Startup Series: Meet Fusedbone, 3D printed implants designed for you

As the medical field keeps evolving with new emerging technologies, the future of medical care is prepared for constant and rapid change with advancements poised to make the industry even more human-focused than it is currently. Better trained physicians, improved accuracy in disease targeting coupled with improving medical standards globally have rendered most diseases no longer life-threatening. 

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However, when it comes to joint reconstruction, the expensive medical devices available in the market are not performing as they are expected to do, causing pain for the patients and financial load for the care providers.

Enter Fusedbone

Fusedbone is an Antler Amsterdam-generated startup that enables hospitals and clinics to produce patient-specific prosthesis implants on-site at the hospital of surgery. 

In comparison with the traditional “out-sourced” implant manufacturing, Fusedbone still follows modern standards, but instead gives hospitals and patients more flexibility. Here’s a rough idea on how it works: 

The patient has a CT scan, based on this scan an initial implant model, a patient-specific surgical guide and a 3D anatomical model of the patient’s anatomy is made using image processing and several CAD software. Once the model is approved by the corresponding surgeon at the hospital, a 3D printable file is created and it will be sent to print inside the hospital. The manufactured part will be removed from the printer, sterilized and then implanted. By using image processing to design and deliver the most precise implant set, Fusedbone drastically cuts the time spent on supply chain and OR time as with traditional implants as well as guarantees the customized and perfect fit to each patient. 

The team behind this impressive and innovative solution to tackle costly, time-consuming and heavily regulated implant supply chain is aiming to combine their technological advantage with medical excellence and disrupt the medical industry. They already have performed dozens of successful surgeries in their native Iran.

Navid Ardakanian, co-founder and CEO of Fusedbone, has a plethora of experience working with doctors and hand surgeons in the Netherlands. Shayan Maydan Shahi, Fusedbone’s other co-founder and CTO is a Mechanical Engineer and research fellow at Iran’s National Elites Foundation and Bone & Joint research laboratory. He possesses a deep understanding of the underlying problem with a sharp eye on the action points from the surgeon/hospital’s side.

You can listen to Fusedbone's full pitch at Antler Amsterdam's 2019 Demo Day below. If you would like to learn more about Antler’s other startups visit us here.

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