Antler launches its second Australian program in Sydney with 81 exceptional individuals

~1300 applications.

700+ hours of interviewing.

40+ events across Sydney & Melbourne.

And it all led to this.

81 of Australia's most entrepreneurial tech and commercial leaders are ready to build.

81 founders kick-started their entrepreneurial journey with Antler on Monday, with the commencement of the second Australian program in Sydney.

A phenomenal 21% of the entrepreneurs in the cohort have previously exited a company as a founder or executive.

Not only that, 55% previously launched a startup and 75% have previously worked in a startup.

There is also a diverse spread of people across industry, ethnicity and cultural background, gender, and experience.

  • 27% are women
  • 8% have a PhD degree
  • 54% are technical & industry experts
  • 46% have a commercial background
  • 38% speak languages other than English
  • 27 nationalities are represented

From Google to Goldman Sachs, to Afterpay and CSIRO, this cohort has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and are now set to find their co-founder and build an incredible business.

“These metrics exemplify Antler’s ability to continue to identify exceptional entrepreneurs locally and assist them in building global tech companies,” says Bede Moore.

“There’s truly never been a better time to build a startup in Australia, and we want to ensure that the next wave of high-growth technology companies are built on Australian shores.

“We hope to play a role in defining future job creation and company growth in Australia. In Sydney alone, the Antler program is expected to create 150-plus new businesses and, on a conservative estimate, 2,000 jobs over the next four to five years.

“Our first program recently concluded with a Demo Day at Sydney Town Hall that attracted 1,000 people and showcased the exceptional businesses Australia’s brightest minds created in less than six months. 

“We’re so excited to see what comes of this new cohort.

“It’s 17% larger in size, compared to our first program, and 30% more weighted in technology specialists. These people are ready to build.”

The latest program comes off the back of news Antler is poised to close its first $40 million local fund, having scored an investment from Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, as revealed by the Australian Financial Review.

Here’s a quick look at Day 1 of the program in Sydney.

Founders arrived to the Antler space in the Sydney Startup Hub, and immediately began to meet each other over breakfast

Some founders had previously got to know each other at pre-program events…

For others, it was the first time meeting their potential co-founder(s)

The countdown was set!

Bede and Anthony, local Antler partners, kicked off proceedings with an introduction to Antler and the program

Lunch was served!

More mingling and introductions

To break the ice, founders had 90 seconds to present themselves to the cohort, with the addition of a wild card question!

Next up - Program 2 founders met some of those from Program 1

(L-R): Guillame Ang, co-founder of Hollis; Skye Theodorou, co-founder of Upcover; and Ben Cooper-Woolley, co-founder of SiteHive.

The day wrapped up with social catch up at a local rooftop pub

Everyone enjoyed the summer rays

Congratulations, to all for making the leap.

Hold on for what is about to be an exhilarating ride!

This article was written by Sarah Kimmorley, Director of Communications at Antler in Sydney.

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