Meet Antler’s seventh residency in Amsterdam

Antler’s seventh Amsterdam residency has officially kicked off! 63 founders have embarked on their journey to build and scale a new company.


November 2, 2022
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63 founders have embarked on their journey with Antler to build and scale a new company or further validate and accelerate their existing startup together with other founders and the Antler team. After receiving over 2,000 applications and conducting over 400 interviews the founders are finally here.

Business builders

🚀 59% have previously founded a company 
📈 10% have received VC funding

Education and commercial experience

💼 10.6 years average work experience
👩🎓 6% PhD and domain experts

Diversity of skills and backgrounds

🌍 26 different nationalities represented
💻 42% tech and product builders

👉 The founders hold a wide range of cross-industry experience from companies like Felyx, Uber, Polaroid, Unilever, Dott, Zapp, and more.

What are the founders doing now?

Each week building a business with Antler, the founders focus on different steps of company building to help them secure Antler’s investment. These cover startup strategy, product building, legal matters, VC funding, and pitching. In the first two weeks, the focus is on meeting one another to understand the skills and backgrounds of fellow founders.

This cohort also consists of several early-stage teams. During their time with Antler, they are seeking to build within our community, fine-tune their business model and perhaps attract an additional co-founder.

During the nine weeks, these 63 founders will form or grow their teams, validate ideas, then pitch to Antler for pre-seed investment. Following Antler’s funding, the successful founders will then work towards building their MVP or further advancing development, making first hires and attracting first customers or growing their existing customer base. When ready, we will plug them into our global infrastructure for continued fundraising and international scaling.

To date, Antler Netherlands has invested in 600+ companies covering SaaS, HR Tech, Deep Tech, Impact, and beyond.

You can check out our local and global portfolio here.



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