5 top tips for navigating the London startup ecosystem

This January, Ryan Gruss joined Antler London as part of the program team in London. He is helping to bring amazing advisors and venture partners into our program as well as developing the founder program itself with the team.

Having started his own venture at the age of 18, consulted for a range of startups in Europe, as well as run a major student startup launchpad in London, Ryan knows the London scene very well and shares his top 5 tips for navigating the London startup ecosystem.

1. Start with a community - With thousands of companies, events and spaces to explore, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of London’s tech ecosystem. Find a place to start, whether it’s an accelerator community or a meetup group, and grow your network from there.

2. Prioritise your time - It’s important you pick events or meetings that matter to you and spend quality time getting the most out of them. Don’t try to fill your schedule with too much.

3. Know your goals - Is there someone you’d like to meet? Or a topic you’d like to know more about? Choose the events or people that will point you in the right direction through your trusted community.

4. Be open minded - Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and talk to people you may not naturally think you would. Chances are they have an interesting story to tell and can maybe help you as a bonus.

5. Enjoy it - Remember that London’s tech ecosystem is home to some incredibly startups, accelerators, investors and communities. Get involved and love what you’re doing.

A great place to start is of course the Antler program, so apply now to join our next cohort which starts in mid-May.

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