How to get selected to join Antler

Committing to founding a company is one of the most exciting things that could happen in life. At Antler, we believe in the potential of harnessing the right talents and empowering them with the right tools and know-how to make an impactful change in the world. Here is what you need to know on how to join our next cohort.

Who is an ideal Antler founder?

There are three main traits we look for in our founders throughout the hiring process. We believe these provide a good foundation when building a fast-growing company.


We are looking for people who will run to the ends of the world to achieve their vision. Daredevils and creative thinkers who are able to circumvent multiple barriers to entry and any challenges that a typical startup would face. Great founders didn't build great companies without overcoming huge challenges – we are looking for this drive and tenacity when interviewing our potential founders. The ability to set ambitious goals and work relentlessly to reach them is another important dimension in our assessment. The startup journey is an arduous journey, and failure is common. Your resilience and ability to fail, learn and bounce back is a key determinant of success. Adapt and pivot, but don’t give up!

Problem-solving skills

We believe that successful entrepreneurs are analytical and creative thinkers who have the ability to identify problems that affect millions of people around them. Furthermore, they have a unique and creative way to approach these problems. Successful startups solve a significant problem in a new, innovative way, and are able to positively impact the world around them.

A clear spike

We look for individuals with a clear spike or deep expertise in their fields of work, be it in research or in a specific industry. You are someone who is recognised as a thought leader by peers and considered a subject matter expert. Domain expertise is important for us as it shows us that you have the passion to carry out something you love, and that you have a unique skills that enable you to do so.

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How to join Antler

  • Problem solving test: After submitting your application, you will be invited to do a quick 30 minutes test. The test gives us an overview of your quantitive and logical reasoning as well as problem-solving skills.
  • Video interview: The next step is to answer a few questions in a recorded interview which will help us get more insights about you.
  • Screening call: Some candidates will be invited to a quick screening call to get to know you better. During this stage, we will learn more about your passions, ambitions and overall drive and values.
  • Final interviews: Once you’ve made it to this stage, you will meet with the Antler team in person and some existing founders before being given a take-home case study to solve. During the two 45 minutes interviews, the team will assess you on the dimensions mentioned above, drive, problem-solving skills and spike. To prepare for this step, it's helpful to think through the previous roles and experiences that helped shape your career so far. In particular, we're interested in learning more about specific examples where you were faced with difficult challenges and how you resolved them.
  • Offer: Your journey begins – welcome to the Antler family! We will get in touch with you on the next steps needed to confirm your offer.

Start creating a big impact 

If you think Antler is something for you, begin your journey with us. Applications are now open for our next cohort of founders out of London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Singapore, Nairobi, New York City, Oslo, and Stockholm. We look forward to helping you embark on the next, exciting phase of your life.

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