Podcasts That Every Entrepreneur Should Listen to in 2022

In the past years, podcast listening has become more popular than ever, but with so many out there it can be difficult to know what will be the best podcast for you as an entrepreneur and startup founder.

We have created a list of over 30 podcasts to inspire your listening habits curated by our network - from founders building their business with Antler to our team and advisors. No matter whether you are a first time founder or have done it all before, this list is guaranteed to offer something new.

Looking for even more practical resources for founders? Recently, we also shared our book recommendations for entrepreneurs selected by the Antler founders, advisors, and our team. Check them out!


Katie Thorpe

How I Built This by Guy Raz

Recommendation from Chad Richts, Co-founder & CPO of cysense

“Guy Raz is absolutely brilliant at connecting with the people he interviews. I think this is why he is so good at getting insights into the good, the bad and the ugly of some of the biggest companies in tech. For me this podcast is so great because it is reassuring to hear that many successful companies experienced similar hurdles to what we are experiencing today.”

The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett

Recommendation from Anna Ratala, Co-founder & CEO of Zvook

“Unfiltered conversations with the youngest ever investor of the UK's Dragon's Den. Top notch guests, honest reflections, inspiration & actionable advice.”

Twenty minute VC by Harry Stebbings

Recommendation from Joann Jeong, Co-Founder of Jetty

“20-30min intimate snippets on how they scaled, how they achieved funding, how to position yourself etc.”

Female Founder World by Jasmine Garnsworthy

Recommendation from Gina Farran, Co-founder & CEO of Glaize

“Great for inspiration if you come from a non-traditional background and are looking for inspiration from founders that have also had to google their way to success.”

Angel Podcast by Jason Calacanis

Recommendation from Jay Lakhani, Co-founder & CEO of Metalynx

“Jason brings on a great list of investors as guests, with interesting perspectives the podcast is educational in learning about VC’s, and candid.”

Equity by Alex Wilhelm

Recommendation from John Kinsella, Co-founder & CTO of cysense

“Great short podcast that covers our startup world with a great balance of humour and education.”

The Artful Trader by Michael McCarthy & Michael Hewson

Recommendation from Vandana Chaudhry, CEO of Andisor

“Unpack confidence and unlock the secrets behind resilience and growth - and how it can make you a better operator.”

The Indicator from Planet Money by NPR

Recommendation from Daniel Graaf, Co-founder of Expertly

“Really great podcast covering important topics in economics in just 10 minutes.”

Saastr Podcast by Saastr

Recommendation from Nicholas Hoddevik, Co-founder & CEO of Tinga Trade

“Stories, strategies, tactics and advice from some of the best operators in the SaaS industry.”

99% Invisible by Roman Mars

Recommendation from Dan Baird, Founder & CEO of Wandora

“This podcast hooked me from my first listen many years ago. Great insights and stories about the impact design (in the broadest possible meaning of the word) has throughout our everyday lives; from society and human behaviour to architecture and business, there's always something interesting to take away.”

Pivot by Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway

Recommendation from Guy Stern, Co-founder & CEO of Legal Connection

“A must-listen daily podcast on all things tech, politics and business.  Both hosts also have their own amazing podcasts.”

That Will Never Work by Marc Randolph

Recommendation from Odeta Iseviciute, Co-founder & COO of Vulkaza

“Marc Randolph knows what it is to start a business and he goes to the point when evaluating business ideas and strategies.”

The NFX Podcast by NFX

Recommendation from Janis Kreilis, Co-founder & CEO of Hyperjob

“A fantastic podcast that provides new ideas and tips on business development strategies by successful founders.”

YC Podcast by Craig Cannon

Recommendation from Jose "Pepe" Tavares, Co-Founder of Zupply

“Podcast about tips of getting funding shared by a seed-funding firm, Y Combinator.”

Block Crunch by Jason Choi

Recommendation from Oscar Mörke, Founder of Contrib.

“The go-to podcast trusted by fund managers, founders and operators in crypto and Web 3.”

Business Wars by Wondery

Recommendation from Joachim Kølpin Fredholm, CEO & Founder of Kitchenswaps

“A podcast about the unauthorised, real story of what drives the companies and their leaders, inventors, investors and executives to new heights.”

Ted Radio Hour by NPR

Recommendation from Stephanie Darvill, Co-founder & COO of Aline

“This podcast gives me a fresh perspective on life and work, as well as sparking my creativity to think of more innovative solutions.”

Product Ops Podcast by Gerisha Nadaraju

Recommendation from Josephine Conneely, Founder at Antler

“Product podcasts from what I’ve found so far are almost exclusively hosted by men so I love that Gerisha is spearheading a female voice in this space. The second season has just launched and has some awesome guests lined up!”

Huberman Lab by Dr. Andrew Huberman

Recommendation from Lakeisha Allen, Founder at Antler

“Cutting edge neuroscience in a digestible format with protocols on how to optimise human health and performance (and be a better all-around Founder)!  Topics include how to hack dopamine to increase drive, focus, and set goals, control hormones to decrease stress, master emotions, etc.”

The All-In Podcast by Jason Calacanis, Chamath Palihaitiya, David Sacks, David Friedberg

Recommendation from Vegard Medbo, Partner, CCO at Antler

“Great podcast with four very different personalities discussing themes in tech and society. Able to cut through the noise and give different perspectives than the media and other opinion leaders.”

How to Fail by Elizabeth Day

Recommendation from Katie Thorpe, Global Marketing and Social Media Intern at Antler

“Every week Day brings on a new interviewee to talk about the way their failures in life have shaped their future successes. An uplifting and motivating podcast that looks at failures from a new perspective.”

Bankless by Ryan Sea Adams

Recommendation from Atlan Tutar, Global Operations Analyst at Antler

“Although being Ethereum centric, Bankless does an amazing job bringing guests from all verticals of crypto. One of the podcast episodes I have listened to is The Emerging Metaverse with Galaxy Digital.”

Invest like the Best by Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Recommendation from Teddy Himler, Global Fund Partner at Antler

“Strategies, theses and events of investing.”

Women Taking the Lead with Jodi Flynn

Recommendation from Inemarieke Raettig, Marketing Associate at Antler Amsterdam

“Jodi is a great host who focuses her efforts on helping women gain the right skills to be able to grow in their career, into senior leadership roles.”

Lifespan by Dr. David Sinclair

Recommendation from Fridtjof Berge, COO at Antler

“Research-backed explanations of the science behind why we age and interventions for slowing and even reversing ageing. Relevant for anyone currently ageing!”

Startup Therapy by Wil Schroter & Ryan Rutan

Recommendation from Madeline Toh, SEA Comms & PR Manager at Antler

“A podcast by founders for founders. They are radically transparent about the struggles, challenges and other hard conversations that are rarely discussed in public or in the media.”

Under the Skin by Russell Brand

Recommendation from Laura Whiddon, Global Community Analyst at Antler

“Brand's weekly podcast is a must listen! The breadth of topics covered, and the subsequent range of guests is unrivalled in addressing mainstream issues in non mainstream ways!”

Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffmann

Recommendation from Rashko Angelinov, Visiting Investment Associate at Antler

“Hosted by the co-founder of LinkedIn, Hoffman talks about technical details of how successful companies scale, but also on the human/management side.”

Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

Recommendation from Karolina Szweda, Growth Marketing Manager at Antler

“Conversations with change-catalysts, culture-shifters, and more than a few troublemakers who are innovating, creating, and daring to lead.”

Women In Tech by Espree Devora

Recommendation from Emelie Johanna Holgersson, Associate Director of Marketing at Antler

“Inspiring women to get into the tech industry by sharing what they work on in the tech world, showcasing the diversity of the field and available opportunities.”

Planet Money by NPR

Recommendation from Gentian Kuqica, Investment Associate at Antler

“Amazing podcast that talks about tales of economics in the last century. It does an excellent job of explaining economics through anecdotes.”

Bloomberg Studio 1.0 by Emily Chang

Recommendation from Ollie Forsyth, Global Community Manager at Antler

“Candid and in-depth conversations with some of the tech industry's biggest decision makers.”

Do It Scared With Ruth Soukup

Recommendation from Rike Döpp Bergérus, Marketing Manager at Antler

“Advice on how to see real changes in your life by facing the things you fear most.”

The Knowledge Project by Shane Parrish

Recommendation from Neha Reddy, Marketing Analyst at Antler India

“It's a fantastic window into how world-class thinkers approach problems and decision making.”

The High Performance Podcast by Jake Humphrey & Prof. Damian Hughes

Recommendation from Tabitha Luxmoore-Styles, Head Of Partnerships at Antler UK

“This podcast has many life lessons to be taken away. One of my favourite episodes is with Jo Malone - you can hear through her stories how her grit and determination fueled the growth, even though she never visualised it as a global multi-million pound turnover business.”

Looking for more podcast recommendations?

Check out our portfolio companies: Aline, a learning platform and knowledge network that analyzes and recommends content for you and Zvook, a smart platform that matches brands to podcasts, and allows you to discover hundreds of podcasts.

If you are still after more, read our podcast recommendations from 2021 here.

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