Antler London's inaugural Demo Day | The 13 startups looking for disruption

In June 2019, 71 exceptional individuals, representing 32 different nationalities, were carefully selected to join our first program in London. After just 2 months we invested £1.56 million in 13 different companies that were generated in that program, 30% of which have a female co-founder. At our first London Demo Day, these companies pitched in front of a full house of 400 investors at the iconic Royal Institution in Mayfair.

During the day, we also had the pleasure to invite Reshma Sohoni, founder and managing director at SeedCamp, for a fireside chat together with our CEO and founder Magnus Grimeland. Moderated by Amy Lewin from Sifted, they shared their insights on the European startup and venture capital scene, how it has evolved in the last few years and what’s to come. Get a first glimpse at the 13 companies below:

The London portfolio companies are: 


AViD is a marketplace for audio courses. Nearly 75% of people identify themselves as lifelong learners but struggle to allocate time to learning. Meanwhile, they are spending 7 hours a week listening to podcasts and half of which are already considered educational. AViD helps people find audio courses that work around their schedule. 

Charlotte Zhao, CEO

Alfonso Fernandez, CTO 



Blueheart is inventing digital sex therapy that identifies the user’s sex-related issue, develops a personalized treatment plan and walks them step-by-step through therapy all without any human involvement. Blueheart’s mission is to make sex therapy affordable, accessible and embarrassment-free for anyone struggling with sexual dysfunction.

Sachin Raoul, CEO

Robbie Coomber, CTO 



CloudCycle has developed an on-truck device and sensor array which feeds their cloud platform to ensure concrete meets specification & prevents waste. Even when surplus does still occur, their marketplace for the local on-sale of surplus concrete will find a buyer. They aim to save the industry billions whilst reducing global CO2 by 1%.

Phillip White, CEO

Russell Elfenbein, CTO



Natural products and lifestyle guidance from the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda. An integrative approach to whole-body health, their online platform gives lifestyle tips to compliment their products. Their first line is capsules for focus, energy and sleep; taking wisdom tried and tested over millennia to help you re-find balance in a modern off-kilter world.

Sara Herandi, CEO

Piers Lakin, COO



90% of the average household cleaning product is water and single-use plastic. It makes no sense. They have condensed the active ingredients into an effervescent tablet allowing the consumer to refill again and again using tap water at home. They are designing out waste from consumer goods, by creating products and a brand that people love. 

Tim Keaveney, CEO

Matthew Aubrey, COO



Klutch helps businesses improve client retention and drive revenues by analysing email, calendar and engagement data to provide real-time communication insights and intelligence. 

Jonathan Riftin, CEO

Karim Gargum, CPO

Martin Tomov, CTO


Legal Connection 

Law is changing. Email communication and old-fashioned relationship management tools are frustrating for clients and confusing for lawyers working in a changing legal landscape. Legal Connection is a platform to connect all legal professionals, allowing them to form virtual law firms, refer, collaborate and give their clients the best possible experience. 

Guy Stern, CEO

Stephan Yue, CTO



Neighbourhood operates a network of beautiful co-living homes for young professionals, providing on-demand living complete with convenience, flexibility and an embedded community. Neighbourhood is using technology, data, and a human touch to build a new light-living experience for residents and landlords so that anyone can feel at home, anywhere in the world. 

Chris Monkman, CEO

James Waterhouse, CTO



No easy way exists for industries to tap into the wealth of talent from academia. Job seekers moving from academia to industry find it challenging to market their deep skills in industry language. s2i employs deep tech to enable companies to cut through the esoteric language of scientific research to find relevant talent in academia.  

Beatrice Zatorska, CEO

Kris Jack, CTO



Traktion’s data-driven vetting processes dives deep into marketer’s ad accounts to analyse their past performance data, and uses these learnings to match businesses with their best suited marketers. Traktion also provides a suite of communication and reporting tools that allow businesses greater insights into their marketing campaigns.

Saher Shodhan, CEO

Jaron Soh, CPO



Unlock facilitates simple and smart talent engagement. The software platform consolidates candidate data from multiple sources and suggests effective ways to proactively nurture relationships with prospective applicants. Unlock provides the right analytics to improve conversions, reducing time and cost-to-hire.

Maria Wlosinska, CEO

Darshak Bhatt, CTO

Eli Rezinsky, COO



Business-to-business healthcare companies find it challenging to get new leads and commercial opportunities as the process is manual, time-consuming and expensive. Vamstar’s platform leverages big data, deep learning and data science to help suppliers discover public contracting opportunities, match their products to buyers and predict their likelihood to win.  

Praful Mehta, CEO

Dr. Richard Freeman, CTO Architecture & Data Science

Vishesh Duggar, CTO Software



More and more people are actively seeking a sustainable lifestyle; environmental impact has become an important purchase criteria. YAYZY uses open banking to provide the carbon footprint of each purchase. With actionable means to reduce or offset it by helping discover eco-friendly alternatives or carbon offsets. Soon YAYZY will help businesses become carbon neutral.

Mankaran Ahluwalia, CEO

Pedro Cabrero, CFO

Cristian Dan, CTO


"Almost every industry out there is ready for disruption."

Magnus Grimeland, Founder & CEO of Antler, at Antler London's Demo Day.

We couldn’t be more proud of our founders, especially when knowing that 7 months ago, none of these companies existed and most of the founders didn’t know each other. It has been an absolute privilege to work with these incredible entrepreneurs from day one.

As the companies go on to raise their next round of funding, they will continue to scale and we know that they will have a huge impact on their industries. They will change the way we hire, how we do business, our consumption patterns, how we preserve our environment, and more. We simply cannot wait to see where they take these businesses next.

A big thanks to everyone who made this Demo Day possible, if you are interested in learning more about these companies or meeting them, get in touch with us via

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