Meet the new generation of European tech founders

Dive into our report and get to know the new generation of European tech founders based on an analysis of 70,000 people across the region.

Jack Davies

June 14, 2023
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After a decade of record-breaking investment and growth, the tech downturn has transformed the European tech landscape. Previously, tech unicorns were celebrated as symbols of the region’s increasing maturity as a global tech ecosystem. 

Twelve months later, these same companies have been making headlines with layoffs, down-rounds, and stagnation. But amidst the chaos, the disruption has presented opportunities for those willing to pursue them. 

Our European team analyzed a dataset of more than 70,000 people—including Europe’s unicorn founders, founders we work with from day zero, and aspiring founders we interview for our residencies—to paint a picture of the region’s founder demographics in real time. Across Europe, record numbers of new founders are entering the market who look very different to the unicorn founders who came before them. They are more diverse, more international, and come from a very different professional background. They are also determined to combine commercial success with a positive impact on society and the world, building technologies in sectors like climatetech, healthtech, and energy.

As unicorns and later-stage companies are battered by the economic climate, the overall health of the European ecosystem looks stronger than ever, with more founders coming from big tech and unicorns to build new startups with significant growth potential.

Dive into our report and get to know the new generation of European tech founders.

Watch highlights from our 2023 European founders conference in London, bringing together 50 of the most exciting portfolio companies from across the continent.

To build an impactful company in Europe—or anywhere in the world—apply to one of our residencies in 20+ locations.

Jack Davies

Jack is a communications director working with Antler’s European locations, partners, and portfolio companies. He was previously GM at one of the UK's leading PR agencies, where he worked with VC firms, tech founders, and industry bodies. He studied at Oxford University and enjoys traveling, reading, and chasing after his whippet puppy.

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