Ready to build your startup? Here is how Antler will kickstart your growth

Starting a new company is undoubtedly a rollercoaster. From finding the right co-founders, to ideation, validation, and fundraising, there are many different challenges to tackle. We started Antler to help you kickstart your founder journey in the best possible conditions, by providing a platform to meet other exceptional entrepreneurs, giving you access to our global network, providing expert advice and funding from day one.

Being present in most major global entrepreneurial hubs, Antler has already invested and helped build over 220 companies since its launch in 2017 across various industries including healthtech, fintech, proptech, and many more. Several of these early-stage startups have since secured follow-on investment by top-tier VCs. Among these companies, 40% have at least one female co-founder, and the founders represent over 70 nationalities.

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Apply in less than a minute: All we need from you is a link to your LinkedIn profile and your email address. We will take care of the rest. Once you apply, you will hear from our recruiting team, who will inform you of the next steps in the process which varies per location.

Why build your company with Antler?

We are with you from day one to help you make a big impact. Founders join Antler for a variety of reasons. Some come to find the right co-founder, some come for the coaching and support from mentors, and others want to be in an inspiring environment. Everyone becomes part of a strong global community of exceptional people who will be there with you during the ups and downs of your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Find your co-founder

We strive to select and bring together a diverse group of exceptional people - from technologists to experienced business operators and serial entrepreneurs. To date, the founders represent over 70 nationalities, and 40% of the teams have at least one female co-founder. We help you find the right co-founder(s) so that the team has the right mix of skill sets and experience needed to build a successful startup.

2. Get support from Antler’s community

An intro from the right person can make all the difference. We connect you with door-openers, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs from all over the world, who will help you on this journey. 

3. Build and gain early traction

We have created a safe place for you to iterate quickly and validate what you are working on so that you can quickly find out how to best address the needs of the market for the business that you are building. Once you have established product-market fit and start building your MVP, we help you gain early traction.

4. Get funding

We provide funding from day 1. During phase one, we provide an individual grant to enable you to focus full-time on building their company and products. We then invest a standard amount as pre-seed in a selected number of companies who will get continued support to accelerate their growth.

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Who is the ideal Antler founder?

From experienced business operators to technologists and entrepreneurs, we work with skilled founders regardless of background or geography. On average, our founders have worked for 9 years before joining Antler. In the selection process to find the ideal founder, we look for an inner drive, a clear spike, and grit.

Inner drive  

you are a self-starter and can motivate yourself and others to join your mission. You set high goals and have proven an ability to achieve them.


that strong attribute that enables your skills and experiences to stand out from the crowd. You have deep knowledge in an area where you can form a foundation of your company's competitive advantage.


your source of energy never runs low. You always find a window when the door closes. You have the willingness and ability to keep going when you're faced with obstacles.

The Antler experience - Get from zero to seed

Through our 6 month program, we’ll help you build your company from scratch, match you up with experienced co-founders and provide you with a network of successful coaches and advisors, as well as capital and support. Our cohorts are a full-time commitment. 

The first 10 weeks (Phase One) are dedicated to helping you find a co-founder and validate your idea. It’s a mix of designated networking time, team challenges, workshops, and mentoring sessions. You are surrounded by other successful serial entrepreneurs and advisors. It is an intense but rewarding stage in your entrepreneurial journey. In the end, you and your co-founder(s) will pitch to Antler’s Investment Committee for your pre-seed investment. 

The teams that get the investment will continue their journey with Antler for another 4 months (Phase Two). This is an acceleration track where the focus is on building the MVP, acquiring customers, and generating revenue. Towards the end of the 6-month program, we will work with you on preparing your fundraising strategy and growth roadmap, introduce you to our vast global network of investors so you get the opportunity to pitch to local and international investors in order to raise investment for your next round of funding. We build a long term relationship with our founders and stay involved as a partner for the long term. 

Programs are run in person, online, or in a hybrid format depending on the location.

Applications are now open worldwide:

Start creating a big impact  

The opportunities to positively impact the world are greater than ever. As the world’s largest early-stage investment platform, we believe that it is important to have exceptional people, regardless of their background and nationality, work on addressing large global opportunities and challenges by building groundbreaking technology companies.

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