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As an Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP), we provide an unrivalled ecosystem and expertise to support founders with their application for the Startup SG founder grant, as well as hands-on coaching in Singapore. With mentors and expert advisors in the entire region, we nurture founders to build successful startups in Southeast Asia. Head over to Startup SG to find out more!

Grant criteria

The grant is open to all Singaporeans/Permanent Residents who meet the following conditions at the time of application:

1) The team has at least 3 SC/PRs, who are the main applicants of the grant;

2) At least 2 of the 3 main applicants are first-time entrepreneurs;

3) The main applicants who are first-time entrepreneurs must hold a minimum of 30% equity in the company collectively;

4) The company must have a minimum 51% SC/PR shareholdings;

5) The company must not be more than 6 months of incorporation at the point of application to the AMP;

6) The 3 main applicants must contribute meaningfully to the company, and not be employed by another employer;

7) At least 2 of the 3 main applicants should be committed full time to the company, and must be key decision makers to the company;

8) The main applicant(s) must not have received any funding for the proposed business idea from another government organization;

9) The proposed business idea must not be in the following list: cafes, restaurants, night clubs, lounges, bars, foot reflexology, massage parlours, gambling, prostitution, social escort services, employment agencies (including recruiting foreign work permit holders and workers/support staff, relocation services, and manpower services), and geomancy.

Head over to the Startup SG to find out more!

Antler charges a 10% service fee of all successful startup capital grant applications!

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    Apply for the Startup SG founder grant in Singapore

    Applications are now open!
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    • Step 1: Apply with your Linkedin

      Apply in less than a minute. All we need from you is a link to your LinkedIn profile and email address. We’ll take care of the rest.

    • Step 2: Complete grant application form

      You will need to complete the official grant application form which will be submitted to Antler & Startup SG.

    • Step 3: Interview

      Once our team has evaluated and approved your profile, we will arrange that you meet with our local team and coaches.

    • Step 4: You've made it!

      You’ve made it! As a final step, you will work together with the Antler coaches on your grant application.


    This will enable you to kick start your entrepreneurial journey with the support of Antler as your AMP. In addition, we will also:

    1. Support you with your grant application

    2. Hold monthly coaching sessions

    3. Invite you to global webinars and networking sessions

    4. Introduce you to relevant advisors and partners

    5. Potentially give you the opportunity to join the Antler cohort