Build your tech startup without quitting your job right away!

Do you want to build your own tech company and have an impact but your cushy job holds you back? Join a community of entrepreneurs to find a co-founder, identify and validate a business idea, and get coaching from experienced entrepreneurs; all without the risk of quitting your full-time job from the onset!

Meet your co-founder and validate a business idea and technology

You will be surrounded by a community of experienced business, domain, and technology professionals with the shared ambition to build a high-tech startup.

Our validated methodology will enable you to find the right co-founder(s); with complementary skill-sets, a common vision, and the right chemistry. 

It will also support you in identifying and validating a winning business idea and/or cutting-edge technology

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Grow your network and get funding

An introduction from the right person can make all the difference. We connect you with door-openers, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs from all over the world, who will help you on this journey. We will invest in some of the companies that will continue to accelerate to support the growth of their entrepreneurial journey with Antler.

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Who are we looking for?

You have a burning desire for impact and autonomy. You have a track record of success, and the ability to keep going when others quit. You have deep knowledge of an area (industry or function) that can become the foundation of your company’s advantage. You have the drive and ambition to build high-growth, ground-breaking startups in the fields of artificial intelligence, enterprise software (SaaS), healthtech, fintech, e-commerce and others.

  • Business Leaders

    Business professionals with 5-15 years of experience in business (commercial) roles (general management, strategy, finance, sales & marketing, product etc). Examples of companies our founders have worked for: BCG, Microsoft, Pfizer, Visa, GoJek, and successful startups.

  • Domain Experts

    Professionals with 5-15 years of experience and domain knowledge of a certain sector e.g. healthcare, energy, financial services, etc. Examples of companies our founders have worked for: Procter & Gamble, BP, DHL, Goldman Sachs, and others.

  • Technical Leaders

    Professionals with advanced technical degrees and 2-10 years of R&D, software or machine learning experience. Examples of companies our founders have worked for: NUS, A-STAR, Facebook, Google, Grab, and late stage startups.

Your journey with Antler

You start part-time and focus on building your co-founding team and validating a business idea/technology to pitch for Antler’s investment. Assuming you are successful in securing initial investment from Antler, you must commit full time to continue growing your company. Our next cohort starts in June 2022 and has seven main stages.



    Phase 1

    Duration - 2 weeks

    Time commitment - 100% of your time

    We kick off with intense entrepreneurship training, team-building activities, boot camps, and sessions with experienced investors and entrepreneurs.

    • How much time do I need to make available?

    Part-time founders must take 7 days' leave from their day jobs to attend the first two weeks of the cohort.

    • Can I engage with the other participants even before the cohort starts?

    Yes, before the cohort starts we invite you to our Slack channel to join a community of founders. Discussions typically start immediately. Some pitch their ideas to see if anyone is eager to team up, while others brainstorm together. 


    Team and idea formation

    Phase 1

    Duration - ~2 months

    Time commitment - Up to 50% of your time

    We facilitate brainstorming workshops and boot camps to help you identify the right co-founder and business idea. After identifying your co-founder and coming up with a business idea, you need to build a basic prototype and validate it with potential customers.

    • How much time do I need to make available?

    You will have to commit up to 50 percent of your time during this phase.

    We meet for at least 8 hrs in a week. This time is mostly spent on pitching and coaching with experienced investors and entrepreneurs. You also spend an additional 15+ hrs per week getting to know other participants and brainstorming on ideas.

    • When are the sessions with Antler scheduled?

    These sessions will be scheduled on Friday afternoons, weekday late afternoons, and weekends.


    Midway review

    Phase 1

    Duration - I week

    Time commitment - Up to 50% of your time

    You present your validated business idea to receive early feedback on the likelihood for Antler to invest in your business.

    • Who should pitch at this session?

    Teams who have found their co-founders and validated their business idea.

    • What is the outcome of this session?

    You receive feedback on areas that you must work on to be ready to pitch for Antler's investment. During this session, we evaluate the team’s momentum and speed of execution during the program, team-market fit, potential to scale up, and external validation.

    Based on this session, Antler may choose to invite select teams to pitch for its investment. Founders of these teams must initiate the process to quit their jobs in order to continue receiving Antler coaching support and be able to present at the investment committee 1-1.5 months later.


    Product validation

    Phase 1

    Duration - ~1.5 months

    Time commitment - Up to 75% of your time

    You focus on building a minimum viable product and validating it with potential customers.

    • How much time do I need to make available?

    You should be able to commit up to 75 percent of your time. Founders are expected to use their annual leaves, to work towards getting ready to pitch to Antler.

    We meet for at least 6 hrs in a week. You also spend an additional 20+ hrs per week building your business at a time and location of your team’s preference.

    • What support do I get during this stage of the cohort?

    Antler coaches and advisors continue to support you depending on your progress.


    Investment decision

    Phase 1

    Duration - 1 week

    Time commitment - 100% of your time

    Teams will pitch to the Antler investment committee comprising of Antler’s SEA and Global leadership, plus external investors and VCs. We invest US$100,000 (minus a US$30,000 service fee) for a 10% equity in each company selected by our investment committee.

    • How does Antler make its investment decisions?

    We invest in strong teams with a clear team-market fit and products with the potential to scale up. We evaluate the team’s momentum and speed of execution during the program to make our investment decisions. We also look for external validation in terms of sign-ups, interested customers, LOIs and others.

    • Can I negotiate the equity or any other investment terms with Antler?

    No, when you decide to join Antler, you also agree to our investment terms. We have the same terms for all companies.

    • Which industry or sector does Antler focus on?

    We are vertical agnostic and look to invest in fast-growing companies with a strong regional or global potential. We welcome a wide range of companies across industries. Most companies have a tech component - e.g. utilizing machine learning, blockchain or IoT technology - in industries such as healthcare, fintech, property and more.

    • When will Antler invest in my startup?

    Antler invests in a startup after it is successful through the Antler investment committee. However, you must quit your job and commit 100% to the start-up, to receive Antler's investment in your start-up's corporate bank account.


    Product and customer traction

    Phase 2

    Duration - ~3 months

    Time commitment - 100% of your time

    You will focus on acquiring more customers, refining your product, and further developing your business case and strategy.


    • Do I still get support from Antler?

    Antler coaches continue to advise you, and later we also actively connect you with other angel investors and VCs to help you raise your seed round (typically an investment of $1-2 million).


    Demo day

    Phase 2

    Continued scaling and fundraising

    Time commitment - 100% of your time

    We will invite you to our Demo Day where you get a chance to pitch in front of hundreds of professional investors.

    • How does Antler support its portfolio companies?

    We will continue to support you in growing your business and securing your next round of financing (seed funding). All teams are invited to our global alumni network and have direct access to thousands of other like-minded entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors.

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Join the Executive Cohort starting in June 2022!

Applications are now open!
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  • Step 1: Apply with your Linkedin

    Apply in less than a minute. All we need from you is a link to your LinkedIn profile and email address. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Step 2: Online questionnaire

    You will need to complete a 10 min questionnaire with some basic questions around yourself and your motivation.

  • Step 3: Interview

    Once our team has evaluated and approved your profile, we will arrange that you meet with our local team and coaches.

  • Step 4: You are ready to build your company

    You are ready to build your company! As a final step, you will be required to sign the participation agreement and pay the founder commitment fee to secure your position.

Personal stories

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Antler not only provided the best platform to raise early investment, but also the best possible support and advisory network globally. It allowed me to integrate my conviction for Medtech and business.


CEO, Zealth AI

Southeast Asia portfolio companies

Join the Executive Cohort starting in June 2022!