Announcing the Fall 2023 US Portfolio Showcase 

Meet the portfolio companies featured in our Antler US Fall 2023 Showcase. Learn more here.

Antler in the US

September 29, 2023
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Meet the portfolio companies featured in our Fall 2023 US Portfolio Showcase.

We are excited to introduce the Antler portfolio companies in our Fall 2023 US Portfolio Showcase.  We work with founders starting from day zero, bringing them in-house to our Residency Programs in Austin, Boulder, and New York. As partners at the earliest stage, we’re proud to showcase some of our US founders as they continue to execute and grow. After investment from Antler, our portfolio companies work with the Antler US team to unlock continued growth and scale. As partners at the earliest stage, we’re proud to showcase some of our US companies who’ve matured and are ready to raise their next round of funding!  

To connect with any of these Antler portfolio companies, fill out this form here.

  • Doowii is empowering educators and schools with their own personalized AI analytics copilot. By connecting all of the disparate sources of education data from test scores to progress monitoring, Doowii cuts through the noise for educators and enables school systems to stay on track. Founders: Ben Dodson (ex-Snapchat/Google AI engineer), Ilho Ye (ex-Twitter/Microsoft Engineering Manager).
  • Salus is a cash flow underwriting API that helps lenders make smarter, fairer lending decisions through an automated, customizable risk score, enabling lenders to underwrite traditionally marginalized borrowers. Founders: James Chemplavil has 16 years experience underwriting $10 billion in high risk credit at Barings. Ryan Barrett has 7 years as Head of Data Science at Acima underwriting $5 billion in subprime consumer credit ($1.6 billion exit).
  • FarmPro is a platform connecting logistics for the agricultural commodity supply chain. FarmPro brings together trucks with shippers in a central digital network, saving everyone time and money. Founders: Bryan Buerkle (18yrs Global Engineering at John Deere and eternal farm kid), Federico Nusymowicz and Levi Thornton (4 startups and employee 2 and 3 in software at Turntide, $1 billion valuation).
  • Hyper is an AI automation platform that enables anyone to work laterally across their organization’s data and platforms. Unlocking efficiency and scalability for businesses with a comprehensive set of developer tools, Hyper is building a reinforcing network of automations across your business. Founders: Trevor Uptain, an ex-Google Core ML engineer, and Samir Khoja, a former senior engineer at Amazon/Alexa Money, bring a wealth of expertise in machine learning and automation technologies.
  • Offer is a platform that centralizes real estate transaction data. By bringing together all the transaction-involved vendors to create a central network, Offer helps everyone save time and money in the home buying process. Offer is fully operational in Arizona and Utah, with a line of sight to add five additional states by end of Q4. Founders: David Coronado and Nick Crandall; possess strong backgrounds in software engineering and sales, leading field reps at 4 Fortune 500 companies, first employee at Magic.
  • Tennis Finance automates compliance by running AI checks on marketing materials and customer communications, providing safeguards to satisfy regulators and bring assurances to bank partners. Founder: Jake Pimental is former Army combat medic and ultramarathoner, with professional experience as a PM at SoFi.
  • Rekava solves the information search problem for construction professionals, a $3 trillion construction industry. We use conversational AI to help them access and understand tens of thousands of pages of construction documentation within minutes, which currently can take days. Founders: Fauzan Maulana; Stanford Construction Management graduate, 8 years in the industry and researcher in construction technology. Prasetyo Gema and Philipus Martin; second time founders in B2B software with a decade experience achieving $1 million in annual revenue serving Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.
  • AminoChain allows biobanks to transact bio materials such as blood and stem cells while enabling donors to trace samples and earn money from their $70 billion of donated material each year. Founder: Caspar Barnes holds advanced degrees in Biotechnology and Finance from Columbia and London Business School; has been working in biomedical research since the age of 16.
  • Kuaay provides sale-completion & shipping operations for the 36.3 million used car transactions that make up the $52 billion industry. Kuaay’s technology digitizes vehicle ownership documents, payment transfers, and home delivery. Founders: Yousif Memon (CEO) bought and sold over 80 vehicles, initially to pay for tuition. Keenan Hawekotte (CTO) is a mathematician and data scientist with a Ph.D.
  • PowerShop creates a seamless experience for creators to monetize audience and increase reach. It provides creators with the infrastructure to open online shops: no inventory, initial capital and logistics required. Founders: Kwesi Buabeng (ex-Google, ex-Youtube, ex-Coinbase Treasury Director) expertise in fintech, ecommerce, and creator space in Africa. Jeffrey Afrane (ex-IBM, ex-Filter Off) product and design specialist. 
  • Dune Security quantifies individual employee risk by analyzing user behaviors and learning patterns to automatically tailor cybersecurity measures to each employee. Dune’s proprietary ML model delivers customized training to measurably reduce the human-layer risk that causes >80% of breaches. Founders: David DellaPelle is former At-Bay & Perimeter 81 with MBA and EY consulting background, Michael Waite (CTO) has 11 years at Accenture in cloud architecture and cybersecurity.
  • SNÜX is a material-science startup creating the next generation of thermal materials in the outdoor sportswear industry. Through its own line of consumer products and B2B licensing business, SNÜX is amplifying outdoor adventures through deep fiber innovation. SNÜX patented its first flagship product with COZYTECH® technology, is carried at major national outdoor retailers (REI & Christy Sports), and is a partner of the National French Ski Association & Collaboration with LVMH label, Madhappy. Founder: Benjamin Price; UNSW Australia, B. Design & Materials graduate.
  • HStar is building a heavy-class, multi-purpose spaceship at a competitive price to serve the multi-billion-dollar yearly launch demands of satellite, passenger, and cargo customers in a way that small- and medium-class rockets cannot. Founders: Enzo Bleze and Nick Orenstein, former SpaceX engineers.
  • ClimUp delivers climate risk analytics for insurance companies with a proprietary AI model that blends aerial and ground-level data to produce building-level and lot-specific detail 90% cheaper than alternatives. Founders: Matt DiStefano (CEO) is ex-Astranis, Boeing, SpaceX, and published simulation researcher; Scott Foreman-Murray CPO is ex-Senior Director at Asurion.
  • Graceful Finance helps older Americans transition their $11 trillion home wealth into retirement income, without putting them at risk of losing their homes. The company has developed innovative financial products that serve as alternatives to reverse mortgages, allowing people to age in place. Founders: Anna Frankowska: Forbes 30 Under 30 in Technology, Ex-investment banker and Fintech entrepreneur, Milken Institute YLC; Ray Rafiq: ex-founder of Unmortgage, which closed a $500 million deal with Allianz Global Investors.
  • Levelheaded is the only legal-tech SaaS platform and marketplace designed specifically for resolving disputes using mediation instead of litigation. Building both a network of vetted mediators and software-based mediation tools, Levelheaded is reducing wasted time and costs in court systems. Founders: Morgan ‘Mo' Tregenza (CEO), JD Univ. of Colorado Alum, President of the Mediation Association of Colorado; Chris Schwalbach (CFO), 20yrs of CFO experience, former CEO of AVL Partners. Allan Wintersieck (CTO), former tech founder with over 15 years experience, successful exit as a co-founder/CTO.
  • Flight is an AI-powered meeting co-pilot empowering presenters and leaving a lasting impression for attendees. Purpose-built for sales and external facing teams, Flight helps presenters tailor content, provides a next-gen presentation experience with just-in-time information and personalized meeting interfaces. Flight integrates with the video conferencing and collaboration tools used today. Founders: Steve Ervin & Tom Batcheler; Ex-Google, Microsoft, and AWS leaders with expertise in B2B marketing, sales, and engineering.
  • Retreat is concierge medicine for the mushroom-curious. The platform improves mental health and wellbeing through community and professional coaching. 25 US states are set to legalize psilocybin, which will create a $60 billion market for scientifically-proven mental health applications and demand for access to professional microdose coaching. Founder: Cori Sue Morris, 3x founder with 2 exits; 12 years building seed-stage consumer brands as a head of marketing.
  • Stateful is on a mission to solve the urban housing crisis. We partner with eligible homeowners and help convert their backyards into build ready land that pays homeowners cash, reduces tax burden without affecting their existing mortgage. Founders: Sundeep Babbar (ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Flyhomes, led OYO’s launch into China) brings a decade of experience scaling real estate startups. Claire Wright is a chemical engineer by training, held leadership positions in scaling 2 tech startups 10x (ex-Wizeline, ex-Skycatch).
  • The Retiree Club is the go-to community platform for retirees to find jobs, connection, and in-person social events. Currently creating a distribution channel through which retiree-friendly brands and products can identify and sell to their target customers. Founders: Christine Rohacz (CTO), Software Engineer and Teo Gonzalez (CEO), Growth Marketer, from Dartmouth.
  • helps financial advisors automate admin and relationship management, enabling them to handle more clients to grow/scale their practice. The platform connects directly with the advisors tech stack and automates tasks such as client onboarding, review meeting prep, post review relationship management. Founder: Denis Konoplev (CEO); founder of two $100 million startups. Fauzi Fellal (CTO); wealth management at Credit Suisse, financial advisor at St James's Place, ex-Seba Bank. Alex Gassner (CGO); financial advisor, paraplanner, founder of outsourced backoffice for financial advisors.
  • Ojje is at the forefront of the storytelling revolution, fusing education, entertainment, and cutting-edge technology. Harnessing the power of AI, Ojje breathes life into bespoke stories and narratives, letting children star in their own immersive adventures. Founder(s): Adrian Chernoff (CEO) ex-J&J, Broadridge, General Motors, Disney Imagineer, NASA with 90 patents & 25 product awards, and Nathan Fennel (CTO), ex-Meta, Meta, Uber, Snap, Google.

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