Antler has invested in 58 startups across seven countries in 2020, fueling the growth of new technology startups

So far this year, we have invested in 58 startups across seven countries. The companies funded represent over twenty sectors, ranging from fintech and deep tech to food delivery and gaming. 43% of these companies have at least one female co-founder. 

This impressive activity comes in spite of the coronavirus pandemic has brought about widespread lockdown, and a reported slowdown in venture capital activity, especially at the early stage. The companies that have received funding were founded across seven cities: London, Singapore, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Oslo and Sydney. 

The invested companies were formed through Antler. Our cohorts usually run ‘in person’, but given the circumstances, we quickly introduced virtual solutions and increased functionality on its digital hub for its founders. 

We also launched the “COVID-19 Initiative”, which will invest in up to 5 startups that are working on ideas that respond to the impact of COVID-19. We have received over 2,000 applications in just a few weeks since announcing the initiative and is currently in the process of choosing the companies in which to invest.

Additionally, sixteen existing portfolio companies are developing technology solutions that address different aspects of the crisis. For example, New York-based Within Health is offering free access to primary care licensed physicians through their telehealth platform, so those affected by the disease can check in without having to visit a medical facility. 

“We’re incredibly pleased with what all of our founders have achieved during this time. We want to work with founders that show grit, determination and the ability to adapt to unpredictable situations. For so many of the founders to start and build impressive companies during these unusual times, was an awesome thing to witness. They showed themselves to be true entrepreneurs, and real leaders. I’m also very proud of the Antler team, who moved with incredible speed and agility to transform our programs into fully remote offerings where needed.”

Magnus Grimeland, founder and CEO of Antler

Here is a rundown of the completed global investment committees below: 


Antler has invested in six companies. Industries represented include Fintech, Agritech, AI, SaaS, and remote working games. 


Antler invested in seven companies in London. A range of sectors are represented, including Fintech, Healthtech, Edtech, Sportech, and D2C. 


Antler has invested in four companies from Insurtech, Healthtech, Edtech and Food Delivery sectors. 


Antler invested in 13 companies in Singapore. The companies represent a variety of industries, including Deeptech, Regtech, Agritech, Healthtech, SaaS, HRtech, Gaming, and Pet tech. 


Antler invested in 12 companies in Sydney. The split of industries includes a broad range: Fintech, Healthtech, Saas, Fashiontech, Greentech, and Pet tech. 


Antler invested in eight teams in Stockholm. A wide variety of industries have been funded, including gaming, a fruit trade/marketplace, a SaaS platform for developers (B2B), and computer vision. 


Antler invested in eight companies in Oslo. These span the Energy, Property, Cyber Security, and Legal Tech industries. Companies built through the first Oslo program benefited greatly from input and insights from our industry partners: Hafslund ECO, TrønderEnergi, OBOS, Fredensborg, and Møller Mobility Group/Møller Eiendom.  

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