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Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in exceptional entrepreneurs. In Copenhagen, a leading hub for sustainability, we bring together entrepreneurs to build the sustainable tech companies of tomorrow.

Supporting exceptional founders in building 'green' tech solutions

Antler Copenhagen will bring together a number of experienced operators, technologists and business builders to execute on business ideas in sustainable tech, climate tech and green transformation. After the first ten weeks of ideation, validation and development, Antler invests in the most promising teams that move on to establish, build and launch new startups. Entrepreneurs working within Denmark’s phenomenal startup ecosystem can play a huge role in driving sustainable technologies.

    Go further and faster than you ever thought possible

    From day one, we provide access to an unrivaled ecosystem and expertise to support exceptional founders in building successful companies. We leverage our massive global dataset on early-stage founder success and provide hands-on support and early-stage funding.

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    We invest in diversity - and have the numbers to prove it.

    Equal access to funding and opportunities is at the core of what we do. We bring together founders from diverse backgrounds, gender and ethnicities to create the strongest co-founding teams possible - because we know that diverse teams perform better.

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    Applications for the Copenhagen cohort are open!
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    • Start Date

      August 2021

      At Antler Copenhagen, we accept individuals and teams. You can join with or without an existing business idea.

      The cohort is divided into two phases. First, we help you form your co-founding team and validate your business idea. After ten weeks, our Investment Committee invests in the most promising businesses. These continue onto Phase 2 to build their MVP, get traction, and prepare to raise further capital, together with their dedicated coach.

      COVID-19 status: We are operating a hybrid model with both online and offline sessions.

    • What you get

      Antler invests US$110,000 for a 10% equity stake in each company selected by our investment committee.

      To cover the cost of the program, all companies invested in are required to pay a program fee of US$50,000.

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    Foodtech in 2021 and beyond - What's next

    What’s up in FoodTech? Join us for an inspiring discussion about the future of FoodTech with Plant Jammer, Planteslagterne and

    The global food system is broken. The market is flooded with food negatively impacting our health (20% of children have obesity). Additionally, the food industry is responsible for approximately 25% of GHG emissions when at the same time 17% of produced food is being wasted. The Foodtech sector is growing rapidly to take on this challenge and provide transparency, traceability, and healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

    Tune in and learn from Foodtech founders about how to tackle one of our society’s biggest problems and revolutionize the food industry. What are the future trends in the Foodtech space? Who are the key players? And what are the opportunities and challenges?

    Where and when?

    Tuesday, May 11th, 10:00 am

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    Select portfolio companies within sustainable tech

    • Skyqraft (2019)

      Affordable and safe powerline inspections using drones and data

    • Dolprop (2019)

      Dolprop is on a mission to develop the world’s most energy efficient and silent marine propulsion system, by biomimicking a dolphin tail to replace the conventional propellers with fin propulsion

    • Glint Solar (2020)

      Glint solar is accelerating the growth of floating solar energy by enhancing the project development process using satellite data and machine learning

    • Envar (2020)

      Envar is a B2B marketplace that helps companies reduce their net total carbon emissions.

    • Savvie (2020)

      A mobile first digital assistant that leverages data and ML to help food businesses boost profitability, optimize operations, and reduce waste.

    • Spoor (2020)

      Spoor is developing a SaaS solution that enables continuous monitoring of wildlife in offshore wind farms, pre and post construction.

    • RePack (2020)

      RePack maximise the value of second life EV batteries by repurposing them into high quality energy storage systems in a streamlined, safe and cost effective way.

    • Ocean Oasis (2020)

      Ocean Oasis develops a mobile floating desalination plant driven by wave power to deliver fresh water to shore at a competitive cost

    • PowerX (2019)

      PowerX’s suite of smart home solutions provides a unified view of all energy, devices, and water outlets running in your home through one, easy-to-use app. Gain insight into the appliances in your home and take actionable steps to reducing your carbon foot print.

    • Spacept (2019)

      Computer vision to process satellite images of infrastructure to enable safer and more efficient operations and maintenance

    • Lifelong (2019)

      Lifelong offers a direct-to-consumer, replenishment subscription model, that makes it possible to buy personal care and cleaning products without plastic.

    Alumni stories

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    Antler helped me find two skilled and ambitious co-founders, expand my network and aim higher than I ever thought possible.

    David Almroth

    CEO/Co-founder, SkyQraft

    Stockholm 2019

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