Antler Ignite

Antler Ignite is a special event to inspire students at the start of their entrepreneurial journeys.


July 14, 2023
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Five-Slide Challenge Winners

We are thrilled to reveal the outstanding individuals who have risen to the occasion and conquered the Five Slide Challenge with their creativity and innovation. The competition was fierce, and the judging process was no easy task. After careful consideration, we're excited to present the top entries that truly stood out:

Special Mentions

Mealify - Hayden, Rohan and Gilles for their innovative ideas in the Health/FoodTech category

Red Crucible - Avery Fiore for his strong research and creative solutions in the DeepTech category


Antler is a global investor founded on the belief that anyone with drive and ambition can and should be able to change the world. We bring together founders from all backgrounds and geographies to build companies that solve meaningful problems. 

Do you or a student you know want to start a company that moves the world forward?

Spark your entrepreneurial spirit with Antler Ignite

Antler Ignite is a special event to inspire students at the start of their entrepreneurial journeys. Designed exclusively for high school and university students, the goal is to offer a taste of Antler’s residencies while sharing the cornerstones of entrepreneurship from Antler partners, including what it takes to become a great founder and the basics of building a business.

Participants will be invited to participate in Antler’s first-ever Five-Slide Challenge. The top three winners of the challenge will be given the opportunity to build a business with Antler through a fast-tracked interview process into any residency globally, plus an invitation to attend exclusive networking events with Antler partners in their country of residence.

Student founders building great companies with Antler

Antler is proud to back visionary founders from all backgrounds, cultures, and ages. Here are examples of driven founders in our portfolio who founded their companies as high school or college students.


Sixteen-year-old Tejas Ravishankar has been passionately building software products and communities since he was thirteen. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he wasn’t able to hang out with his friends and spent a lot of time exploring coding. Working as a coder building his own tools and contributing to other open-source projects, he faced several issues. Dimension was, therefore, born out of Tejas’s desire to bring the magic back into building software. Soon after, Dimension raised a pre-seed funding of US$150,000 in a round led by Antler in India. 


Antler backed two college students based in the US—Harry Gestetner and Simon Pompan—to build Fanxfix, a platform for content creators to connect with their audiences. Harry watched his cousin build a following on TikTok, but struggled to monetize it. Traditional social media platforms didn’t have many tools to help creators make a living. Shortly after, Fanfix was born. Less than a year after its launch, SuperOrdinary acquired Fanfix in a multimillion-dollar transaction.


While in university, Gaurav Panwar, Vaibhav Agarwal, and Lovepreet Singh decided to build Cattle Guru based on their sheer passion and commitment to creating a difference in the life of rural farmers. Determined to create a hassle-free and seamless experience to farmers by providing them high-quality, low-cost feed delivered to their doorsteps, Cattle Guru was born. The founders were a part of the Antler India Fellowship, a program focused on college entrepreneurs.


Award-winning game developers and designers, Harsh Savergaonkar and Aditya Kasibhatla, came up with Cricinshots when they were both twenty one. Optimized for high retention and engagement, Cricinshots is the world’s first Web3 game focused on cricket strategy and aims to redefine gaming experiences for the next generation of gamers and cricket fans alike. The team recently raised a pre-seed round led by Antler in India.

Now we want to give high school and university students all over the world a chance to build their own businesses with Antler Ignite. 

Antler Ignite

If you couldn't make it to the live Antler Ignite event, watch the replay below.

The Rundown

  • Overview of Antler
  • Journey from Student to Founder
  • Panel Discussion—Tejas Ravishankar (founder of Dimension)
  • How to Become a Great Founder and the Antler scouting process
  • The Basics of Building a Business
  • Overview of the "Five-Slide Challenge" (additional details below)

The Five Slide Challenge

The Five Slide Challenge is meant to test your entrepreneurial spirit and critical thinking skills.

  • The task at hand is to create 5 slides outlining a problem, target market, proposed solution, business model and team (i.e you)
  • Be creative, concise and thorough in the creation of your deck! 
  • The top 3 winners will be fast-tracked through the interview process of any Antler residency worldwide with the opportunity to build a business with Antler! You will also be invited to exclusive networking events with partners at any of the Antler offices globally

Submission Guidelines

  • Preferably one person per submission
  • Please follow the template provided by us to create you slides (Link)
  • All decks must be submitted in PDF format only and uploaded here (Link)
  • If in doubt, reach out to us at

We look forward to your submissions!

Read more about founders who are solving critical problems around the world in Antler's A Window into Progress.



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