Announcing the Antler US Fall 2022 Showcase

After receiving initial investment from Antler, our portfolio companies work with the Antler US team in a rigorous sprint to build and prepare for their next round of fundraising. We’re so excited to see what these tremendous founders accomplish next!


Caroline Healey

Caroline works with founders in Antler's Austin office and leads Antler's US marketing and growth functions. Prior to joining Antler, Caroline worked at NationSwell as an associate producer and in finance at Visa. Caroline graduated Cum Laude from the University of San Diego, where she obtained her BBA in Finance and Business Economics.

Meet the Antler US portfolio companies graduating from our Fall 2022 Showcase.

After receiving initial investment from Antler, our portfolio companies work with the Antler US team in a rigorous sprint to build and prepare for their next round of fundraising. We’re so excited to see what these tremendous founders accomplish next!

You can learn more about these companies and their intrepid founders below. To connect with any of these companies, fill out this form here.

  • Nubo gives developers the tools to build the fastest, most reliable, and most powerful applications by allowing you to deploy applications to multiple regions and multiple cloud providers in one go. Founder Marcel Thomas is ex-Amazon and, prior to Nubo, was the Tech Lead for AND Digital.
  • Terra is a ML-powered video editing platform that takes video data and provides insights and suggestions to train users to become better video storytellers. Terra founder Karam Sethi previously led franchise video strategy for IBM with $62M attributed to his video work.
  • ERinfo has developed patented API, web, and mobile apps that use facial recognition to identify patients and connect first responders in real-time with patients’ lifesaving medical information and emergency contacts. ERinfo founder Paige Finkelstein, MD, MPH is a doctor turned startup founder. She holds an undergraduate degree in engineering from MIT, a MPH & MD from University of Miami, and is an MBA candidate at Columbia Business School.  ERinfo CEO David Finkelstein is a serial technology entrepreneur who has successfully built and sold technology, consumer products, and online real estate businesses.
  • Academlo is a learning platform offering cohort-based courses (Web Full-Stack+ISAs) focused on developing markets starting with LatAm, and offering SAAS for remote employment and managed services (talent search, contracts, benefits, payroll) to companies hiring Academlo graduates and experienced software developers. Academlo founder Georg Berger has 10+ years of experience as a teacher and helped Udemy scale to 2M students in LatAm.  
  • Mentium is a blockchain-powered fintech platform that offers SaaS companies revenue-based financing and b2b payment solutions. Mentium helps SaaS companies grow by providing easy access to capital and transparent, quick, and affordable B2B payment infrastructure that uses stablecoins (USDC). Mentium founder Aziz Satarov is ex-BCG, ex-Visa, and a second time founder. He has an undergrad Finance degree from Johns Hopkins, a Masters in Finance from UC Berkeley, and an MBA from MIT.
  • Frich makes financial literacy social. Frich helps GenZ achieve their financial goals by providing access to peers financial habits and building community based financial literacy. Frich Co-Founder & CEO, Katrin Kaurov, is a former founder and completed her graduate degree at Harvard. Frich Co-Founder & CPO, Aleksandra Medina, is a design and brand strategy expert whop previously built global brands with McCann.
  • Benjamin empowers all SMBs with free cash back platform with full customer behavior analytics. Businesses can create card-linked cash back offers in just minutes and also get free banking that enables instant, free in-network payments between SMB and their customer. Benjamin founder Erno Tauriainen is a 2x former fintech founder and former professional hockey player.
  • Day One is a community for early stage entrepreneurs that runs scalable, cohort-based programs. With Day One, entrepreneurs can grow their network, access ongoing support and tools, and learn from experienced operators, founders and investors. Founder & CEO Andrew Hutton previously served as the Chief Innovation Officer at Human Ventures, is ex-Accenture, and an adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design teaching Strategic Design & Management. Founder & COO Rahul Brahmbhatt has held executive positions at leading education and innovation NGOs.
  • Lydian is a first of its kind async audio timeline powering exclusive web3 communities for the best fanclubs in the universe. Lydian Co-Founder & CEO, Chelsea James, is ex-Amazon where she spent 7 years  as an engineering leader in Prime Gaming, Twitch, and Zestworld. She was selected by Jeff Bezos in a highly selective technical program and is also a part-time music producer. Lydian Co-Founder & CTO, Pete James, is ex-Google (9 years) with experience in the music industry.
  • Coinfront is the digital currency platform for business, allowing any business to accept crypto donations and payments. Coinfront founders Ash Shoukr and Ahmed Shoukr are technologists with experience at various startups and bigtech companies, including Apple.
  • AdvancePay is a B2B subscription SaaS that provides predictive ROI and benchmarking to all eCommerce companies working with content creators. Founder John Crestani is an online marketing expert, with a YouTube channel totaling 550k+ subscribers. John has previously built and sold a successful marketing agency.
  • Well Seasoned delivers delectably seasoned, ready-to-cook meats to your door that make meal preparation simple and helps their customers cook restaurant quality meals with ease. Well Seasoned founder & CEO Dan Treiman helped launch HelloFresh US as its COO (#1 Meal Kit in the US, IPO 2017), founded Yumble ($14M raised, 2.5M+ boxes shipped, Shark Tank 2018), and was a former chef at Eleven Madison and Momofuku, two of the world’s top restaurants.
  • Sweatpals is an operating and discovery platform for the fitness & wellness communities. Sweatpals Founder & CEO Salar Shahini is a two-time technical founder with seven years of experience in tech startups. Previously, he co-founded StreetScan and Streetlogix (series A) and led them as their CTO to $4MM revenue with product adoption in 200+ cities and two countries.  

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