US$50 Million: Antler secures further investment into its funds to solve 'the world’s biggest problems’

  • Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has invested in Antler on a global scale
  • He says more smart people are needed to start companies that focus on solving the world's biggest problems, and Antler is enabling that
  • His investment, along with a slew of other high profile and well established investors, has raised an additional US$50m for Antler and its funds

Antler has raised a further US$50m for the company and its global funds, supported by high profile investors, including Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.

Eduardo, along with Elaine Saverin; investor and philanthropist Christen Sveeas, through Kistefos; Canica International; the innovative Japanese financial services company, Credit Saison; and other independent investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders, have contributed to the additional raise into Antler and its funds in Amsterdam, London, New York, Stockholm, Oslo, Sydney, Nairobi and Singapore.

“We need more smart people to start companies that focus on solving the world's biggest problems,” Eduardo told Antler. 

“Antler is giving phenomenal individuals the chance to make this happen, at an impressive scale.”

Meanwhile, Elaine was impressed by Antler’s ability to create rich, diverse co-founding teams with founders in the Antler program having ten years work experience on average, representing 36 nationalities, and 52% of companies having at least one female co-founder.

“More than half of Antler’s portfolio companies have at least one female founder, which is significantly higher than the industry average,” she said. 

“We need to champion and back female leaders as an industry, and it’s great to see Antler doing its bit.”

The boost in investment comes after significant international expansion for Antler in 2019, and ahead of further plans to launch into other global markets in 2020, including Indonesia.

Since its launch in Singapore in 2018, Antler has invested in over 120 companies – many of which have already announced further funding from leading VCs such as Sequoia and Golden Gate Ventures. 

Airalo and Cognicept have both raised investment from Sequoia; Sampingan from Golden Gate Ventures; and Base from East Ventures. 

Antler co-founder and CEO Magnus Grimeland said, “Raising funds across seven geographies means that we can spread our impact across the world.”

He also echoed Eduardo’s sentiment saying, “The world is full of brilliant and determined people who have the potential to build a world-changing business, but haven’t yet taken the leap into entrepreneurship. 

“We are laser-focused on helping great people create groundbreaking businesses.

“We are looking forward to seeing our existing portfolio of exciting startups expand; and launching further Antler programmes in 2020.”

This month, Antler kicks off its inaugural program in Oslo, its second programs in Amsterdam and Sydney, and fourth program in Singapore.

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