Announcing the Antler US Spring 2023 Showcase

Meet the portfolio companies featured in our Antler US Spring 2023 Showcase. Learn more here.

Caroline Healey

April 27, 2023
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Meet the Antler US portfolio companies featured in our Spring 2023 Showcase.

Antler US works with founders starting from day zero, bringing them in-house to our Residency studios in Austin, Boulder, and New York City. After investment from Antler, our portfolio companies work with the Antler US team to unlock continued growth and scale. As partners at the earliest stage, we’re proud to showcase some of our US companies who’ve matured and are ready to raise their next round of funding!  

To connect with any of these companies, fill out this form here.

  • Allspring is pioneering embedded workforce enablement with an AI learning solution that reinvents how enterprise L&D departments grow and retain talent, starting with sales teams. Customers to date include Stripe, Re:Work, and Essence Media.Founder(s): Erin Rowe led Employee Development at Pinterest. The founding team has worked at marquee organizations like Zoom, Microsoft, McKinsey & Company and Square.
  • Flair ingests unstructured voice data and uses generative AI to help companies with call centers uncover customer insights and revenue opportunities at scale, without having to manually listen to calls. Companies like Berkshire Hathaway Energy, BFA Industries, Infabode, and Smart Asset use Flair for deep reporting and analysis on customer patterns and call QA compliance. Founder: Samir Sen is an ex-Apple ML Engineer and a deep learning research scientist from and a Stanford CS graduate.
  • Folio is a contract-to-hire platform that de-risks entry-level hiring and increases retention by turning students into teams of digital consultants who graduate with a validated portfolio and 20x more experience. NYU, Stanford, and Michigan students have matched with corporates like Microsoft, a16z, and Dorm Room Fund through Folio. Co-Founders Cathy Huang and Sukhita Karthi met at their previous EdTech company which was acquired by OneValley.
  • Linguix helps users write in perfect English, regardless of whether or not they’re native speakers. Linguix, which recently launched a B2B product, reduces time spent editing and increases sales and marketing teams’ productivity across the world. Founder: Alex Lashkow is a customer-focused builder who has scaled Linguix from 0 to over 200,000 users.  
  • RemedyLogic is a healthcare marketplace for musculoskeletal conditions (a $420 billion per year market) with AI case reviews, physician quality ratings, and pricing discovery. RemedyLogic completed a POC pilot with Mount Sinai and are in talks with a dozen health plans, providers, and employers. The startup’s AI capabilities have been peer-reviewed and published in reputable journals like European Spine Journal, Global Spine Journal. Founder Andrej Rusakov is a fintech founder and former VC with a degree from Harvard Business School.
  • Studio.Page aggregates the more than 500,000 individual video paywalls on the internet to provide better economics, access, and community to consumers and creators. Founders Brett Stewart is an experienced former chatbot developers and Jaco Santulli is a media and growth marketing expert.
  • Valley is building an artificial salesforce. Today Valley replaces the SDR, integrating prospect list automation with a hyper-personalized outreach engine, and scheduling ability. Valley, which reduces cost per qualified lead by 94% for sales teams, is the fastest and most capital efficient way to go from cold prospect to booked sales call without human involvement. Founder Zayd Ali is a second-time founder, with a previous exit in SDR technology.

About the author

Caroline Healey

Caroline works with founders in Antler's Austin office and leads Antler's US marketing and growth functions. Prior to joining Antler, Caroline worked at NationSwell as an associate producer and in finance at Visa. Caroline graduated Cum Laude from the University of San Diego, where she obtained her BBA in Finance and Business Economics.

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