Meet Skyqraft: machine learning, drones and blackout prevention

At Antler, our mission is to identify, invest in and challenge the world’s most exceptional people to build groundbreaking technology companies. 

David Almroth, Sakina Turabali and Umar Chughtai, founders of Swedish Skyqraft, are among the exceptional individuals that i’ve had the pleasure of working with through Antler’s startup generator program.

Preventing blackouts and increasing grid uptime

After meeting through the inaugural Stockholm cohort earlier this year, the three founded Skyqraft, a platform helping power grid companies predict high risk areas in order to prevent blackouts and increase grid uptime. With their easy-to-deploy autonomous drones, Skyqraft are automating power line inspections and analyzing the data they collect, while significantly decreasing carbon emissions. 

Skyqraft team

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This article is written by Magnus Grimeland, CEO and founder of Antler.

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