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Cybersecurity is critical to protect data and infrastructure from new cyber threats, such as Dark A.I

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Sarah Keyes

CEO, ESG Global Advisors

“The lack of diversity in corporate boardrooms is well documented and the consequences of groupthink are increasingly being felt across all sectors. While there is ample evidence to show that diverse boards result in stronger performing organizations, little has been done to meaningfully close the gap on gender, racial, LGBTQ2I+ and other forms of representation.

Will today's quotas and targets be sufficient to really move the needle? What does real inclusion look like once this representation has been achieved? These are the challenges of the 21st century that startups need to help companies overcome. How? By measuring what matters and building more sustainable, inclusive companies that represent the communities they serve.”


Natalia Bakaeva

Founder, ARKI

“As cyber-attacks and data breaches become increasingly sophisticated, there is a critical need to advance cybersecurity measures to protect Canada's digital infrastructure and ensure individual data privacy. Utilizing Digital Twins and OPENBIM offers a promising solution by enabling proactive security analyses and secure data exchange across stakeholders in smart infrastructure projects.

However, the challenge lies in integrating these technologies effectively, requiring investments in technology, training, and the development of new cybersecurity standards and practices. Addressing this need will not only safeguard sensitive information but also position Canada as a leader in cybersecurity innovation for digital and physical infrastructures.”

VC & Startups

Matthew He

Associate, Brightspark Ventures

“The venture capital industry frequently grapples with the issue of asset class exclusivity, where investment opportunities are often confined to a select group of investors. This exclusivity becomes particularly evident in the comparative scarcity of individual Limited Partners (LPs) within the Canadian ecosystem, a stark contrast to the landscape in the United States.

Conversations with potential investors revealed that the barrier was not a lack of interest but rather a lack of access to venture investment opportunities.”

VC & Startups

Prem Kalevar

VP Discovery Program, Inovia Capital

“Too much innovation has focused on the purely digital; with the ubiquity of cloud computing, advanced machine learning and abundance of problems in the real world, it’s time for software to get physical.

I am in search of great entrepreneurs building differentiated, software-driven solutions in manufacturing, climate, supply chain and beyond.”

VC & Startups

Gabrielle Hurtubise-Radet

Principal, Mila

“Navigating the startup ecosystem, I've witnessed firsthand the hurdles startups encounter when attempting to secure partnerships with corporations or government entities for pilot projects. This journey, though fraught with potential for both sides, often feels like navigating a maze without a map.

The crux of the matter lies in the essential yet elusive task of finding the right match—a partner whose needs align perfectly with the innovative solutions startups are eager to test and refine. Recognizing this gap, I see a compelling opportunity for a more intuitive, AI-powered matchmaking assistant. Such a platform could transform the complex process into a streamlined journey, personally guiding startups towards meaningful collaborations that accelerate their growth and amplify their impact. This isn't just about making connections; it's about building bridges that lead to mutual growth and shared success, fostering a richer ecosystem of collaboration and innovation.”


Amin Geibi

Co-founder, Shuriii

“The rise of Dark LLMs poses a significant cybersecurity threat, with experts projecting a substantial increase in global cybercrime costs. Hackers are adept at leveraging advanced tools like Large Language Models (LLMs) to automate various malicious activities, including email and SMS phishing, social engineering attacks, fraudulent financial transactions, and identity theft.

To counter these threats, there is an urgent need to enhance cybersecurity measures, particularly in areas where human interaction is crucial. By harnessing the capabilities of LLMs for detection and mitigation strategies, stakeholders can fortify defenses against evolving cyber threats and safeguard critical digital infrastructure. Collaboration and investment in innovative cybersecurity solutions are essential to mitigate the risks associated with Dark LLM exploitation and uphold the integrity of digital ecosystems.”

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EzeeAssist is addressing the challenge of knowledge dissemination within the franchise industry. By offering a platform service, they empower franchisee owners with accessible tools to streamline operations and effectively train staff, enhancing overall business efficiency.


Netnow is tackling the complexity of B2B transactions by embedding seamless payment and financing solutions, such as Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), directly into business workflows, simplifying financial processes for companies and their partners is tackling the complexity of B2B transactions by embedding seamless payment and financing solutions, such as Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), directly into business workflows, simplifying financial processes for companies and their partnersowners with accessible tools to streamline operations and effectively train staff, enhancing overall business efficiency.

Genuine Taste

Genuine Taste is solving the issue of lackluster taste, aroma, and texture in alternative meat products through innovative cell agriculture techniques focused on fat production, elevating the sensory experience of plant-based foods.


ConnectX is addressing the inefficiencies in household power consumption and grid stability for utilities. Their development of a hardware HEMS/DERMS/VPP-enabled IoT device for home energy management optimizes power usage and minimizes risks within the electrical grid.


Enerza is revolutionizing the way utilities inspect assets and manage vegetation with their cutting-edge autonomous on-wire robots. These robots provide real-time, efficient data collection while traversing distribution lines, enhancing safety, optimizing asset performance, and ensuring reliable utility service.


Chexy is the first tenant-facing payments platform that allows renters to earn rewards & build credit on rent. Chexy is breaking the archaic nature of rent payments through introducing a much-needed modernization, allowing tenants to pay online and easily split with roommates.


Numr decodes customer emotions with AI offering intelligent focused strategies to enhance sales and reduce customer loss.