Startup Series: ScientiCore Accelerates Scientific Breakthroughs

Whoever said Science was organized knowledge most likely had a point. What is less organized is the immense volume of research that is annually conducted. 2.3 trillion US Dollars are spent globally on Research and Development in 2019. More shockingly, it still takes pharmaceuticals approximately 15 years to bring a drug to the market - despite the given funds. What if we told you there was a way to reduce not just costs but also time by up to 25%?

A commonly known and insanely frustrating problem is that most research assets are unavailable to the wider scientific community. This does not only affect the scientists themselves, but also limits the progression of the overall scientific development. In this context, ScientiCore drastically rearranges the dynamics of the way research is done. With more time and funds on hand, the door to more possibilities has just been opened significantly wider. 

What is ScientiCore?

ScientiCore's mission is to accelerate scientific breakthroughs through data collaborations within the research ecosystem. What makes it unique is that ScientiCore connects all stakeholders of the research ecosystem with one another. The platform allows for collaboration and sharing of data sets in a secure environment. ScientiCore understands and values the work put into creating data and found a way to give creators credit for making their data available to others. The team behind ScientiCore strongly believes in the recycling power of data with the scientist’s interest at the very core. Watch how ScientiCore was introduced to the world on Demo Day in Amsterdam:

85% of research data is not shared among peers because every researcher is confronted with three questions: why would I share my data? Who will use my data? And what will they do with it? Sharing own hard-worked-for findings requires an environment that is fueled with nothing but trust, security, accountability, and a fair system for remuneration. ScientiCore manages to offer all of the above. 

With ScientiCore:

- Scientists can find out who works / has worked on what.
- Industry has a fast and secure way to procure relevant Research & Development innovation and expertise from academics outside
their current ‘rolodex’.
- Academics and institutes are appropriately rewarded for their data and expertise.

“In order for our platform to succeed, we need everybody to win.” 

Dr. Jana Miniarikova, CEO and founder of Scienticore

How does ScientiCore work?

Even though ScientiCore was just born less than 6 months ago, the platform has already proven to be of immense interest to leading institutes from around the world. ScientiCore is planning a pilot in 2020 with academic institutions in the Netherlands to initiate a supply of scientific assets on the platform. To the question what ScientiCore’s business model looks like, Jana explains: “We've created tailored monthly subscriptions for each of our users. Individuals, departments and even entire academic institutes. And of course a package for our commercial clients that not only gives them access to high quality, exclusive academic assets but also invites more collaborations with academics around the world. In a later stage, we believe the platform analytics on trends and searches will be a very valuable resource too.”

Who is ScientiCore?

The founding trio Jana, Mehrzad and Sjoerd met at the inaugural Antler Amsterdam cohort in May 2019. Online as much as offline, ScientiCore found the ideal formula for prosperous existence. Behind the scenes, each member of the team brings a different but complementary expertise to the table. The startup consists of an energetic mix of experts in science, tech and business and is based in Amsterdam. 

“Antler was vital in bringing us together from their philosophy of People First.”

Dr. Jana Miniarikova, CEO and founder of Scienticore

Jana Miniarikova, CEO & founder of ScientiCore is a scientist who strives for innovative change. As part of her PhD, Jana co-developed a miRNA-based gene therapy for Huntington’s disease. She has therefore experienced the joy and frustrations of a scientist based both in industry and academia first-hand.

Jana’s co-founder Mehrzad Karami, CTO of ScientiCore, has over 15 years of experience in software development and IT system delivery. With a strong background in Artificial Intelligence, Software Architecture, and Technology, Mehrzad has had the opportunity to work with various leading organizations around the globe, delivering Software platforms for consumers and institutions. As Mehrzad puts it, at the end of the day it is about meeting customers needs and not the technology perfection.

Sjoerd Geurts, COO & co-founder, has been a serial entrepreneur since early college days. Before he gave his entrepreneurial career an extra push through the Antler program, Sjoerd was the co-founder of both a mobility company and of one of the world's first equity-based crowdfunding platforms. As a founding partner at the Dutch / American video game publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment, he expanded his expertise in creating scalable financial infrastructures.

As an early-stage venture capital firm, Antler does not only facilitate the match-making between founders and co-founders, but also invests in startups like ScientiCore. Find out here which other startups were born out of the Antler Amsterdam program and received startup funding. 

We are excited to help ScientiCore on its mission to truly democratize science and to be part of accelerating scientific breakthrough in the near future. If ScientiCore’s practices resonate with you and you want to experience first-hand how the platform can resolve research inefficiency for you or someone you know, join ScientiCore here.

And if you are thinking about founding your own company, kick-start your journey to successful entrepreneurship with the help of Antler and apply to the program here!

This article is written by Inemarieke Raettig, Marketing Analyst at Antler Amsterdam.

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