Antler reveals 15 new companies from its latest Singapore cohort and COVID-19 initiative

Antler held its fourth Singapore Demo Day and the first virtual one to an audience of investors, VCs and entrepreneurs from the global startup ecosystem. We had over 2800 people tune in to the live stream from our Demo Day landing page and YouTube. You can still get in touch with the new startups and rewatch their pitches through our post-demo day page.


Out of 2,500 applications, the latest Singapore cohort initially brought together 91 exceptional individuals from 28 nationalities. The founders in Antler Singapore’s fourth cohort came with an average of 9 years of working experience and complementary skills of business, tech, product, domain expertise and marketing in order to make up ideal teams. 


Some interesting statistics about them:

●      61% of them had previous entrepreneurship experience

●      38% of the funded companies have at least one female co-founder

●      Please take a look at the details of the newest portfolio companies in the attached document

Here is the list of companies:


Approvd empowers businesses to check, assess and onboard external vendors quicker and cost-effectively, for data protection, cybersecurity and responsible AI use. It is a software tool built on a scalable B2B platform. It empowers businesses by enabling them to identify risks, and monitors thousands of external technology vendors through a seamless process online. 

Photo (L-R): James Teo (CEO), Adam Hobson (COO)


Chloropy automates the collection and management of crop health data from farms using drones for agrochemical companies. Their proprietary deep-learning algorithms make the process up to 100x faster, less expensive, and more robust than current practices. Using Chloropy's SaaS platform, agriculture companies can accelerate their product development by cutting down up to 20% time to reach the market.

Photo (L-R): Gajendra Babu (CEO), Apoorv Vaish (CTO)


Empala works with companies to enable their employees to drawdown the salary they have earned on demand. To do this, employees install Empala’s app, where they can request a salary drawdown to be wired to their bank account on the same day. Empala charges a convenience fee for each salary drawdown.

Photo (L-R): Eugene Bochkov (CEO), Mark Larsen (CTO)


Moneko is developing an AI-powered personal finance mobile application.  The application combines behavioral science and game design to help millennials in Asia get better at saving and managing their money. Our vision is to build a fintech superapp, starting first with savings.

Photo (L-R): Calvin Tang (CEO), Derek Wong (CMO)


Pawjourr is the Yelp for pets, helping pet owners discover new products, read reviews from other pet owners and directly book pet-related services. By connecting the fragmented pet market directly to pet owners, Pawjourr’s mission is to simplify the user journey of owning a pet across the world. Pawjourr is the sister company of The Woof Agency, the largest pet influencer platform in Southeast Asia. 

Photo (L-R): Navaneeth Sreekanth (CTO), Jane Peh (CMO) and Tay Sijun (CEO)


Pretepop is an all-in-one platform for anyone looking to organize and run retail events online. We make it easy for brands to put together exciting online retail events. Organizers can simply plug and play our events templates -- launching events as quick as 1 day. The community of brands and shoppers can make meaningful connections, entirely online. 

Photo (L-R): Danni Yu (CEO), Eric Lu (CTO) and Ana Ng (CPO)


Skibre is a social and mobile-based esports platform. Skibre hosts skill-based mobile game tournaments for casual games across genres like puzzles, action, and strategy. Skibre helps amateur mobile gamers compete professionally on its mobile app, earn prizes and become pros. When people think of a gamer, they imagine the stereotypical hardcore gamer playing PC games for hours. However, most gamers (more than 1bn) are casual gamers who play games six hours a week on their mobiles and do not call themselves gamers. Casual gamers have no platform where they can compete and be considered as athletes--enter SKIBRE.

Photo (L-R): Sidarttha Bezbora (CPO), Saurav Dwivedi (CTO) and Michael Oyson (CEO)


VikRee is an enterprise SaaS platform to help companies break organisational boundaries and engage with partners to build a powerful ecosystem. We enable secure multi-party interactions with attribution, governance and validation which helps to plan together, sell together and execute as one, with your partners.

Photo (L-R): Srihari Govindarajan (CEO) and Madhu Tummala (CPO)


Volopay modernizes the way companies manage spending by fusing financial management software with a smart corporate card. You can manage payments and subscriptions, build strategic budgets, and eliminate expense reports. By integrating real-time tracking for every business transaction, Volopay supports organizations with instant insight into their spend and the tools to curb losses before they happen.

Photo (L-R): Rajesh Raikwar (CTO) and Rajith Shaji (CEO)


Workclass is a social hiring platform focused on the accelerated hiring process in the blue-collar labour market. We help to match employers with relevant workers within 24 hours by leveraging an innovative model which has already disrupted the hiring market in Europe. 

Photo (L-R): Nikita Okulov (CEO) and Stephan Bruggemann (CTO)


YourRent is a fintech startup on a mission to improve flexibility, efficiency and fairness within the real estate rental ecosystem. We believe that by working closely with the real estate ecosystem, we'll create innovative solutions that transform the industry, benefiting everyone. A fairer rental ecosystem where tenants unlock working capital to reinvest in their business. We enable landlords to minimise tenancy gaps while enjoying better protection and agents to serve their clients better with our platform while finding the right tenants to lease their properties faster.

Photo (L-R): Joshua Sim Ming Wei (CTO) and Daryl Lim (CEO)


Zealth-AI is India’s 1st personalised digital health intervention platform to empower patients, their caregivers and the clinicians they trust. It provides patient reported outcomes monitoring and intelligent symptoms tracking. Using Zealth in routine use at hospitals not only leads to early interventions, but also higher patient satisfaction and reduced phone call burden.

Photo (L-R): Dheeraj Mundhra (CTO) and Monika Mehta (CEO)


When it comes to online shopping in India, women face a number of specific problems. Products appear different to how they are presented online and many clothes don’t fit properly, which leads to a lack of trust in online retail. Local boutiques also suffer from competition and difficulties expanding. Zopnik offers a solution to both pain points by connecting women with brands and boutiques to host pop-up shows for her social circle in the comfort of their homes. 

Photo (L-R): Kritidipta Lahkar (CEO) and Sukhmani Bedi (CGO)

Biogenes Technologies (COVID-19 INITIATIVE)

The company develops, produces and markets aptamer-based (synthetic antibody) diagnostics products via their proprietary technology platform. They are actively collaborating with universities, research institutions and industry stakeholders to close the gaps from technology incubation to commercialisation.

Photo (L-R): Adrian Joseph (Co-founder), Tang K.M. (Co-founder & CEO) and Cheng K.S. (Co-founder)

Path BioAnalytics (COVID-19 INITIATIVE)

Proprietary technology to quickly produce respiratory cell cultures, known as organoids, that are biologically-relevant and ideally suited to this task. The company is negotiating with corporations seeking access to their technology to screen treatments and vaccines currently under development, including many Covid19 use cases.

Photo: John Mellnik (CEO)

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