Startup Series: Meet SpeechifAI, the AI-powered platform that gives communities a voice

Big companies, small companies, political parties – everybody spends large amounts of money on digital advertising every day, trying to increase their brand awareness and sales. However, some of them should not have to, given that they already have large, loyal communities that are happy to support their cause for free – yet they don’t. Why is that?

Word-of-mouth marketing is a well-known concept, though few companies get it right. While people may have the intention to share ideas they care for with their friends and family in the online world, they don’t always have the inspiration or time to express themselves. Enter SpeechifAI. SpeechifAI is an Antler Amsterdam-generated startup that solves this exact problem for companies or causes that have dedicated communities.

The numbers speak for themselves, says co-founder Tudor Mihailescu: "Even though 85% of people who like a product or service are willing to refer it, only 29% of them actually do so. This is because people don't really know how to express themselves easily. SpeechifAI solves this issue. As of February 2020 we've had over 28,000 users from 175 countries generating 500 million impressions on twitter."

Impressive numbers. Here’s a look at how it all works:

Your organization can push ready-made social posts to your community through a dedicated sharing page. People find these well-crafted posts customized for the social network of their choice. These posts have the right copy, the right hashtags and high-quality representative images incorporated. They then choose their favourite, customize it as they wish and share it with their network right away.

The simple process enables community members to show their support without having to add much effort or time. Currently, these posts are manually made, but soon enough the whole process will be powered by an AI engine. With AI, SpeechifAI’s users will receive personalized posts, based on their past behaviour on the platform in their authentic tone of voice.

Wondering who are the brains behind this revolutionizing platform?

Tudor Mihailescu, the CEO & Co-Founder of SpeechifAI is the first Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur specialized in civic technology with a Ph.D. in how American presidents write their speeches and over 8 years of experience in digital communication and social media.

His co-founder and CTO, Valentin Kassarnig is the first person in the world who trained a robot to write political speeches based on previous debates. He’s also a Doctoral Researcher in Applied AI and renowned social data scientist with 7 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

This team created SpeechifAI based on the evidence that simply sharing a link and expecting people to start talking about it is not enough or even realistic for most people. The founders believe that exceptional content is what makes people want to share.

So far, it turns out they were right. From July to January, SpeechifAI users shared more than 22,000 posts that generated an estimated value of $3.3 million in clicks, impressions, sign-ups and donations. 

The company, now incorporated in the United States, will enter 3 main areas: referral marketing, employee engagement and political activism.

Watch Tudor’s pitch at Antler Amsterdam’s recent Demo Day below. If you would like to learn more about all of Antler’s portfolio companies visit us here.
This article was updated February 7th 2020.

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This article was written by Antler guest blogger, Andra Vanghelie.

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