ADE x Antler Startup Competition





Job Description

Enter the ADE & Antler Startup Competition and win a €100K investment with your startup

Amsterdam Dance Event, more than ever, has a strong focus on the future, the future of music and the world. We believe a big part of the reality of tomorrow is imagined today by innovators, visionaries and creators of all kinds; entrepreneurs. That is why ADE has teamed up with Antler to launch the 2022 ADE & Antler Startup Competition to invest in and support exceptional people with world-changing ideas.
Anyone who is starting a tech enabled company related in any way to the music & entertainment industry can join the 2022 ADE & Antler Startup Competition. The winner gets a €100K investment and will be guided by world-class professionals from both ADE and Antler through the jungle of early- stage entrepreneurship.

ADE and Antler are calling for applications from startups with an innovative idea, product or service related in any way to the music & entertainment industry. The final round of the competition will take place live on stage during ADE Pro in Amsterdam. The final contestants will present their ideas live on stage to compete for the grand prize of a €100K investment and more.


How it works

After a screening process, selected teams will be invited for a number of interviews. Upon passing the interviews, the finalist teams will pitch to Antler’s Investment Committee (IC) and also be invited to pitch during ADE on stage at the competition’s Finals event in October. Finalist teams will receive hands-on support from ADE and Antler to best prepare for the final pitches.

The main factors that determine who wins are: 

  • Team (relevance, completeness and track record of the team)
  • Market (focus on the music & entertainment industry, total addressable market size, go-to-market strategy)
  • Progress (what you have achieved so far compared to how long you have been at it)
  • Idea (problem/solution articulation, differentiation vs competition, use of technology).

Companies receiving the investment will receive access to Antler’s global network of founders, investors and industry experts, as well as coaching by Antler’s leadership and the possibility to receive further investment from Antler all the way through to Series C.



  • Step 1 - Apply (June-August): Submit your application using the form
  • Step 2 - First interview (June-August): If your application meets our criteria, you are invited to a first video interview to present yourself and your startup
  • Step 3 - Founder Agreement: If you pass the first interview, we will ask you to sign a Founder Agreement with the terms of the rest of the process and potential investment.
  • Step 4 - Final interview (August-September): As soon as you sign the Founder Agreement, you are invited to a final interview with one of Antler’s investment partners and an ADE executive
  • Step 5 - Prepare for IC: If you pass the final interview, you will be assigned an Antler coach who will help you prepare for the Investment Committee. During this period you will refine your pitch and continue to build traction with your startup.
  • Step 6 - IC and Finals event: Upon proper preparation, you will present your pitch to the Investment Committee (consisting of Antler partners, independent VC investment professionals, and ADE executives) and also be invited to pitch to a broad ADE audience at the competition’s Finals event on October 20, 2022.
  • Step 7 - Decision: The finalist team(s) will be informed of whether or not they won the investment during the Finals event, or at latest 1 day after the date of the Finals event.
  • Step 8 - Investment: Winning teams will receive the investment into their company bank account as soon as possible after the date of the Finals event.
  • Step 9 - Continued support: Teams that received an investment become part of Antler’s global founder community and receive ongoing hands-on support from the Antler team on all aspects of building a startup (hiring, fundraising, go-to-market strategy, etc.), as well as having the potential to receive further funding from Antler all the way through to their Series C round.