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Discover the latest insights and trends from the Antler team, entrepreneurs, investors, startups, industry-leading experts and advisors we have in our network. We have divided our webinars per region but you can RSVP to any webinar you wish to attend.

Upcoming Australia Online Events

Antler Australia: Ask Me Anything

Antler’s Ask me Anything Sessions are a chance for you to hear from our team and local portfolio company founders on what it means to build a business with Antler. 

Learn about Antler’s incredible growth to date, how we support entrepreneurs from inception to Series C, what we look for in a founder and more! Along with our local team, you will be joined by portfolio companies, One Key Access and Hudled, as they share their experience building with Antler. 

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Thursday, October 28th, 6:30 am


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Upcoming European Online Events

An Honest Conversation: Founders' Fears & Worries

We are excited to announce that Antler VC and Female Founders are teaming up to host a series of in-person and online events, touring through Europe’s most exciting startup hubs. Next stop – Amsterdam!

Fearless. Hustler. Resilience. Boldness. Grit. Resourceful. Innovative. Creative. No sleep.

At times, it can feel like entrepreneurs are expected to be superhumans. Some of them might even be. However, they are still humans – with all the fears and worries that come with it. The ‘hustle mindset’ has a firm grip around the startup ecosystem - we need to be more honest about how brutal it is to be a founder.

On October 14th, Sinem Tuncar, co-founder of Arkive, and Katharina Riederer, co-founder of Pointless Travel, will share their stories, fears, and worries.

The fireside chat will be followed by smaller, interactive break-out roundtables hosted by some of Antler’s and Female Founders' coaches, partners, and mentors, for you to share your thoughts and to make valuable connections.
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Thursday, October 14th, 10:00 am


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