‘Great necessity inspires great innovation’: Antler commits US$500K to fund startups tackling problems created by Covid-19

As part of Antler’s mission to chart the path to recovery, we want to support teams working on solutions to these problems by investing in their startups.



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The Covid-19 crisis has brought to light a number of crucial problems across various industries, and Antler wants to be part of the solution to fix them.

As part of Antler's mission to chart the path to recovery, we want to support teams working on solutions to these problems by investing in their startups.

Our global team has committed US$500,000 in funding to startups tackling problems created by Covid-19.

This Covid-19 Call initiative is open to startups, and we will invest in up to five teams from any location in the world.

The verticals we're looking for ideas from include:

  • Mitigation (e.g. masks, contact tracing, surveillance, data infrastructure)
  • Medical Equipment (e.g. test kits, protective devices, ventilators)
  • Remote Health (e.g. telehealth, remote patient monitoring, symptom checkers)
  • Digital Tools (e.g. remote work, smart delivery, e-learning)
  • How it works

    After a screening process, selected teams will be invited to a video pitch session. Following that, the finalists will pitch to Antler Investment Committee (IC) remotely. The investment criteria will take into account the relevance towards mitigating COVID-19, as well as how the startup works in a post-COVID-19 era.

    Companies receiving the investment will gain access to Antler's global network of entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts, as well as coaching by Antler leadership. We will be bringing onboard specialist medical advisors for this initiative. Antler will help startups get their solutions off the ground and make them accessible to those who need them as quickly as possible.

    Great necessity inspires great innovation


    "Great necessity inspires great innovation," says Magnus Grimeland, co-founder and CEO of Antler.

    "As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt human life around the world, now is a time when innovators need to come together for the greater good. That's why we believe it is our time to do our part at Antler."

    "This is the largest public health crisis of our lifetime," adds Jussi Salovaara, co-founder of Antler and lead of the Covid-19 initiative.

    "We all need to come together to create solutions for the global community to recover now and live in a post-Covid-19 world. I strongly believe we need to collaborate and build the right tech-backed solutions to ensure we create a path to recovery."

    Apply now!

    Applications are now open. So, if you, or someone you know, is working on a business or has an idea for solving a problem created by Covid-19, apply here. Due to the overwhelming amount of applications, we are still reviewing applications on a rolling basis, so get in before it's too late.

    In the meantime, if you're looking for other resources to address challenges you're facing right now, here are a few other initiatives we're recently launched to empower and support entrepreneurs.

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