Antler backs six startups with $750,000 Pre-Seed funding in Indonesia

Backing the best talents in Indonesia to build the most defining companies of tomorrow

Agung Bezharie Hadinegoro

January 31, 2024
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Kicking off the year with a historic milestone, we are proud to announce an unprecedented investment of $5.1 million in 37 Southeast Asian startups, including 7 in Indonesia.

This investment round follows a resounding response from founders, with over 5,000 applications received for our residencies across SEA. Held concurrently in four cities—Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia—from October to December 2023, the applications represented a diverse group of founders. Some in search of the right co-founder and a compelling idea to launch their startups, while others aimed to develop and scale their existing startups.

The selection process was rigorous, with approximately 300 founders chosen from the pool to receive intensive mentorship and guidance during a 10-week residency. This culminated in the launch and funding of the 35 startups, showcasing our commitment to nurturing groundbreaking ideas from inception and backing founders from day zero.

Here in Indonesia, we have backed the following startups:


AssetFindr revolutionizes operational efficiency and asset management with its End-to-End Asset Maintenance Management Ecosystem. Engineered to boost performance, minimize losses, and slash downtime, AssetFindr’s AI powered platform provides accessible tools for real-time insights, advanced risk management, and data-driven decision-making. With detailed analytics, seamless integration with existing systems and IoT, and a connected CMMS,

Sugih Sutjiono (CEO) and Benediktus Sumarso (CPTO) established AssetFindr, bringing with them a shared passion and pertinent expertise in the industry. Both of them have extensive work experience, rich with skills and abilities to build a startup from day zero.

Sugih Sutjiono (CEO), Benediktus Sumarso (CPTO)


DASH is an innovative solution that provides a "Driver-as-a-Service" solution by leveraging the power of 2W EV — to provide a crucial delivery infrastructure for large companies and startups in the e-commerce, logistics, and ride-hailing industries. DASH cost-effective services enable any customers, even a single programmer with a promising startup idea in the mobility or retail industries (such as ride-hailing, logistics, or quick commerce), to swiftly build their business. Dash democratizes access to high-level driver as a fleet solutions, fostering innovation and business growth in the digital economy.

Robert Mulianto (COO) has over 8 years of work experience at DHL and 4 years at Tokopedia, while Aditya Brahmana (CEO) has over 8 years of experience working at Gojek. The combination of their insights and ideas inspired them to build DASH.

Robert Mulianto (COO), Aditya Brahmana (CEO)


Lunash is a Digital-first AI platform offering tailored insights for enhanced debt collection. Lunash stands at the forefront of transforming debt management in Indonesia. Rooted in the meaning of "Lunas," which signifies "paid-off," Lunash mission is to revolutionize the sector through AI-driven solutions. With focus on ethical debt collection, ensuring respect and humanity in their practices. Lunash innovative approach optimizes debt recovery costs and provides comprehensive data insights for smarter decision-making.

The level of expertise from the four founders, motivated them to create a comprehensive and exceedingly relevant platform in Indonesia. Indra Rukasyah (CTDO) contributes experience in managing Risk and Data Analytics in financial and banking institutions, while Daniel Kasenda (CPO) brings expertise in Research Analysis. Armando Chandra (CFO) has professional experience in consulting companies and technology firms such as Grab and Shopee, and Farah Dompas (CEO) has a background working at Bhinneka and Insider.

Indra Rukasyah (CTDO), Daniel Kasenda (CPO), Armando Chandra (CFO), Farah Dompas (CEO)


As an End-to-End Software as a Service (SaaS) Provider, Konstruksi.AI is transforming the sector by offering a comprehensive digital platform specifically tailored to the unique needs of construction projects. The platform's utilization of cutting-edge AI Machine Vision technology further elevates its capability, setting new benchmarks for precision, quality control, and efficiency in construction.

Jean Kwannandar brings valuable experience from the construction sector, complemented by Andri Saputra Gunawan's robust background in structural engineering. With support from Daniel Tjandra, who has a diverse work history spanning from Amazon to Shopee, and Yoshua Gombo, possessing a background and experience as a Robotics & Controls Researcher, Konstruksi.AI emerges as an integrated and pertinent platform for the construction industry.

Daniel Tjandra, Jean Kwannandar, Andri Saputra Gunawan, Yoshua Gombo


SPUN is modernizing the global permit and visa creation process to help professionals pursue global opportunities. SPUN consists of two parts: SPUN Dashboard — browse, purchase, and submit the required documents for your applications, and SPUN Assistant — chat with our AI-powered assistant to figure out the right permit and visa you need. SPUN mission is to make exploring the world easier by minimizing administrative hassles, so you can focus on adventure, not paperwork. 

Christa Sabathaly, serving as the CEO, brings a wealth of professional expertise gained from her roles at Google, Line, and Danone, showcasing her deep understanding of the industry. On the other hand, Dilla Anindita, the Chief Product Officer (CPO), possesses substantial experience as a Product Manager, drawing support from her impactful contributions at Line, Cookpad, and Grab.

Christa Sabathaly (CEO), Dilla Anindita (CPO)


Ternakin is a data-driven aqua-tech company that uses advanced technology to help fish farmers. Ternakin app provides essential data to boost harvests and farm productivity. Integrating Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Ternakin automate farm operations and data collection, simplifying the entire farming process. Their approach includes a contract farming system to maximize pond usage and ensure consistent, high-quality fish production. Ternakin's mission is to make advanced fish farming accessible to everyone, enhancing daily operations and boosting productivity in a sustainable manner.

Michael Hadiono, serving as the CEO, brings a wealth of experience from consulting firms like EY to a global professional services company such as Accenture, while Nikolas Sinurat (CPO) has a background in tech companies ranging from Tokopedia to Carsome. With the support of Sentoso Budiyanto (CCO), whose robust understanding of marketing and commerce, Ternakin emerges as an integrated and beneficial aquaculture platform for fish farmers in Indonesia.

Nikolas Sinurat (CPO), Michael Hadiono (CEO), Sentoso Budiyanto (CCO).

As a multi-stage investor, we recognize the immense potential of early-stage startups in Indonesia. With over 1,000 portfolio companies globally, we remain steadfast in our mission to back founders from day zero.

Besides being the earliest backer for startups, we are also a long-term capital partner that provides expansion support and scale-up funding to breakout companies from Series A onwards.

Join us to get your startup launched and funded in Indonesia. Find out more here.

About the author

Agung Bezharie Hadinegoro

Agung brings over a decade of entrepreneurial and venture capital experience. Prior to Antler, he was the Co-founder and CEO of Warung Pintar, the largest B2B e-commerce platform in the country, empowering over half a million traditional retailers. Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Agung actively engaged with the tech startup community, working as an investment associate at East Ventures and running incubator programs at the Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia (GEPI). He obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), and his accomplishments were recognized when he was honored as one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia in 2019.

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