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Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in exceptional entrepreneurs. In Denmark, a leading hub for sustainability, we bring together entrepreneurs to build the sustainable tech companies of tomorrow.

Supporting founders from ideation to Series C

Antler identifies and invests in exceptional early-stage teams with the potential to build global green tech companies. 

The platform supports startups with business model validation, experts' advice and mentoring, through to providing an unmatched capital pathway.

We invest at the pre-seed stage and look to continue investing through Series C, building our relationship with portfolio companies as a long-term investor and supporter. This is particularly evident in our local portfolio growth, having invested in ~70 companies since 2018.

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    • Antler Denmark welcomes teams in the very early stage of their start-up journey. 

      During the first 12 weeks, the platform supports startups with additional business model validation, access to advisors and experts mentoring, followed by an Investment Committee leading to 4 months of idea acceleration and scaling.

      Founders receive a Venture Development stipend of a total of USD $1,500 pre-tax. Antler Denmark’s investment fixed terms include USD $125,000 for a 10% equity stake. Companies invested in are required to pay a service fee of USD $50,000.

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    Select portfolio companies within sustainable tech

    • Skyqraft

      Infrastructure inspections using drones and data

    • Dolprop

      Dolprop is on a mission to develop the world’s most energy efficient and silent marine propulsion system, by biomimicking a dolphin tail to replace the conventional propellers with fin propulsion

    • Glint Solar

      Glint solar is accelerating the growth of floating solar energy by enhancing the project development process using satellite data and machine learning

    • Envar

      Envar is a B2B marketplace that helps companies reduce their net total carbon emissions.

    • Savvie

      A mobile first digital assistant that leverages data and ML to help food businesses boost profitability, optimize operations, and reduce waste.

    • Spoor

      Spoor is developing a SaaS solution that enables continuous monitoring of wildlife in offshore wind farms, pre and post construction.

    • RePack

      RePack maximise the value of second life EV batteries by repurposing them into high quality energy storage systems in a streamlined, safe and cost effective way.

    • Ocean Oasis

      Ocean Oasis develops a mobile floating desalination plant driven by wave power to deliver fresh water to shore at a competitive cost

    • PowerX

      PowerX’s suite of smart home solutions provides a unified view of all energy, devices, and water outlets running in your home through one, easy-to-use app. Gain insight into the appliances in your home and take actionable steps to reducing your carbon foot print.

    • Spacept

      Satellite imaging for maintenance and operations

    • Lifelong

      Building a plastic free future

    • Finuprise

      Robinhood for impact investing. Money talks, so let’s be loud!

    • Circulate

      B2B marketplace for sustainable packaging

    • Worthmore

      Make an impact with your used phone

    • Kitchenswaps

      Kitchenswaps is a marketplace for commercial kitchen space, matching kitchen owners with food businesses.

    Alumni stories

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    Antler helped me find two skilled and ambitious co-founders, expand my network and aim higher than I ever thought possible.

    David Almroth

    CEO/Co-founder, SkyQraft

    Stockholm 2019

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