We identify and invest in exceptional people

We're a global startup generator and early-stage VC firm that builds groundbreaking technology companies.

Start having a real impact

At Antler, we believe that it is important to have exceptional people, regardless of their background and nationality, work on addressing large global opportunities and challenges. We help you find the right co-founder among 80-100 other carefully selected people who’ve made it through the application process to start building your company.

A community of founders

We help build strong founding teams

We help you find the right co-founder among 80–100 other carefully selected founders. We connect you with successful entrepreneurs from all over the world who help you succeed.

We invest in people we know

We look for people with inner drive, grit and what we call a “spike”, something they’re exceptionally good at. All participants get an individual grant from day one, and select teams get investment to kick-start their companies ten weeks into the program.

A six month program from zero to seed

Joining Antler is a full-time commitment. Join without having a company, find your co-founder and start building from scratch with support from our global network. Select one of our cities, and get ready for a journey that will get you places you didn’t think was possible.

The Antler experience


    Build a strong founding team

    Meet your co-founder


    Validate business model

    Test and iterate product ideas


    Investment decision

    Pitch to Antler's investment committee


    Build and get early traction

    Start shipping products, win your first customers


    Demo day

    Pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists


    Leverage global alumni network

    Antler continue supporting you as you scale your business

Personal stories

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It's spectacular to find a brilliant and fun co-founder to take on the obstacle race of building a tech company. Antler screened and brought together an incredibly high caliber group of motivated people.

Leslie Maunsbach

Co-founder xNomad

Stockholm 2019

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