoidance of doubt, while these are the main criteria, Antler retains full discretion to decide on a case-by-case basis which founders do and do not receive a grant. Under no circumstance is Antler obliged to issue a grant to any founder.

        The founder is responsible for any taxes and any other amounts payable in respect of your receipt of the grants.

        Important: You may apply for a grant no later than the day before the cohort kicks off.

      • How is the program structured?

        There are two phases:


        We strive to select and bring together a diverse group of exceptional people - from engineers to experienced business operators and serial entrepreneurs - so that you can find the right co-founder for you. The right founding team is what sets successful businesses apart from those that fail. 

        Besides finding a co-founder, assessing your opportunity is fundamental to getting started. Entrepreneurs need to find out quickly how to best address the needs of the market in the journey to product-market fit. During the program we encourage you to meet real, potential customers as soon as possible to validate your idea.

        We partner you up with dedicated coaches and experts to help you validate your idea and grow your startup. Your coach will also connect you to the most relevant global advisors in our network who can further help you and ensure to keep you focused on rapid testing and iteration as well as share their experiences.


        ​​We build strong relationships with our founders and stay involved as a partner for the long term. We guide you through the process of incorporation, founder agreements and more, so you can focus on building your business. During this period, founders get more done than what is possible on their own. Startups build a first version of their products and get early traction.

        We work with you to prepare your fundraising strategy and growth roadmap. We will then introduce you to our vast global network of investors. 

        We connect you to the global investor community through Demo Days and investor events, with distinguished investors attending from all over the world. We also organise road shows, where our startups pitch to angel investors, seed investors, and venture capitalists from all over the world.

        As an Antler startup, you will remain a member of our community, a truly global community of founders of early-stage startups, throughout your journey. This is a helpful community where you will meet other early-stage founders from around the world and where you can access our portfolio job boards, sign up to events, access our resource library, share learnings and get support from other founders, advisors and the Antler team along your growth journey.

      • What can I expect of Antler and what does Antler expect of me?

        We offer founders the opportunity to meet a co-founder, to get hands-on coaching, access to a network of industry experts and advisors, access to capital, a great co-working space and access to helpful tools and resources. 

        But the real work has to be done by you. 

        This means that we expect you to sit in the driver's seat, to come up with ideas, to show us the research you have done, the customers you have spoken with, the signed LOI’s you obtained. Your expectations may be high, but so are ours. We set ambitious goals and expect you to deliver. 

      Amsterdam portfolio companies

      • Acroya

        Acroya is a chef-to-consumer marketplace delivering incredible home dining experiences across the Netherlands.

      • Atium

        Building human connections in remote teams.

      • Arkive.

        An intelligent, social, and self-operating platform for unsold beauty items to make the unsellable sellable.

      • Clear

        Real time precision nutrition

      • Cooper Pet Care

        Cooper is a mobile-first pet healthcare platform with best-in-class pet insurance, 24/7 online vet support as well as nutritionist, and behaviorist consultations, for pet parents of today.

      • Sonomo

        Sonomo gives retail investors access to digital music streaming royalties previously available only to industry insiders or institutional funds.

      • enlight ed

        Your virtual tutor for STEM subjects

      • fusedbone

        Affordable and accessible patient-specific implants

      • Homespring

        Furniture-as-a-service for the Millennial generation

      • Hypherdata

        Dedicated infrastructure to incentivize (scientific) data sharing

      • LabelFuse

        Data structuring for AI, simplified

      • Pal

        On their way to transform palliative care, enabling millions of people to deliver better quality of care for a loved one with a life-limiting illness.

      • respiQ

        Smart breath testing. Make smarter choices to improve your health

      • simpelfix

        Onsite repair for smart devices

      • SpeechifAI

        The digital campaign suite for word-of-mouth marketing

      • Sprinque

        Sprinque is a B2B checkout platform for merchants & marketplaces which makes it possible for sellers to “Sell & Forget”, while business buyers decide how and when they would like to pay for a purchase.

      • Genie

        Genie is the first no-code platform for High Performance Computing that empowers data professionals to build high-performance data analytics applications so they can efficiently solve problems that are unsolvable with traditional software.

      • Supafin

        Fast capital for Enterprise SaaS startups.

      • A three-sided social shopping platform and marketplace to replicate the valuable in-store experiences people want – and need – when purchasing high-consideration items.

      • Trabotyx

        Making organic farming profitable through labour automation.

      • Vellum

        Maximising the value of building sites.

      • Zopnik

        Connecting local boutiques with pop-up shows at home in India.

      • Onramper

        Bridging the worlds of fiat and crypto by building the perfect fiat-to-crypto onramp.

      Amsterdam Founder Testimonials

      1 / 7

      I chose Antler because of its diverse team of partners, mentors and investors who go above and beyond to ensure you’re able to find the match needed to build a great company.

      Israel Omidosu

      Founder, 5th Cohort

      Amsterdam 2022

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