Startup Series: Sleuth - Helping you navigate childhood health

Sehreen NoorAli, an accomplished former education technology executive and  diplomat, joined Antler in September 2019 determined to improve medical care  navigability for parents raising young children with health conditions.  Sehreen was intimately familiar with the industry's shortcomings and its  lack of technological infrastructure. "As a parent, you're in the  driver's seat of your child's health," Sehreen explains. "There's a  moment you realize that you only see a pediatrician every so often.  Ultimately, a parent is in charge of a child's healthcare journey. This was  a pain point I felt acutely as my daughter was diagnosed with a condition that  required considerable therapies."




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After a decade working as a data scientist, Alexander (Alex) Leeds entered  Antler driven to increase childhood opportunity access. Alex, immediately  compelled by Sehreen's story and passion, also recognized the tremendous  opportunity inherent in the market's inefficiency. According to the CDC,  around 25% of American children struggle with chronic conditions or behavioral  problems. Early detection and intervention can improve outcomes, but only a  fraction of children receive treatment. This misalignment largely is due to a  lack of information access, care, and specialization. "The people with the  best access are waiting nine months to see a developmental pediatrician.  Others without that premier access are simply told good luck," says Alex. As  a result, families rely on peer-to-peer support and information sharing.

With Antler's support, Sehreen and Alex built Sleuth by applying the rigor  of data science methodology to this information exchange to enhance  credibility. They carefully interviewed parents, collecting detailed  testimonials about their children's healthcare journeys. On Sleuth, users can  simply search stories for symptoms and diagnoses or share their child's own  experience. Sleuth uses smart technology to assist parents of children aged 0  to 5 reach a diagnosis and, with practical and precise advice, helps them  manage various conditions. By elevating the expertise of parents through  crowdsourcing, analyzing, and sharing experiences, infants and toddlers  receive better, faster care. Named for the persistent parents hunting for  better information, Sleuth maps out the journey of potential outcomes  associated with a diagnosis.

Antler's investment and support gave Sehreen and Alex the tools they needed  to build Sleuth. "We knew where we were going. Antler supports you in any  way you need to make your best case for investment, but gave us the  independence to run," Alex describes.

Sehreen adds, "From the beginning, I was clear with Antler: I'm a mom of  two kids, my husband also has a demanding job, and - at that point - my  daughter was getting seventeen therapies a week. I've been in the tech  ecosystem long enough that I knew my next step needed to be on my own terms.  And I knew I'd be fine either way, however Antler responded. But Antler took  me on my terms, and that was really big for me."

Click here to learn more about Sleuth and check out our other Antler US  portfolio companies here.

Sehreen NoorAli and Alexander (Alex) Leeds - Sleuth Co-founders

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