Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions people often ask us during the selection process.

The program
  • What is the six months program like?

    The program is divided in two phases. The first phase is dedicated to finding a co-founder, validating ideas and starting to build your business. The second phase, after Antler investment, is an acceleration track where you will use Antler funding to get enough traction to raise your seed round. Throughout the program we offer office space, a personal mentor from our team as well as presentations with external speakers and connection to our​ global network.

  • What does a day in the program look like?

    During the first phase, your week will be relatively structured with masterclasses, advisor meetings and hackathons. After you find your co-founder, most of your day will be spent ideating around industry problem statements and business models.

    In the second phase, you will build and grow your business full-time.

  • What type of support can I expect from Antler?

    You will have access to masterclasses and resources on how to build and grow your start-up, a grant to cover costs during the first two months as well as pre-seed funding if you gain enough traction. But the most valuable support will be our network of advisors, venture partners and industry experts as well as the Antler team and the community of founders.

  • Do participants receive compensation?

    Yes, during the first two months you get an individual grant to help cover your cost. If your team secures funding during the second part of our program, you get an investment into your company. It's up to the founders how you wish to allocate this.

  • What is the typical background of other founders in the cohort?

    We welcome the best aspiring entrepreneurs from very diverse professional and geographical backgrounds. Our founders are tech, business and research professionals who can sell or build a product: software engineering, business development and strategy, but also e.g., data scientists, PhDs in different fields.

  • How does Antler facilitate the search for co-founders in Phase 1?

    In the first phase of the program, you will have the opportunity to meet over 100 extremely talented individuals from both tech and business backgrounds, all passionate about building a successful start-up. You will have the opportunity to ideate and test your skill sets and working styles through the program, in hackathons for example.

    Although we emphasise complementarity in skillsets and guide you in your search for the perfect co-founder, Antler won’t impose co-founding teams.

  • Do I have to team up with co-founder(s) during the program?

    Yes, every company we fund needs to be at least two co-founders. In the case where you don't find the perfect partner in the cohort, we encourage our founders to find a co-founder outside of Antler.

  • Does Antler provide business ideas?

    Our industry partners may provide problem statements they would like to solve, and the Antler team and mentors will help find the right area and business model to work in, but we don’t believe in providing ready-made ideas for you to work on. Ultimately this will be up to you and your co-founder!

  • What if I don't find a co-founder in Phase 1 or receive funding?

    Anyone joining the program becomes part of the Antler community. We keep relationships and support Antler alumni in any way we can via our network, whether you’d like to continue your entrepreneurial journey or jump back into the corporate world.

  • What happens in Phase 2?

    Phase 2 is an acceleration program. You will be using Antler’s funding to execute on your idea, onboard customers and get enough traction to raise a seed round with external investors in July, all with the help of the Antler team and advisors.

  • How is Antler different from other accelerators?

    Antler’s focus on selecting and pairing co-founders, rather than a specific industry or start-up idea makes us unique.

    At Antler we identify great people and help them succeed in founding and scaling great companies. We call ourselves a startup generator. We help entrepreneurs from day zero – before the company is founded. Accelerator programs support companies that are already established. Participants in our program have the opportunity to join accelerator programs after Antler.

  • Which industry or sector does Antler focus on?

    We are vertical agnostic and look to invest in fast-growing companies with a strong regional or global potential. We welcome a wide range of companies across industries. Most companies have a tech component - e.g. utilizing machine learning, blockchain or IoT technology - in industries such as healthcare, fintech, property tech and more.

  • What is Antler's culture?

    In both our internal team and our founders, we value self-starters with a passion and people who are driven by the ambition to have a big impact. Read about our story and core values.

The selection process
  • What do you look for in founders?

    We accept applications from all geographies and backgrounds. There are no minimum requirements other than age (minimum of 18 years of age). We look for people with:

    Inner drive

    You're a self-starter and can motivate yourself and others to join your mission. You set high goals and have proven to achieve them.


    That strong attribute which enables your skills and experiences to stand out from the crowd. You have deep knowledge in an area where you can form a foundation of your company's competitive advantage.


    Your source of energy never runs low. You always find a window when the door closes. You have the willingness and ability to keep going when you're faced with obstacles.

  • Do I need an idea to join the program?

    No, you don't. Some founders have a clear idea of what they want to build in our program, however, most join us with areas of interest and expertise. The first part of the program is spent developing ideas and connecting with the right co-founders.

  • If I have an idea and a team, am I still able to join the program?

    Yes - you can still join us even if you already have a team. You should apply individually and mention your team in the application. However, we encourage all founders to keep an open mind during the program and consider the opportunity to work with other innovators on other great ideas.

  • What is the selection process?

    Screening call​: Some candidates will be invited to a quick screening call to get to know you better. During this stage, we will learn more about your passions, ambitions and overall drive and values.

    Problem solving test: ​After submitting your application, you will be invited to do a quick 30 minutes test. The test gives us an overview of your quantitative and logical reasoning as well as problem-solving skills.

    Final interviews:​ Once you’ve made it to this stage, you will meet with the Antler team in person and some existing founders before being given a take-home case study to solve. During the two 45 minutes interviews, the team will assess you on the dimensions mentioned above, drive, problem-solving skills and spike. To prepare for this step, it's helpful to think through the previous roles and experiences that helped shape your career so far. In particular, we're interested in learning more about specific examples where you were faced with difficult challenges and how you resolved them.

    Offer:​ Your journey begins – welcome to the Antler family! We will get in touch with you on the next steps needed to confirm your offer.

  • Can I apply to multiple regions at the same time?

    Yes – you can apply to any region and you can apply to multiple regions using the same application form.

  • What does Antler's investment terms look like?

    If your team secures funding for the second part of the program, you get an investment into your company from Antler. The exact amount varies depending on location, it's roughly about US$ 100,000 for a small equity stake in your company. A part of the investment is then paid to Antler as a program fee. The fee covers some of Antler's costs associated with office space and resources provided by Antler throughout the program. This includes access to our global network of entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts, as well as coaching by the Antler team, venture partners and advisors. We also provide partner benefits to our portfolio companies (e.g. discounts and credits for services offered by companies such as Google, Amazon, Paypal, etc.).

  • We don't need funding, can we still get your advice?

    If we have the time, we're happy to meet you for a coffee and share our advice. But you can't be part of our cohort if we can't invest in your business.

  • Can I negotiate the equity during Phase 1?

    No, when you decide to join Antler, you also agree to our investment terms. We have the same terms for all companies in the same program.

  • How much can I expect to raise after demo day?

    After demo day you will be raising a seed round with external investors and as such, there is no standard. Round size will depend on the potential investors see in your start-up. Typically we see seed rounds sized between US$700,000 to US$1 million.

  • We have already raised funds, can we still apply?

    Yes, you can still apply. Most companies are founded during the program, but great founders with an existing business in the early stages can still apply to join Antler.

  • Why does Antler take equity in the companies?

    We invest into your company, and for that investment amount we get a small share of ownership. Co-founders retain the majority of their company.