50 trailblazing women who are shaping the future of tech

The inaugural Inspiring Fifty Nordics was launched in collaboration with Antler to highlight & celebrate 50 inspiring women who are shaping the future of tech


November 21, 2019
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"Today we're celebrating 50 women that have made major contributions to the Nordic technology industry. Their courage to push forward against the status quo and hard-fought success that makes them inspiring role models. It's important that the industry, government, the wider business community and the public understand that the example the Inspiring Fifty sets will help transform the industry's workforce, improving the sustainability of the Nordic economy."

Inspiring Fifty is a partnership between the Dutch Inspiring Fifty and Antler and its launch was celebrated with an exclusive breakfast event at Slush. According to Antler, diversity is one of the key ingredients in creating strong and sustainable teams and businesses. In fact, Antler over-achieves in terms of how many female-led companies that it creates and funds: 50% of the companies that they showcase at their Demo Days have at least one female co-founder. In the Nordics, 29% of Antler's capital has gone to female-only founder teams.

"We know that diverse teams perform better and are on a mission to create a global platform for entrepreneurship where exceptional people - regardless of background, gender or ethnicity - are empowered to solve problems at scale. Initiatives like these are essential for creating a more diverse tech community and are very important to us at Antler as we invest in diverse teams."

Here's the complete list of trailblazing women in tech to keep on your radar

Anita Schjøll Brede, Co-founder and CEO, Iris.ai

Elsa Bernadotte, Co-founder, Karma

Emma Rosman, Commercial Lead, Kry

Marianne Vikkula, Director of New Markets, Wolt

Mette Lykke, CEO, Too good to go

Olga Stern, Founder, Genews.io

Camilla Hessellund Lastein, Founder and CEO, Lix

Louise Ferslev, Founder and CEO, MyMonii

Sophia Bendz, Partner, Atomico

Isabelle Ringnes, Co-founder, Equalitycheck.it

Karen Dolva, Co-founder and CEO, No Isolation

Monika Liikamaa, Co-founder, Enfuse

Maria Hedengren, CEO, Readly

Thea Messel, Founder and General Partner, Unconventional Ventures

Anna Borgström, CEO, NetClean

Lindsey LaMont, Global Brand Manager, Truecaller

Linda Liukas, Author, Hello Ruby

Laila Pawlak, Co-founder and CEO, Singularity University Nordics

Anna Stenberg, Investor and Founder, Wes

Bonnie Roupé, Founder, Bonzun

Tine Thygesen, Board Member, The Creators Community

Ronja Koepke, Co-founder, Investpodden and inHouse-app

Natasha Friis Saxberg, Deputy Chairman, Foundation for Social Responsibility

Sigrun Syverud, CEO and co-founder, FJONG

Vanja Tufvesson, Co-founder, Pink Programming

Estelle Westling, Founder, Grace.health

Helene Barnekow, CEO, Microsoft Sweden

Åste Einn, Co-Founder, Payr

Sabina Kethelz, Director and Founder, Kethelz

Jenny Wolfram, Founder and CEO, BrandBastion

Camilla Gjetvik, COO, Boost.ai

Caroline Ingeborn, President, Toca Boca

Susanne Najafi, Founding Partner, Backing Minds

Ritu Jain, Co-founder and COO, LifeX Aps

Inka Mero, Founder and Managing Partner, Voima Ventures

Raiha Buchanan, Co-founder, Gigapay.co

Sarah Lee, Founder, Stravito

Jessica Schultz, Partner, Northzone

Denise Johansson, Co-founder and CEO, Enfuse

Natalia Brzezinski, CEO, Brilliant Minds

Laila Danielsen,CEO, Elliptic Labs

Trista Patterson, CTO, GRID-Arendal/UN Environment

Stephanie Mazzotta, Co-founder, Femtech Sweden

Sakina Turabali, Co-Founder, Skyqraft

Linda Höglund, CFO and General Partner, Luminar Ventures

Indra Sharma, Investor, Novax

Malin Eduards, Co-founder and CEO Bookatreat

Caroline Walerud, Co-founder, Volumental

Anna Nordell Westling, Co-Founder & CMO, Sana Labs

Daniella Peri, Co-founder, Yoppie

Want to read more about the Inspiring Fifty initiative? Go here.

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