SaaS, FinTech, HealthTech, EduTech & more -- Introducing, Antler's latest investments out of Sydney

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Last week, Antler held a virtual Demo Day in Sydney, live streamed to almost 1,600 people around the world, off the back of more than 2,000 registrations.

The turnout, amid Zoom fatigue and COVID restrictions, was a great indicator, showing that the global investment community sees the value and impact of what Antler is doing, and the strength of its portfolio companies.

The Australian arm of the global firm now has almost 40 companies in its local portfolio alone, and more than 250 globally.

The event took place in Pinstripe Media’s ausbiz studio in Sydney’s Barangaroo precinct, and through Antler’s purpose built event page, the audience was able to ask questions to the founders live, and express their interest to engage further with each team following the event.

via Antler's Demo Day website

From 1,400 applications, 99 founders were selected to join Antler in Sydney in June. These exceptional individuals then formed 26 teams, of which Antler invested in 13 of them spanning SaaS to FinTech, HealthTech, Future of Work, EduTech, and more.

On the night, the VC revealed these 13 companies.

It comes after a huge 14 months for Antler Sydney, having raised it first $46 million fund, investing in approximately 40 companies, and 80% of the portfolio having raised angel or VC funding within 6 months of Antler’s investment.

Here are the companies who pitched (in order of appearance):

Jess Baird Walsh, co-founder of Remote Social

Remote Social

Remote Social is the ultimate destination for remote and hybrid teams to come together online to build connection and culture through play and shared experiences. 

Watch the pitch here.

Joy Zhang, co-founder of CoderOne


Remote Social is the ultimate destination for remote and hybrid teams to come together online to build connection and culture through play and shared experiences.

Watch the pitch here.

Guillaume Ang, co-founder of Upflowy


Upflowy empowers growth leaders to build, optimise and AB test their lead and signup flows without the engineering burden.

Watch the pitch here.

Margot Balch, co-founder of The One Two

The One Two

68% of women are uncomfortable in their bras. The One Two are solving this problem with a hyper-personalised shopping experience, superior online fit technology and better bras. 

Watch the pitch here.

Johann Grunberger, co-founder of The One Two


A social layer (e.g. widget) for e-commerce stores that lets you shop with your friends, get feedback and a tiered discount depending on the size of the group.

Watch the pitch here.

Carolina Dreifuss, co-founder of Sync Technologies

Sync Technologies

Construction is complex & fragmented. Sync Technologies enables construction businesses to turn data from existing & emerging technologies into action

Watch the pitch here.

Amit Choudhary, co-founder of GradVantage


GradVantage is a SaaS solution to create and run virtual grad on-boarding and up-skilling programs.

Watch the pitch here.

Flow of Work Co

Flow of Work Co is a talent opportunity and insights platform that makes it easy to match the aspirations of employees to projects and other development opportunities, helping organisations grow and retain critical talent and reduce cost.

Watch the pitch here.

Andy Laws, co-founder of eQALY


An integrated tech platform built to empower elderly people to live the highest quality of life possible in their own homes.

Watch the pitch here.

James Fyfe, co-founder of Portant


Portant is an automated reporting platform that empowers you to create stunning, reoccurring documents and reports with less effort.

Watch the pitch here.

Gensen Glier, co-founder of Tactiq


Capture remote meeting insights with ease, access these insights in your meeting knowledge base & share key items throughout your organization.

Watch the pitch here.

Matt Collis, co-founder of StackGo


A simpler and faster way for B2B software vendors to sell through SaaS marketplaces.

Watch the pitch here.

Shori Hijikata, co-founder of Feather.


Feather is an online platform that empowers creators and instructors to easily manage and monetize their virtual events, on-demand classes, and other digital content.

Watch the pitch here.

You can watch the full Demo Day live stream here, including the Q&A each team participated in on the night.

This article was written by Sarah Kimmorley, Director of Communications at Antler in Sydney.

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