A side of Sampingan

Wisnu Nugrahadi is a founder from Antler’s inaugural program in Singapore from July 2018. After the first eight weeks into the programme, he met and formed a team with two others in the cohort, Margana Mohamad and Dimas Pramudya.

The side gig economy

Sampingan, which directly translates to side-job in Bahasa Indonesia, is an app that has been able to provide thousands of Indonesians with jobs across the country and increased their average income, only nine months since it launched. Their aim is to give everyone in Indonesia equal access to jobs and also to enable agents to become resellers for small and medium sized companies. The platform focuses on jobs such as sales, data collection, distribution and collection and dispatch.

In a country where the average minimum monthly wage is US$250, a Sampingan super-user makes up to US$650 per month!

Wisnu Nugrahadi, the founder and CEO of Sampingan, was with Go-Jek before taking the leap into entrepreneurship. He is highly experienced in on-demand operations, supply acquisition, business process and customer service. He has witnessed the gaps in the market first hand and he and his co-founders Margana Mohamad and Dimas Pramudya have been very clear about their mission – to build the number one enterprise solution for manpower in Indonesia.

“We will continue to support thousands more in the future, so more Indonesians can have the opportunity to improve their lives.”

Wisnu Nugrahadi

From start to scale – rapidly

Since entering the market in January 2019, they have grown from a team of 3 to 50 people as full-time staff based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have over 25,000 people using their platform through their app to get jobs in 25 cities in Indonesia.

Sampingan counts clients such as Go-Jek and OYO as their large, long-term clients. They have an incredible network of agents and community leaders on the ground, who have hyper-local access. Their employees also work as freelancers for them, hence maintaining low overheads.

According to Wisnu, the most in-demand jobs are sales and survey ones. One-third of the working population in Indonesia work part-time as people want flexibility, especially women. 25% of Sampingan’s users are female. Their pay-performance model also further incentivizes people to work.

“If you need lead generation, real-time insights and end-to-end solutions, we select the right person and give you the solutions.”

Wisnu Nugrahadi

Knowing your market

They originally started with the idea of helping companies acquire offline merchants and have since collected a lot of data and realised the model is applicable to so many things.

“Wisnu and his team really know their market, especially the merchants they are serving. I was very impressed at how much local data and knowledge they already had,“ says Jussi Salovaara, co-founder and Managing Partner of Antler.

Wisnu says unicorns in Indonesia are helping establish a community of smaller tech companies that support them, a tech for tech culture.

“Sampingan has managed to generate tremendous value in what they are doing. They have managed to pinpoint a pain point and a problem that resonates with many people,” added Jussi.

The app enables people who are currently unemployed in Indonesia to make use of that. His clients are inclined to think of disruption, they see the value that he generates. They are open to engaging.

This article was written by Puja Bharwani, Marketing & PR Director of Antler Southeast Asia.

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