Antler backs 16 startups with $2M Pre-Seed Funding in Singapore

Backing the best talents in the vibrant tech hub of Singapore to build the most defining companies of tomorrow

Winnie Khoo

January 31, 2024
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Kicking off the year with a historic milestone, we are proud to announce an unprecedented investment of $5.1 million in 37 Southeast Asian startups, including 16 in Singapore.

This investment round follows a resounding response from founders, with over 5,000 applications received for our residencies across SEA. Held concurrently in four cities—Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia—from October to December 2023, the applications represented a diverse group of founders. Some in search of the right co-founder and a compelling idea to launch their startups, while others aimed to develop and scale their existing startups.

The selection process was rigorous, with approximately 300 founders chosen from the pool to receive intensive mentorship and guidance during a 10-week residency. This culminated in the launch and funding of the 35 startups, showcasing our commitment to nurturing groundbreaking ideas from inception and backing founders from day zero.

Here in Singapore, we have backed the following startups:


Provides accessible cross-border trade finance for SMEs, offering invoice financing as an alternative asset class to private investors.


LLM router and prompt engineering platform for businesses to experiment, test and deploy LLM powered applications at speed.

Mukesh Singh (CEO), Prashant Srivastav (CTO)


Marketplace for virtual product placement, utilizing AI and Computer Vision to facilitate accurate ad insertions in various media.

Arjun Shankar (CTO), Stephen Jacob (CEO)


A Care Operations Platform for care suppliers, aiming to digitize operations and improve care work with innovative workforce tools.


A comprehensive omnichannel business suite that integrates various messaging channels with backend services, enhancing social commerce management for traditional business owners.

Steve Ng (CTO), Elva Young (CEO), Victor Tristan Fajardo (CSO)


AI-first platform focused on risk management automation specifically tailored for the fintech sector.

Kalai Arasu (CEO), Edwin Ong (CTO)


Human-assisted AI platform that aids businesses in planning, customizing, and maintaining software without requiring extensive technical expertise.

Damilola Oni (CEO), Jeff Lim (COO)


No-code AI/ML platform specializing in analyzing customer behavior and building comprehensive Customer LifecycleManagement (CLM) models.

Yibin Ng (Chief Scientist), Unni Krishnan (CEO)


Platform to deploy AI agents for fast and autonomous data acquisition, specifically tailored for market research.

Chen Yu (CTO), Yichen Guo (CEO)


Provides AI-powered modules for automated visual inspection in manufacturing, aiming to eliminate defects and enhance production efficiency.

Dushyant Verma (CEO), Anurag Ranjan (CTO), Daniel Gardner (CFO)


Offers a device-based login manager, creating unique, anonymous email addresses for users per service to enhance online safety and privacy.

George Molina (CMO), Gregor Vand (CEO)


An end-to-end platform for solopreneurs, simplifying the workflow from managing customers and creating proposals to processing payments.

Akshay Patil (CTO), Coco Li (CEO)


A B2B SaaS solution to increase business productivity via hyper-automated workflow engine.

Donna Lee (CEO), Aizer Ravelo (CTO)

Just Ping

An omnichannel conversational recruitment tool leveraging mobile-first experiences for social hiring, integrating with various messaging and social media platforms.

Sowmya Skandan (CEO), Kamini Singh (COO)


HR analytics platform that uses data to track employee experiences and detect early signs of potential churn.

Christopher Drumgoole (CTO), Nilesh Ghai (CEO)

One of the invested startups is in stealth mode.

As a multi-stage investor, we recognize the immense potential of early-stage startups in Singapore. With over 1,000 portfolio companies globally, we remain steadfast in our mission to back founders from day zero.

Besides being the earliest backer for startups, we are also a long-term capital partner that provides expansion support and scale-up funding to breakout companies from Series A onwards.

Join us to get your startup launched and funded in Singapore. Find out more here.

About the author

Winnie Khoo

With over 25 years of experience in tech and startups across Asia, Winnie is a seasoned operator with leadership roles at Alibaba, PropertyGuru, and Carousell. Currently Partner in Singapore, where Antler is headquartered, she shares responsibility for the firm's operations in Southeast Asia.

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