Responsible investing

Antler is on a mission to fundamentally improve the world by investing in the world's most exceptional people building the defining companies of tomorrow.  As part of our mission, it is important to us that both Antler and our portfolio companies create sustainable value, have a positive contribution to the world and lead the way in terms of diversity. 

At Antler, we are committed to promote social and environmental characteristics and intend to help create technology-enabled companies that will positively impact the world and observe Antler’s Environmental, Social, and Governance principles set for its portfolio companies 

As part of our commitment to create sustainable value, Antler is a signatory of the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (“UN PRI”) and has chosen to be guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”). 


At Antler we strive to increase the overall long-term value of our funds, as well as the value of common economic, social and environmental assets. We do this  by means of engagement, throughout our investment cycle, raising awareness about and promoting ESG characteristics. 

Social impact on a global scale

The opportunities to positively impact the world are greater than ever and it is important to have exceptional people build groundbreaking technology companies. At Antler, we help these entrepreneurs make a lasting global impact by supporting and investing in them. Through our portfolio companies, we make meaningful contributions to GDP and job growth in those regions as well as empower a diverse set of entrepreneurs. As a result, we help:

  • Bolster the economy and employment

    We build and invest in 1,500 companies per year, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs on an annual basis.

  • Reskill the labor force

    Starting a company is hard and requires new skill sets and a change in mindset. We help entrepreneurs with this transition.

  • Democratize entrepreneurship

    We work with the world’s best founders regardless of background or geography.

Diversity is critical toward fostering innovation

At Antler, we invest in the world’s most exceptional people. Together, we break down the barriers of entrepreneurship and celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. This isn’t only the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing - diversity drives innovation. As of November 2021:

  • 0
    Nationalities represented
  • 0
    Of portfolio companies have at least one female co-founder
  • 0
    Of these companies have a female CEO
  • 0
    Of the Antler leadership team are female

We believe in openness and transparency as critical means to ensure the Venture Capital industry operates with integrity. We have chosen to be part of #MovingForward, highlighting VCs committed to diverse, inclusive, and harassment-free workplaces.

You can find out more about our anti-harassment / anti-discrimination policy here.

Antler born startups

  • Sama

    Recruiting platform connecting workers with construction companies

  • Skyqraft

    Infrastructure inspections using drones and data

  • Scouta

    Scouta helps companies hire more talent via referral; either from their employees or via verified referrals from other tech companies.

  • PowerX

    PowerX’s suite of smart home solutions provides a unified view of all energy, devices, and water outlets running in your home through one, easy-to-use app. Gain insight into the appliances in your home and take actionable steps to reducing your carbon foot print.

  • Tilly

    A one-stop-shop for personalised fertility support

  • Capture

    Track, reduce and remove carbon emissions from everyday life

  • RecycleSmart

    RecycleSmart is an innovative recycling "Pick-Up" service to reduce bin contamination for community members.

  • Marco

    A revolutionary trade finance platform that provides financing to small- and medium-sized exporters from Latin America.

  • Yayzy

    Easily measure and reduce your impact on the planet. Fight climate change

  • Mattrvest

    Mattrvest democratizes finance, enabling millennials to plan, save and spend on what matters to them

  • Werkit

    Helps companies build agile AI operations that scale. By assembling remote teams trained in data processing and AI automation, Werkit provides on-demand digital jobs for individuals looking to earn money, up-skill, and attain financial stability.

At Antler, we are helping to make a better world by building and investing every year in hundreds of new companies that are focused on solving important social and economic issues.

Taking the lead

At Antler, we are committed to taking an active part in growing the knowledge of ESG in the VC world and in contributing to the development of an internationally recognized framework for measuring ESG implementation in VCs. Read our take on ESG from the VC perspective.

Antler’s Responsible Investment Policy

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