Announcing the Spring 2024 US Portfolio Showcase

Meet the portfolio companies featured in our Antler US Spring 2024 Showcase. Learn more here.

Antler in the US

March 27, 2024
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Meet the portfolio companies featured in our Antler US Spring 2024 Showcase.

We are excited to introduce the Antler portfolio companies featured in our Spring 2024 US Portfolio Showcase.  We work with founders starting from day zero, bringing them in-house to our Residency Programs in Austin, Boulder, and New York. After investment from Antler, our portfolio companies work with the Antler US team to unlock continued growth and prepare to raise subsequent funding. The companies below participated in our Fall 2023 Residency. Today, their stages range from pre-seed to seed: some of these startups are still early and are heads down building, while others already have term sheets on the table. As an investor and partner at the earliest stage, we are proud to showcase the progress of our most recently funded US founders. 

To connect with any of these Antler portfolio companies, fill out this form here.

  • Spacture AI aims to increase retail profits from 50% to 200% by detecting shoplifting using AI-powered transformers technology and LVM models. Founders: Yunus Emre has 16+ years of experience in the AI/ML space leading tech teams at Google and Meta and building Google's Pixel 4's face authentication system. Nazim Eryilmaz has 5+ years of experience in B2B SaaS startups and was the Chief of Staff at Feed helping raise $30 million.
  • CarbonPilot streamlines the measurement, reporting, and verification of carbon removal credits. With CarbonPilot, companies sell carbon credits faster while maximizing revenue for each credit. Founders: Tristan Springer previously started his own carbon removal company and has years of data engineering expertise. John Bogil has been building software for 10+ years at companies like Reddit and Dubsmash.
  • Redshift functions as the digital thread that links all manufacturing operations by enabling companies to connect engineering, parts, and production data within the cloud. Designed to analyze data every step of the way, Redshift provides deep insights to strengthen operational resilience within manufacturing industries. Founder: Alex Lazich was a founding member of the enterprise software team at Astra Space with 6+ years of software & financial experience.
  • PerformVu is driving the next big media disruption, akin to how Twitch transformed gaming. Tapping into the 180+ million U.S. viewers watching video art, PerformVu’s platform connects global audiences to video art curated from the world’s top artists & museums. PerformVu is a SXSW 2024 award winner in Media & Entertainment. Founders: Indy Sanders is an ex-pro tennis player and tech growth specialist. Asia Stewart is a globally award-winning artist & Harvard+Cambridge Alumni. The team has 3 hyper-growth exits and Masters in AI/ML.
  • Playtest uses autonomous AI agents to test online games, delivering faster, higher quality results than human QA testers - all for a fraction of the cost. Founders: Robert Qiu has 6+ years experience developing games that have been played by 100K+ players. Jongbin Won works closely with 200+ game studios as business developer at Polygon. Miguel Monares has contributed to AI publications that have been recognized by OpenAI.
  • UnVale is Roblox for artists, writers, and storytellers. We provide a fun, social sandbox for young creatives to collaborate on the next billion-dollar media franchise–with the potential to become the largest engine for new IP in the world. Founders: The team has founded five companies, been a part of two exits, and raised $14.5MM. Cofounders Casey Lawlor and Bri Clark (ex-Twitch) have 10+ years of marketplace and gaming startup experience, respectively.
  • HackerPulse uses AI to build a comprehensive profile for engineers using data from developer focused platforms (GitHub, HackerNews, StackOverflow) and academic papers. For companies, HackerPulse provides a solution to a growing problem of talent filtering.Founders: Gleb Braverman has previously founded a consumer social startup and mentoring software engineers in BloomTech, formerly known as Lambda School. Alberto Scherb has extensive experience in companies like Apple and Nest, he was also working as a VP in a recruiting company Torre.
  • is an AI-powered mixed-reality visual guidance system that helps delivery companies efficiently navigate the last 500 feet of delivery. With each delivery, Doorstep minimizes drop-off failures, reduces delivery time, and elevates customer satisfaction. Founders: Shashwat Murarka previously founded and successfully exited an e-commerce luxury wear startup with $150K+ in profits worldwide. Rishabh Goel has filed 2 provisional patents for AI systems and contributed to AI work that was awarded a $1M grant from the government. Sheel Patel previously served as CTO of a Techstars backed SaaS platform which yielded 117% MoM user-growth.
  • Intelizen is using AI to transform static contracts into a system of record which will automate deal operations and enable businesses to meet their deadlines.Founder: Mohnish Mohanty has over 10 years of experience with contract management at Accenture, Deloitte, Docusign, Extend, and Carta. He is a seasoned product leader who has led product management, strategy, and operations helping companies grow from zero to growth to Post-IPO stages.
  • Fastn is an intelligent commerce integration platform that automates up to 80% of the manual work involved in managing your composable architecture. The platform simplifies how developers integrate commerce modules and deliver a unified customer experience, ultimately and boosting your bottom line. Founder: Khalid Muaydh is a seasoned product and platform leader with nearly a decade of experience in e-commerce and developer tools, brings deep expertise in integrations and APIs. He’s an ex-VP of Engineering at Fabric and ex-founding VP of Engineering at Veeve, with 7+ years Software Engineering leadership experience at Amazon.
  • Fidari is revolutionizing oncology care by offering an all-in-one home care platform for oncology clinics, while also providing a marketplace for cancer patients to find additional care. Fidari’s Compass Platform is designed to support cancer patients from diagnosis through survivorship, incorporating automated case management, care coordination, virtual navigators, and education.Founders: Othman Ouenes is a 2X healthcare founder with a prior exit (QURE Healthcare acq. by TRC). Diane Stokes is a 2X founder whose last company was in the oncology space and acquired by McKesson Specialty Health. Tim Skaggs is a 3X founder who has led exceptional engineering teams.
  • Neuroreef Labs maximizes revenue for clinical practices by automating EHR tasks, simplifying healthcare providers’ workflows, and optimizing insurance claims, billing, and appeals. Founder: Satwant Kumar, MBBS, PhD is a neuroscientist and physician with more than 12 years of experience in medical research and artificial intelligence development. He has led teams to solve hard interdisciplinary problems in Neuroscience, AI, and Medicine.
  • Pinpoint is the infrastructure layer for business development executives in the media and entertainment industry. By combining payment rails and marketing automations into a multi-player experience, Pinpoint enables creators to realize their revenues in real time while driving an increase in merchandise, ticketing, and streaming revenues. Founders: Joshua Cohen & Justin Krokoff previously built a music business bringing A-list artists to Gen Z focused live events, have strong sales and product experience from Google and TripAdvisor, and were part of the founding team of Rattle (Raised $28M from Insight, Google Ventures, Sequoia, and Lightspeed).
  • Stumbl is a marketplace for brands to unload their excess inventory and for customers to save up to 85% on retail prices without having to go to brick-and-mortar stores. Stumbul has name brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Nike, Michael Kors, CottonOn, DKNY, and Levi’s. Founders: Meagen Johnson has more than 25 years of marketing and marketplace experience & raised $40M for a previous fashion marketplace. Mark Spencer has over 25 years of global commercial operations experience in EMEA & North America, including 2x funding rounds totaling $43M.
  • Patient First leverages AI to process immunization records for university healthcare professionals. Once onboarded through this required documentation for all incoming students, the university’s student population can access digitized health records and monitor their relationship with their university to gain access to personalized medical services. Founders: Fiza Shaukat is an ex-founder and ex- Accenture with 7+ years of experience launching and implementing digital health solution in the US, Peru, Africa & Pakistan. She is a biomedical engineer from Boston University and MPH from Harvard University. Farooq Shaukat is also an ex-founder and ex-EY and ex-Accenture consultant. He also has years of solution engineering experience.
  • Evaluable AI enables data science teams to assess and improve their LLMs across their organization. Using evaluation metrics, Evaluable AI creates fine-tuning datasets to improve models and generate more accurate, production-grade outputs for businesses. Founders: Anant Bhargava is a software engineer with expertise in observability and evaluation, 7+ years of experience creating observability platforms for AI/ML teams at companies like Meta, Amazon, and Visa. At Visa, he was recognized as a top 1% contributor in his field. Prashant Garg is an accomplished ML Scientist. He has 6+ years of experience leading projects in the conversational AI space at Walmart, Meta, and Amazon Alexa. He has a Master’s degree from Arizona State University with a thesis focused on improving context in Chatbots.
  • Ingenius is an all-in-one platform that streamlines operational workflows for media businesses so that they can focus on what matters most: expanding their global footprint and growing revenue. Founders: LaTecia Johnson is a media & tech executive with 12 years of experience launching programs across Fortune 100 companies and high-growth startups, before scaling her own agency. Tina Huang is an experienced software engineer and data scientist turned creator who has amassed a global audience of 800K across channels while building a multi-vertical media company.
  • Zooma is an AI-enabled staffing marketplace that connects dental practices with professional hygienists. Founders: Saad Shaikh is an operator with 10+ years of experience in marketplaces. He’s one of the first 50 employees at Uber, where he managed operations, launched, and  scaled multiple products. He cofounded GetSnooze, a digital health sleep startup, that has achieved $3M in revenue. Ilya Bryliov has 8+ years of engineering experience. At Aave he built their fintech team from the ground up and launched their wallet product. He spent 6+ years as a product-focused engineer at Amazon.
  • TitanAI is a software and data analytics tool that helps gamers better understand their performance individually as well as against their friends and the top gamers. The goal is to provide live, real-time recommendations via audio as if the gamer has a professional coach monitoring their play. Founders: Fabien-Pierre Nicolas is a 2X founder who leads growth/marketing at 2X unicorns (SmartNews, and with over 10 years experience in the gaming industry (Ubisoft, DeNA, Gearbox). Victor Ceitelis is a 2X founder who co-founded in Gaming x Gen AI, was Senior Engineer at Amazon, Unity, Lucasfilm and Ubisoft (over 23 years industry XP). Jason Millena is a first time founder with 15+ years gaming industry experience as head of Product and Design in companies like Kabam, GREE, Disney Interactive or Jagex.
  • Worksense is solving company retention rates by providing an AI analytics tool which captures employee sentiment in real-time. Founders: Arshan Ahmad has 10+ years leading product, growth lead at Dave with $3B IPO, and he led 200+ inmates in federal prison. Yezen Rashid has 6+ years leading engineer and built a trading app with 400K organic downloads.
  • Access Carbon is unlocking investment access to some of the fastest growing carbon & environmental assets globally for institutional and accredited investors. Access provides a "one stop shop" experience to investors, which drastically reduces the search cost and investment friction related to these emerging asset classes. Founders: Nick Chen is an ex-JPM investment banker, ex-McKinsey consultant, and spent the last 3+ years in carbon finance at startups and PE backed platform companies. Daniel Baume is an ex-AIG corporate strategy, ex-real estate PE investor, and has spent 3+ years in carbon finance.
  • Fresnel is using microwaves to wirelessly distribute energy safely over long distances for charging mobility vehicles on the go. By reducing our reliance on batteries, Fresnel will make charging mobile electronics faster, lighter, long lasting, and more reliable. Founder: Milun Moghe is a 2x founder. He has 8+ years industry experience in the semiconductor industry leading RF ASIC product development for phased array wireless systems at RFIC and Parry Labs and Foundry Services at Intel. Secured >3M$ in ASIC contract revenue at RFIC. University of Colorado Boulder MS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Optics.
  • Visito is building conversational AI for the hospitality industry. Powered by conversational AI and fully integrated with your property management system, Visito lets you fully automate guest engagement on messaging platforms, including WhatsApp and Instagram, all managed in a centralized inbox. Founders: Pormer Sarram is an an engineer and entrepreneur who previously led the consumer growth team for Uber Eats in Latin America, helped start a seed fund focused on Latin America, and led the e-commerce business ($100M+ annual revenue) at SquareTrade, which was acquired by Allstate. Alvaro Burgos has a diverse background spanning across different company stages, including public (Lyft), growth (Rocket Internet & Linio), and startups (Luuna, Mercadoni & Washr).
  • Zeph is an AI-enabled platform that offers clinical therapists a way to safely treat patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) virtually. Bringing together telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and machine learning to serve as the digital front door for pulmonary rehab. Founders: Mimi Kigawa, Dr Shikha Anand, and Francis Kigawa bring strong backgrounds in engineering, clinical care team development, and product design. They all hold degrees from Harvard or Yale. For Mimi and Francis, they are driven by their mother’s lifelong battle with COPD.
  • IRIS is revolutionizing medical device training by transforming real surgeries into interactive, AR experiences accessible on any device. Their patented platform empowers surgeons and medical assistants to collaborate anywhere; enhancing competency, reducing errors, and accelerating learning and sales cycles. Founders: Nick Rafkind & Steve Lukas both have strong backgrounds in engineering and sales, leading sales teams at 21st Century Fox and founding president at Vrenetic (sold to Beijing Culture Fund), leading engineers at Magic Leap & head of XR ecosystem at Qualcomm.
  • Loula is a novel approach to instant wage access for the global workforce and the underbanked. The first customers are remote workers driving $140B of digital exports from LATAM to the US. Founders: Igor Wos is a 3X fintech founder who exited a neo-bank in Hong Kong two years ago. He was also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia. Alex Christian is a 2x fintech founder with a background at Airwallex, Metal Pay, eBay, and Western Union.
  • IrisMed minimizes revenue loss and compliance risks for medical facilities and consultancies by creating a domain-specific AI to reduce coding errors, manage claim denials, and help them scale. Founder: Han Jing has extensive sales and product experience at high growth startups. He spent 10 years leading growth teams at Walmart Health and was the first hire at Microblink (AI startup exited for $60M).
  • Kenosha AI is an enterprise-grade AI platform built to solve operational pain points for the clinical research industry. Founders: Bill Kish has over 30 years of experience and is an accomplished technologist who has served as founding engineer, CEO, and CTO at many startups. He has also publicly traded companies that grew to over five billion in market cap. Brad Pruitt has over 25 years of experience in clinical research and healthcare, with 13 years in the CRO industry, including serving as the founding CEO of a successfully acquired startup and as an executive medical director at top-five CROs.
  • FitMe is building affordable and compact 3D body scanners, allowing consumers to scan and analyze their health and wellness on a day-to-day basis. Founders: Nilay Sawant received his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at MIT with a focus on product design and advanced manufacturing. He was previously a design engineer at Juniper Networks and Quartus Engineering where he designed parts for companies such as NASA. Gajan Nagaraj studied Computer Science and Engineering at UCLA with a specialization in AI. He was an engineer for Intel and AWS before founding two other startups.
  • Unplex is an AI powered peer to peer payments platform that allows 50M migrants in the US & Canada to make real time cross border payments using their preferred chat app (e.g. WhatsApp & iMessage). Founders: Rahul Chaudhary, Mohan Lath, Parag Sharma are migrant friends in US and UK with deep experience across Business, Finance and Tech in Amazon Payments, Namaste Labs & ICICI. They hold degrees from Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management.
  • LastMinute is solving the healthcare staffing crisis by developing unique automation software to revolutionize manual tasks through predictive analytics and AI. Founders: Leo Dassa has 10+ years in sales and healthcare, he also received the University of Maryland 30 under 30 award. Michael Hatter has 13+ years of full stack engineering experience, and he has developed software for 1.5M concurrent users, generating $25M annually.
  • Demo Day is an Austin-based media company dedicated to telling better stories about the VC and tech world. In a market dominated by written articles, Demo Day is pioneering new ways to bring tech enthusiasts their news through podcast and video content. Founders: Jackson Fordyce is a content strategist, writer, and media specialist. Josiah Simons has years of client relationship experience and is also a writer and marketing specialist.

Antler in the US

With offices in Austin, Boulder, and NYC, Antler backs founders in the US from day zero so they can find co-founders, test ideas, and rapidly launch startups.

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